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When Does The Rapture Happen
song we sing in church says, people get ready, jesus is coming to take from the world his own. . . jesus is returning for his bride. story of the 10 virgins--5 foolish, 5 wise--they were ready for him, others were not. it has already been said--BE READY--for certain none of us know the time/place/date--only the Father--best to be ready when our time on earth is over--

Will You Pray For Me
i had anger problem. went up for prayer many times, thinking same under control only to get very angry later. 4 yrs ago, i came across book, temper your temperment by tim lahay. this book deals with anger--points out many scripture jumped out at me--anger is in fact sin, sin will not enter heaven.asked God to forgive me & show me how to respond in all situations. still get upset at times, but not like it used to be. lean & rely on God. he helped me, so he can help you.

What Brings You Happiness
knowing God loved me that if i were the only one who needed saved,God would have sent his son to die for me.god's natural beauty,flowers, grass, snow, fall, playing in the dirt & rock(landscaping, reading, baking crotcheting, God's people/friends--my children//little 4 yr old granddau who believes god created my lap just for her;grandbabies(2) under 2. look for good things, you find them//look for bad, you see it even quicker.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
if they are seeking God's will, they will know what God wants done. what is a marriage to God--nowhere does it say you have to have an official license as we deem--says man shall leave his mother & mother& cleave unto his wife--No mention of an official license--and the two shall become one flesh-Young lady should not be labeled as forn. because who is to say that in God's eyes, she isn't his wife, esp if she is forsaking all others and following what bible says concerning role of a wife---

Mention Affair I Would Lose Wife
Is she serving the Lord? Other marriages have come back from this very issue.(am in similar sit. my hus's affair wo 20 yrs younger;cost for my family very high;finances,God, his reputation; maybe even his very soul because of his rebellion against God.pray, seek God and God will show you path. will pray for your situation in all matters.Hold onto God no matter what happens.

I Need To Read The Bible
word of God says seek and ye shall find, knock and door shall be opened. God gives wisdom and knowledge to those that seek him/his word. Don't get discouraged tho. might help if you get into a bible study at your church. if none there, get with an elder bro/sister in the Lord and can get much understanding from them also. will be praying for wisdom and understanding for you. praise God you are seeking him--continue to read bible regularily.

How To Stop My Anger Problems
had anger problem for yrs--bout 4 yrs ago saw anger is a sin and will not be in kingdom of God, i began to pray, seek God for deliverance. anger only causes HARM to all those round about you. try to find book by tim lahay--temper your temperment--excellent book--has scriptures written out that deals with this issue-bible says be angry and sin not; also take on whole armour of God, also helped me to stop and think, what would i do should jesus walk in right now???You can be overcomer---i am.

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