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Should Priests Be Able To Marry
It's a personal choice BUT...blessed is he who finds a wife.
If a person doesn't marry then they are putting themselves in harms way. The lust of the flesh is very strong. Even if the person doesn't act physically on it...acting on it mentally is just as back. The Lord provided us a way to come together as one through marriage.

Is Abortion A Political Issue
Obama's supposed to be a Christian but the man doesn't know what the Word says. This man is for all that the Lord is against. If you need reminded, Galatians 5:16-21 If this man is as he's calls himself a Christian he would be against the ways of the flesh...though he's all for it. The few Christians I have talked to said they're going to vote for him because "He'll do better for economy". I tell them they are letting money "the root of all evil", sway their vote instead of the Word. His plans won't be better, lets take a second look. He's going to raise taxes on richer people and buisnesses. Guess what?! Those rich people are the buisness OWNERS and guess who they are going to pass on the increase to? US! The consumer.

Are Harry Potter Books Unethical
You obviously didn't get that movie. It was based on Christ. It was put in a different character and setting for children. Harry potter is evil. It portrays witchcraft as good in some ways and bad in others "DEPENDING" on how you use it. When in FACT it's BAD all the time.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
I have been slain in the Spirit. It is a wonderful experience. When you are slain in the spirit you don't have to ask where it is from. You as a Christian know Gods love and touch. You feel it, you know it, you believe and trust it. Be in disbelief if you must but by doing so you are keeping yourself that much further from God. Submit yourself to him move up to another level in Christ. To grow and mature you must change and move forward not stay in idle.

Death Penalty Biblical Today
I've always been for the death penalty. Not because I want these people to die but there just hasn't been anything else to do with them. Our prisons are so over populated. I do agree that putting them on a secluded island would be better. Provide them with the means to live and let them make the best of it. They would probably end up harming each other. I do not believe that murders, rapists, molesters and others of these types have ANY place in a civil world after committing such acts.

Is It Bad To Use A Condom
Ok I do not believe that using condoms is wrong. It's responsible. God gave us the intelligence to help ourselves. He gave us the means to use the intelligence to help ourselves. For example If we aren't supposed to help ourselves than DON'T go to the doctor,God will me you in due time. DON'T pay your taxes or your bills,God will send someone else to pay them for you. shoot don't take a bath, God sends the rain for that. Yes I know that got off the condom subject but the point is he wants us to help yourselves. Condoms are not hurting a life. It is responsible planning.

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