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Miss California Controversy
"But some of us are covered and some of us are not covered"

MissC at times was not covered!

America's Biblical Worldview
What excatly does "biblical worldview mean"?

Magdelene's Seven Demons
Mary M ... "she was an adulterous woman"

Was she?

Can I Remarry After Divorce
And self righteous people are usually neither nice nor good.

Prayer For Ice Cream In Face
.eloy,I am sorry that you were assaulted, and yes, the guy could have been arrested.

In the whole scheme of things that happen to street preachers, this is trivial. In this world we do have tribulation, but that is not one of them.

Which is better for the cause of Christ: arresting him, and punishing him, or taking it as par from an unbeliever, forgiving, then moving on?

You may be making more ot this than there truly was.

What Is Born Again Mean
caring, turn the mirror around. You are talking about yourself. Go back and read your past replys and then search yourself. Your accusing others of exactly what you are doing. It's you, not them. Snap out of it.

I Don't Like To Say Jesus
If someone cannot say the name of Jesus, there is something spiritually wrong. Read the Bible please, before you display your innorance. It is easy to spot a non believer, even if they think that they are not one. We will know you by your fruits. Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father! Yes Jesus- JESUS!

Statues Of The Virgin Mary
Let God show us the truth, in Jesus name.

Christians Without Bibles
Strange that you said that Duane, because did you know that Jesus is the Word, and Jesus and God are one? Go to the Gospel of John (Yes, in the Bible again) The very first verse John1:1 "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God."
Also, John 1:14 " And the word became flesh, and dwelt among us,..." The book isn't God but what's in it is. God magnified His word above His name? Read Psalm 138:2. If you don't get this now, then we cannot help you.

Christians Without Bibles
Duane, you still don't get it.

Catholics And Protestants Same
Wrong observer. There is more than one of us.

Catholics And Protestants Same
Ed, Jack, Caring and who knows. You may all be the same person, only God knows. I have noticed something. You love when people get down on your religion so you can start arguments and decension in the body of Christ. In fact you go out of your way to initiate these arguments. There are a lot of good Christians on these blogs, that only tried to warn you. I know that God will catch up with you. If you think He won't, just wait.

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