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My Infant Son Died
I too lost my son. I just wish I could connect with him to know he is alright.
I feel it is not right to make too much of a similarity with God allowing his son to die ... God does not have a struggle with faith... I am sorry to say that I struggle even more since my son's passing

Husband Talks About Past Wives
I think it is very unfair to you if he discusses or talks about his past wives.
You should speak to him and both of you should forget the past and live a new life.
Discussions should be about the future in which it is only the 2 of you.

Move On After Broken Heart
My boyfriend recently split up with me, due to the fact we keep putting one another before God and I understand how we need space to grow in the Lord apart. He says wants to be with me in the future, and wants to see if it's God's will for us to be and so he has to treat me as a friend for now, and as a result, all emotion towards me from him has gone. I love him, but isn't the way he's going about things slightly unfair to me?

What Is Fornication
Hi, may I ask if making out and french kissing and carressing with your boyfriend or girlfriend is considered fornication and corruption, eventhough they are very much in love.

Jews Still God's Chosen People
YES, they are

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