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God's Grace On Noah
My apologies, I forgot you do not define Grace as being in the favor of God. I was merely expounding on that definition through the example of Noah. And had hoped that through that example, you had come to agree with my point.

Since you dont accept that definition, there is no need for us to discuss this.

Alabama Abortion Law
I had (Acts 13) in mind when I posted. Isnt it true, in Alabama, Christians were the ones pushing to keep the Law of Moses in their courts? According to Paul, Isn't it true that we are not under the Law of Moses? Do you see the Christian hypocrisy? They expect others to keep Laws, they do not have to keep.

(Acts 13:38-39) Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this Man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins, and by Him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the Law of Moses.

God's Grace On Noah
David, Genesis 6:9 These are the Generations of Noah. Noah was( Past Tense) a JUST MAN and perfect in his generation, and Noah walked with God.
Nothing indicates it was arbitrary WHATSOEVER.---kathr4453 on 5/16/19

Well I am glad you have finally come to that realization. Grace is not given arbitrarily, as you once believed. You now admit, Noah found Grace for the reasons you mentioned above.

Alabama Abortion Law
Confusing to say the least. A few years back they fought to get the Ten Commandments (Laws they are not under), put into their court houses.

Consider the source

The Mueller Report Trump
Comey was FBI director. That he alleged that she committed crimes doesn't mean she did. ---StrongAxe

Use the same standard with Trump, you use with Hillary. Just because Trump has been accused, doesnt mean he did what he is accused of. The double standard shows your bias towards Trump.

Its very hard to overcome our biases, if the topic is rooted in emotion, like they are in religion and politics. You have witnessed on this site, the power emotions can play in creating a bias, which can distort ones judgment.

Example: You can tell someone what Christ said, and because of the bias created by their false doctrine, a follower of Christ, no longer believes what Christ said.

Jesus With Taxes
When we believe on Jesus we overcome the world and are thus set free from sin ---Haz27

Many folks believe what you said, but Foundational teachings on Salvation, come from Jesus, the Author of Salvation.

You mentioned (John 8:36), but you failed to see the few verses before it. In (John 8:34) Jesus said, Everyone who sins, is a slave to sin. So...if you sin...according to the Author Of Salvation, are a slave.

If Jesus calls you a slave, how can you call yourself free?

The Mueller Report Trump
I was against Trump in 2016 because of all he did over the years, but once elected, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and prove himself presidential, and fulfil his promises.--StrongAxe

What promises were you looking forward to him fulfilling?

The Mueller Report Trump
You don't fight tooth and nail to hide things, unless there is something to hide---StrongAxe

There is another reason. When you are being falsely accused. But you must lose your bias against Trump to see that reason.

Its funny how politicians who came to Washington poor, and leave wealthy are never investigated. But those who come to Washington Rich, must have come by their wealth in some devious fashion.

The Mueller Report Trump
President Trump was found not guilty. If Trump is guilty of obstruction, is it an obstruction of justice, or obstruction of an Injustice?

I sat patiently, over these last few years, waiting to see the evidence of Trumps Russian collusion, but No evidence was ever found. No evidence, using the unbridled powers of a congressional investigation. That power in itself, finding no evidence, proved Trumps innocence to me.

A wise man once said, Never argue religion or politics. He said that because he realized people develop biases on both subjects. When biased, no matter what evidence is presented, folks will only see what they want to see.

Bias...though they have eyes they can not see, ears and can not hear.

God's Grace On Noah
So you believe, it was the character of Noah that brought him Grace? He walked with God, meaning he lived his life in obedience, to God.

I believe this too. When I teach Grace, how one receives Grace, I use the example of Noah. It was Gods Grace, that saved this man and his family. And the same Grace which saves us. Examples make the difficult, easy to understand. Unfortunately, most have doctrines without any examples.

The vast history of Gods relationship with Man in the Old Testament stories, reveals much of the New Testament teachings. That is of course, if you believe the God of Noah, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is the same God who will save us.

The Mueller Report Trump
Personally, though conservative, I did not like Donald Trump. But after this investigation, many folks, like me, saw the man in a different light.

It did not show him to be perfect, for none of us are...But it showed he stood head and shoulders above his contemporaries. I doubt anyone in congress, could have come out looking so good with their lives placed under the same microscope.

So the man, the Democrats tried to destroy with their investigation, actually showed him in a more positive light, to those of us who didnt support him, but now do.

Failed System Of Socialism
Bottom have to trust in men. Religion or Politics...we tend to choose a side and trust everything they say as Truth.

I am more aligned with the conservative view, but I do not trust any news source. If I watch CNN, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, Etc....I hear the Liberal slant. If I watch Fox, I get a conservative slant.

Folks are inclined to believe what they want to believe becoming blind to the rest. Obamacare is not all Bad, it has some good points. But you will never hear about it on a conservative News source. The economy under Trump has been an unbelievable success, and yet you will never hear about this on a liberal news source.

Its all designed to create Hatred, so Satan can win your soul.

Failed System Of Socialism
Kathryn, kinda brings up a good point. Socialism created Unions and thats what brought coal miners out of a slave like state.

I dont care too much for what the Unions became, but I can not deny the value they added to the life of a blue collar worker.

They are not as strong as they once were, but the threat of unionization still keeps the lid on a Greedy business owner. The only problem, in many cases, you now have greedy Union members, which cause the owner to go out of business. Detroit is a perfect example of this.

Failed System Of Socialism
David, for the last decade and more, I've lived in subsidized housing.---Cluny on 4/24/19

Apples and Oranges. You are probably there for health or age related reasons. You are being helped by the system you paid into, not a system that has formed your life.There are many folks who end up living their whole life in a system meant only to give them a little help.

When this is allowed to continue, it ruins lives...ruins families, by creating this dependency, Generation after Generation in many cases.

Stop Arresting Criminals
Romans 5 CLEARLY say between Adam and Moses THERE WAS NO LAW....HOWEVER DEATH STILL REIGNED.---kathr4453

(Genesis 26:4-5) And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries, and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because Abraham obeyed My voice, and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws.

Wrong...according to the passage above, God clearly says, Abraham kept His Law.
I know...I know...Paul taught Abraham was not UNDER the Law.

Key word...UNDER.
Paul taught Abraham was never UNDER Gods Law, not that Abraham did not keep Gods Law. Do you understand the difference?

Failed System Of Socialism
Like I was trying to say before...The problem with Socialism, is its attempt to override the psychology of man. A beautiful sentiment...but look the examples of where it has been in America.

Look at the housing projects, a microcosm of the socialist society. Do you folks who believe in socialism, think this example is proof of success or failure?

Seattle Washington is a bigger example. You wont see the media report on it...go there in person...and see what socialism had done to a once beautiful city. If you do...wear boots so the human waste littering the sidewalks doesnt ruin your shoes.

Stop Arresting Criminals
You David have rejected EVERYTHING I have posted in Galatians...arguing constantly against it. ---kathr4453 on 4/18/19

Your definition of Grace, simply does not take into account everything taught on the subject. The bible, by many writers, Paul included, teach that we will be judged by our works (Romans 2).

You are a sinner...correct?
Tell me, how do you sin without the Law, when sin is the transgression of the Law?

Failed System Of Socialism
Did I say as social security check was the same as a welfare check? NO.
I was simply comparing the psychological effect it has on folks. Didnt say it to offend anyone.

People want to retire after many years of work, and the money they receive in social security, I see, as their money.....not a handout. Does this make them bums? No.
If they dont want to work, they deserve a break after so many years.

Where I Was Saved
And as I have been saying this is the LAW OF FAITH. By FAITH Noah built an Ark, BY FAITH Abraham....BY FAITH Rahab....---kathr4453

So you agree you are under Gods Law, only you like to call it the Law of Faith. Do you believe this Law, are the commandments which come from Jesus Christ?

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