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Benny Hinn Shocked Divorce
No, it means she did. God doesn't force anyone to do anything and our faith can't either. Our prayers of faith can move the presence of the Holy Spirit upon others so that they are forced to make a decision, but ultimately the decision is theirs to make. Please be careful how you judge others. It will come back to you. Psalm 105:15 says to "Touch not mine anointed..."

Will Pets Be Raptured Too
In the Book A Travel Guide to Heaven, Anthony Destefano states, "Will our pets be allowed to go to heaven? Of Course! Why Not?"..."The Almighty Creator of the universe, maker of the sun, the moon and the stars is not bound by any limitations, he's not restricted to acting within the confines of a syllogism or any other logical construct created by human beings ..if God wants to be generous to all his creatures, that's his perogative"... Why couldn't God do the same for the rapture if he chooses. I personally believe animals will go to heaven, I pray they'll be raptured if its in my lifetime, and then who knows when the coming of our Lord will be. No one knows for certain. It's not a silly question.

Who is Paula White?
That would be incorrect, Mr. Cobb.

The Donald puts down anyone he wants to, whenever he wants to, and it hasn't stopped his wealth, one iota. (e.g. Rosie)
Mr. T. Cruise also comes to mind (Brooke S.).
Many of the wealthy voice their opinions, freely.

But you have celebrity confused with the Prosperity Gospel. These people are living off of donations, tax exempt. That's not really earning a living, is it?

Who is Paula White?
It may be the husband's money.
If all that money is coming from donations to promote the "Prosperity Doctrine", then it would be everyone elses' money. Please don't insult our intelligence and tell us she has every right to wear Chanel suits on the jet. Everytime I see this woman, her hands are in a set position, formed like claws. The fingernails only add to the "clawing" motion she uses to convey the Prosperity Gospel.

Who is Paula White?
You are so right, Vali. At the end of the day, it's up to God to judge how she's using everyone else's money. If's she's squandering it on herself, I guess that's really none of our business. But we don't have to be dodos and keep sending the cash, do we?

Pastor Buys $300,000 Car
How about trusting in God to take care of it. Pride does come before a fall.

My Life Is Going Backwards
I know the feeling...I am going through some major trials right now. I am 53 and starting over has been one of my greatest challenges. I have no home, job or any options as of today. But, I know that God will be faithful. I will wait upon the Lord and He will see me through as He always has in the pass. May God continue to guide and strengthen you.

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