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Does God Have Faith
Jesus is not God II

Jesus is the "exact representative" of God just as people would comment that I'm just like my father. Hebrews 1:3, John 5:26

Jesus is the SON of God, not God hemself. John 5:19, John 14:28, Matthew 16: 15-20

For what the 10 commandments could not do, Jesus did by setting an example. Jesus became God's word in the flesh. Romans 8:3

God is not a man, Numbers 23:19, Hosea 11:9, but Jesus was called man many times. Matthew 16:27, Acts 2:22, Tim. 2:5

Just as Jesus is one with God, so, too, that christians are one with God. 1 Corinthians 6:17, John 15:1-8, John 17:20-26, Romans 8:9-11, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Should Christians Carry A Gun
"Assembly" as where two or more are gathered in Jesus' name.

Does God Have Faith
michael_e wrote: "The Lord did not need an ounce of faith in God. He was God."

Jesus is NOT God.

Jesus is not ALL knowing. Matthew 24:36

Jesus needs God's help. John 5:30, John 5:19

God is good. Mark 10:18

God is greater than Jesus. John 14:28

Jesus thought God has forsaken him. Matthew 27:46

Jesus prayed to God who is in heaven: Our Father, who art in heaven...

And the most telling verse of all in the bible: John 20:17

A Burping Demon
cluny wrote: "Demons are real, but they don't make peoiple burp."

How do you absolutely, positively know this for sure? Do you have the mind of Satan? Satan causes all sorts of sicknesses as witnessed in the bible.

Jobs sicknesses changed his physical appearance that even his friends were not able to recognize him. Job 2:12

Should Christians Carry A Gun

Johnny74 wrote: "The church is a community. One can't do it by oneself."

Matthew 18:20 meaning at a cafe, a park or one's home.

Cluny wrote a comment to my 10/1/18 post: "Why do you need to go to the grocery store if you've already eaten once, Steveng?"


Cluny wrote: "Rough translation: Nobody is a Christian all by himself."

Why not?

God's Will On Supreme Court
Many of you need to study the bible concerning judging.

It appears many here wrongly quote the bible saying, "the bible says not to judge," taking the verse Matthew 7:1-2 our of context. How are sinners, and we ALL are sinners, to judge others if they themselves are living in sin? Only hypocrites pass judgement on others when they themselves are living in sin. Matthew 7:3

People ARE to judge, even christians, 1 Kings 3:28, or else how are parents to discipline their children?
Hebrews 12:78
John 7:24

It was stated that "EVERYONE but (a certain person) know JESUS SAID THAT (John 3:16). This is false judging, false testimony. Besides not "everyone."

God's Will On Supreme Court
Kathr wrote: "If I cut and Paste John 3:16 here, EVERYONE but Steveng know JESUS SAID THAT."

You assume way too much (false testimony).

Kathr wrote: "And quoting scripture is not plagerizing."

Lighten up, Kathr, I was just injecting a little humour to break up the tension.

A Burping Demon
How do you absolutely, positively know for sure it wasn't a demon?

God's Will On Supreme Court
If Jesus were on these blogs, most of you will surely flame him, criticize him, condemn him, tell him to keep his ignorance or opinions to himself, call him all sorts of names, judge him wrongly, intimidate him, attack him in all sorts of ways, etc.

All you people do is bicker among yourselves not absolutely, positively knowing the truth, only parroting what you hear and see on main stream media.

As for accusing someone of plagiarizing, are you not plagiarizing when you copy and paste a verse from the bible? Can you not even think for yourselves?

God's Will On Supreme Court
For those of you without sin cast the first stone. No one is good, not man, not the angels, not Jesus, but God alone.

All sins are forgiven after repenting and God will remember our sins no more. Jeremiah 31:34

How well does BK manage his own household?

As an adult, did BK give up his childish ways?

Does not God place into power anyone to achieve his goals?

Salvation Versus Religion
The meaning of the words "religion" and "church" has changed over the past two thousand years.

First of all, the "church" ARE the christiasn - nothing more, nothing less. But in today's world christians define "church" as a denomination or a building ("I didn't see you in church this morning," for instance)

The meaning of "religion" is the same way. ("What religion do you belong to? for instance)

Satan has had over two thousand years to redefine the words "religion" and "church" to divide christiandom up into over 75,000 denominations. Is Christ divided? Where a house is divided it will fall.

Should Christians Carry A Gun
Attend church?

Christians ARE the church. Not a denomination or a building built with man's hands. The true meaning of "church" today surely has changed from the original meaning. If you are a christian why do you need to "attend" the church if you are already the church?

Should Christians Carry A Gun
Nicole_Lacey wrote: "I also know more Protestant Pastors who abuse children and have affairs on their wives than Catholic Priests."

And how do you absolutely, positively know this for sure? Are you part of the inner circle? Or you read it msm? Or maybe an articles against Protestants or christians in general? If you DO know specifically who is doing this, why are you not whistle-blowing?

No Evidence Assaults
Nicole, that is surely an unchristian attitude. If you claim to be a christian, I don't want to be any part of your christianity.

Billy Graham Used By God
Catholics are associated with the Roman Catholic Church and are even categorized as such in many reference documents. Even the Yellow Pages lists catholic churches under the Roman Catholic Churches heading. If there were an issue the catholics would be up in arms.

Many catholics today try to disassociate themselves from the 'Roman' Catholic Church. Back in the 1950s, I attended St Bartholomew church. We associated ourselves with Roman Catholics. We lived in an Italian neighborhood consisting of all Roman Catholics.

There is also Epiphany Parish, a parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, and also St. Ladislaus, and the list goes on.

Should Christians Carry A Gun
There is a huge difference between murdering (robbing or taking revenge on someone) and killing.

Even though Christs teaching that evil ought not to be requited with evil is killing an intruder not murder, is killing to protect the family?

Exodus 22:2-3 2
Psalm 82:4
Esther 8:11-12 11
Psalm 144:1

Besides, are we not to obey the laws of the land as the bible instructs?

Important Christian Things
Love IS action

It's too bad most people, including Christians, know how to define the word "love," but do not know HOW to apply it.

Love is what will get the Kingdom of God populated.

Important Christian Things
One word:


(as in the verb form)

The entire bible includes many examples showing 'how to love.' Unfortunately love has practically evaporated from the world.

Mother Of Abominations
All prophesies concerning the end days were descriptions based upon the knowledge of the prophets at that time.

For instance Revelation 9:7-10 could be a description of a helicopter and what it does.

The descriptions of what the prophesy itself DOES will make more sense to you, but only afterwards.

Mother Of Abominations
A few items the Catholic/Orthodox believe against true christianity

1. Statues, icons, iconostasis, symbols, and pictures of which members kiss the feet of the statues and pray to them. (this includes the cross).
2. Pray repeated prayers.
3. Mary, the Mother of God.
4. "Churches" made with the hands of man which included art and architecture.
5. Purgatory or temporary judgement.
6. Eighty-five percent of all income go to the maintenance of buildings, fixed assets, and paper assets (stocks, bonds, insurance, etc.)

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