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StrongAxe: They didn't NEED or WANT or CARE about his opinion//

Just because you think or want to stress a point doesn't mean you can X out a question from the Bible.

There was a 2 part question in Matthew 22.

They NEEDED to know His OPINION in order to trip Him by asking Him a 2nd question.

Just because you are not interested in the 1st question doesn't mean they DIDN'T ask Him His opinion in a form of a question.

//(like "have you you stopped beating your wife?").//

No it isn't the same because that is ONE question to trick someone not 2 questions.

Asking 'When and Where did you stop beating your wife?' is a 2 form question.

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StrongAxe: kathr4453 PROVED Jesus and Peter paid the temple tax.//

No, the Bible PROVED that Jesus PAID the Temple Tax which I gave the Scripture before Kathr given jumped into our conversation.



That ISN'T our argument!

Again, I KEEP telling you both I am NOT DENYING that Jesus paid the Temple Tax. It's in the Bible and I PROVED IT!

That's like saying I am both disagreeing with the position that the sky is blue and the ocean is red. YOU can look at the sky to see it's blue.

But don't try to CONVINCE me that the ocean is red.

Please pay attention:


Do you NOW understand my position?

I will address the 'Need' one next

Gospel For Food
KarenD Nicole...TSA is THE SALVATION ARMY. That is their legal name.//

Thanks, I didn't know that.

//Since TSA gets food stamps and other government funds//

But, I don't think they get food stamps here in United States.

You have to be an Individual/family to get food stamps.

Our Government doesn't give food stamps to groups

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StrongAxe: I highlighted NEED, not OPINION. They didn't care if he paid taxes. The just wanted him to state his opinion IN PUBLIC//

Really? So now I can't use a word from your sentence just because you didn't highlighted it?

I proved they WANTED His opinion.

Do you think they had mailing system in Jesus' days?

Or do you think Jesus was incognito when He paid His taxes?

So how did he get credit?

Did Jesus cover his head when He was in line and asked the Tax collector to speak in a low voice?

// the woman taken in adultery,//

No, the question wasn't about IF she committed adultery BUT how to PUNISH her.

The Roman Tax question is about if it a SIN or not to pay it.

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StrongAxe, please DON'T twist my words.

He WASN'T paying the Temple Taxes which made the Jewish people COMPLAIN!

Jesus COMPLAINED back and said HE and Peter were exempted but PAID the Temple Tax ONCE so the Jewish people would STOP complaining. Matt 17:24-27.

BTW 5 Chapters later in Matth 22 Jesus DIDN'T PAY the ROMAM TAX

//You KEEP saying that, but the Bible NEVER says that ANYWHERE.//

You keep saying that because you keep ignoring common sense and logic.

//The Bible states He didn't pay the Roman Tax//

AGAIN, They would NOT ask Jesus' opinion on the MATTER of paying Roman Taxes IF JESUS WAS PAYING THE TAXES ALREADY!

His ACTION TELLS His opinion.


Finish Here February 2018
Kathr, I can't address both you and StrongAxe at the same time on the same blog.

//Matthew 17:27 Notwithstanding, lest WE should offend them,
go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish...So it does appear Jesus did pay....
Why do you keep saying He didn't pay either?---kathr4453 on 2/16/18


You start your verse AFTER the words 'TEMPLE TAX'

Next you end with the question asking me why I am saying He didn't pay. But refuse to say WHICH TAX I am claiming He ISN'T paying!

I ALWAYS said He paid the TEMPLE TAX!

Matthew 17 doesn't speak about the Roman tax just the TEMPLE TAX.

Matthew 22 speaks about the Roman Tax which Jesus DIDN'T PAY!

Not Nice

Gospel For Food
KarenD: The Salvation Army does not require homeless people to attend church in order to eat. That is illegal.//

How is that illegal?

I think you are confusing us with the UK.

A place called Mercy's House that is for homeless people ran by Christian people makes people listen to the Bible.

You have to listen to the Bible and preaching for an hour in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon if you want a roof over your head.

You hand out uniforms and you HAD TO WEAR THEM.

They ran out on donations.

No rehab given, just food and a bed.

//I retired from TSA.---KarenD on 2/15/18

What is the TSA?

Here in USA it means Transportation Security Administration

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StrongAxe: "pay" brands him a Roman collaborator. "don't pay" brands him a tax evader. He found a third answer//

Jesus was a Tax Evader.

He even evaded paying the Temple tax which the Jewish people complained about.

If they didn't complain He STILL would have evaded paying the Temple Tax.

Jesus said He was exempt, but told Peter to get a coin from a fish and pay ONLY THE TEMPLE TAX!


The Bible states He didn't pay the Roman Tax, but the Romans DIDN'T complain about it ONLY the Jewish people complain. Matthew 22:17

Just like the Romans didn't want to kill Jesus, but the Jews had Him killed.

Gospel For Food
Mark, yes I am speaking about Salvation Army

//12 Step program, attend meetings, attend chapel, do a work assignment, attempt to get a outside job, and all the while staying sober. They miss any of this and they are out. Do you think this is wrong?---Mark_Eaton

Missing one step: no.

Wrong for making them go to chapel: no

Because part of the 12 step to STOP believing you can stop addiction without a Higher Power.

My understanding the Higher Power doesn't have to be Jesus. If I am wrong please correct me.

Addiction and asking for a plate of food is completely different.

Do you believe they are the same?

Losing you job because you are laid off or because you are high isn't the same to me.

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Kathr: Nicole, just read's all there. Just as Strongaxe stated.//

So as the word 'opinion' in the KJV Bible.

If Jesus had been PAYING TAXES as you both claim they would KNOW what He thought on the matter and KNOW it was LAWFUL to pay Roman Taxes.

//19 Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny. 20 And he saith unto them,---kathr4453

Which proves Jesus didn't have one penny in His pocket to PAY the Roman Tax in the first place.

He didn't even care to get one from a fish as He did for the Temple tax.

Do you think the Romans would accept anything else beside coin with Caesar's images for Taxes? No they wouldn't

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StrongAxe: They didn't NEED his opinion.//


The Bible uses the word 'opinion'.

Matthew 22:17
Tell us then, what is your OPINION?

Next they tried to trip Him. First they NEEDED to know His opinion in ORDER to trip Him.

Note, they STILL DIDN'T know his opinion AFTER the question. Jesus didn't answer them.

//You switched YOUR OWN SWITCH to a third subject. Please focus on one at a time.
---StrongAxe on 2/14/18

It was poll taxes that disenfranchised black voters in the south for years.---StrongAxe on 2/11/18//

Funny, how White Progressive People think ONLY they can speak on matter of race and poverty but people of the race CAN'T speak.


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StrongAxe, I can infer it because of the actions of the Pharisees which you are pretending didn't happen.

Please answer this question.

If Jesus did pay the Roman tax WHY did they need His opinion on the matter?

//In America, the main tax is the INCOME tax.//

You are incorrect about this. I don't know which one, but many taxes collected surpasses the income tax. MANY DO NOT have a income and MANY are paid under the table.

//Everyone ALIVE paid the tax, based on the census//

Incorrect! Just because you are counted on in the census does not mean you have to pay taxes.

//Can we please stick to the subject//

SO YOU JUMP and ask someone NOT TO JUMP?

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StrongAxe: Pharisees didn't ask Jesus questions to learn answers. They asked him lose-lose questions to deliberately trip him up no matter how he answered, but he outsmarted them.//

They HAD to ask Him because He didn't pay any Roman taxes.

Why is that so hard for you to understand?

If Jesus paid the Roman tax they would understand Jesus' position on the matter.

Besides, you pay taxes on earned money.

//It was poll taxes that disenfranchised black voters in the south for years.//

Lets not go there again.

You wouldn't know what disenfranchised Black voters anyway.

Because Trump has been the BEST thing to help Black voters in the South and EVERYWHERE in America in MANY YEARS!

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StrongAxe, you twisted my words when I complained it wasn't fair that 51% are threaten with imprisonment when 49% get a check.

How is that fair in your world?

//everyone has to contribute.//

Apparently not everyone!

//EVERY SOCIETY ON EARTH works this way.//

Not India and Pakistan. They don't have a tax system at all.

Why don't you give 1/2 of your check to their stomach?

//If you can't stomach that social model, that's your problem.//

It seems you don't care about their poor.

//So which of us is envious?---StrongAxe//

You. Because you are too busy looking at someone else's supper plate INSTEAD of your own. Wishing they drop part of their food. Meaning you are envious.

Is It Sin To Want A Raise
//It's probably more of a sin not to ask for a raise, especially if you have family that depends on you for financial help---wivv on 2/11/18


Also, I believe those who hire people try to make them think it is a sin asking for a raise so they don't have to pay them more money.

Just like those who what open boarders so they can have cheap Labors.

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StrongAxe, I'm going to have to wait till Monday to respond because every weekend there's a Moderator who doesn't post all my blogs.

No sense in wasting my time

Is It Sin To Want A Raise
Why is it wrong to want more money?

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StrongAxe, Matthew 22:17 and Mark 17:15 Should we pay or shouldn't we? proves Jesus wasn't paying taxes because if He was they would have known His opinion on the matter. Why can't you understand that?

Besides, you pay taxes on earned money. Jesus was supported by women Luke 8:3

Or do you also disagree with Luke 8:3?

//Congressmen get paid about 20x as much as I do. I am content with what I get. They are NOT, and want a raise. Who is greedy again?---StrongAxe on 2/10/18

Everyone wants a raise including MYSELF.

You are NOT being honest.

If they increased your check by $100 you would keep it!


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StrongAxe: I checked the dates. That nobody posted here in years//

Years? I see you didn't really check the dates. I started the 'Finish it' on Feb 7th, but it wasn't released until the night when I posted here on this site.

But, why are all so upset?

If the Moderator allowed it, who are you all to be upset or fuss?

I amazed how you are willing to put people in prison NOT because they took money from you, but because you believe they are KEEPING too much of their OWN MONEY.

ENVY is one of the seven deadly sins.

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