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Does Purgatory Exist
There is no pergatory- Darkness is a place of "Seperation" from the Lord- I was there when I died in a car accident at 16 yrs old- The Lord blessed me with a 2nd chance because my faith was weak- To be saved you have to accept that Jesus came, died and was raised again by God-accept him as your Savior and you shall be saved- Where you go on JUDGEMENT DAY depends on if you accept Jesus as your Savior- If you do not, you will be cast into the lake of fire (hell) for eternity- Choose Jesus- He is the way the truth and the life everlasting-Trust his word-He is the only true one-Hope this helps

What Is A Rosary Used For
The bible also says we are to pray to the true God...the Lord God...not Mary--I mean to be gentle with this so please..don't get angry--Mary was used by God to "conceive Jesus", not to be "prayed to"- There is only one God-Please keep that in mind- The rosary is pretty, but no where in God's word does it say to use one in prayer..and again when you use are acknowledging "Mary" not God---God bless you

Offended By Women Pastors
I am curious about women pastors as well and I'm a woman (but not a pastor)- I know Phoebe (in the bible) was a teacher- I know all those in the bible holding authority (moses, Joseph, 12 discilpes etc) were all men- But also all "Believers" are disciples and we are to share the word of God to all who will receive it- But what is the TRUTH of an "Ordained Woman"? If anyone can find something on this please let me know- I'm not against it as long as they teach the TRUTH of God's word.....But, what does God say about this is my question?

Is Drinking Alcohol Wrong
I was wanting to comment on your response about using "tithing" money to buy wine (in Deut)-- 1st of all, "tithing" is Giving a tenth of all your income to God "First" (see Mal 3:10(?)- I'm wondering if you misunderstood the scripture??? Just a friendly inquiry-

What Can God Do
I can share an out of body experience God gave me at 16 yrs old- I know for a fact and am a witness that the Lord God Truely lives and is ever so merciful- His love is unmatchable by any of us- Great is his mercy and love- My faith was weak at 16 yrs old and I rejected being with him when I had the chance- He is gaiving me another chance he said- I assure you,he truely is the ALMIGHTY, and nothing is impossible for him-

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