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What Is Church Of God
I am a Church of God Minister, out of Cleveland, TN. We are Pentecostal. But there are Church of God, churches that are not pentecostal. You would need to find out as someone else said, where the headquarters is located.

Youth Pastor Relations Acceptable
The word relationship is such a broad term. You need to be more specific about the "relationship". Is it sexual, if so then it is wrong. If it is not, then maybe the youth pastor needs to be told that this "relationship" doesn't look good and he needs to be more careful. If you have a problem with this situation, then you need to talk to him about it an noone else at this point. Don't start rumors that aren't true.

Pastor's Wife Has Gone Wild
My wife did the same thing when we were younger. Through prayer and fasting and more prayer, Praise God she came back to me and the Lord. She now says that it was nothing about "finding herself", or "living life", but it was simply Satan lying to her and deceiving her into sinning. There is still hope, and the only thing one can do is pray and forgive, and let the Lord take care of things His way.

Funny Church Announcements
Attention: all young ladies who are wanting to have children, please see the pastor in his office after the service. (This was suppose to be a spot on the bulletin to have a young mothers class)

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