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Is 666 The Mark Of The Beast
Steven, when did you stop taking your medication?

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Melody said, " Discern entirely what's behind the question and as THE LORD admonish us: "Wait before you give your opinion in respect to the question, but don't judge for words that the other person has not said it yet - as from that, GOD'S Wisdom and Sensitivity comes from!"

WHERE is that quote in Scripture? BCV please!

Believe In God's Healing
Mike said, "i have an experience with christianity. what does it offer? is it really healing? you ask either a pastor or a fellow believer about your pain, suffering & struggles & the 1st thing they will say 'YOU HAVE A SIN' you lack faith etc etc...."

The first thing I do is pray--right away! And I NEVER judge anyone and say "SIN!" This makes your statement false. But I do understand what you say, as I have fallen under that same condemnation myself.

Rome And Churches Of The East
Nicole said, "Titles are NEVER used in between a person's name."

Sorry, Nicole, but the correct method for addressing a Cardinal is: "During a formal introduction, a Cardinal should be introduced as His Eminence, (First Name) Cardinal (Last Name), Archbishop of (Location). He should be directly addressed as Your Eminence or Cardinal (Last Name) or, on paper, as His Eminence, (First Name) Cardinal (Last Name), Archbishop of (Location).

Rome And Churches Of The East
Nicole, your assumption has a fatal error: The only church that was UNDER Rome was the church of Rome itself. No other bishop even pretended to acknowledge a Roman SUPER-authority until at least 312 A.D.

Why Confess Your Sins
David asks " Why do people confess their sins, if they are not under the Law, when a sin, is the transgression of the Law?"

Because not all of the sins are breaking of the LAW, but all Christians are under God's law, which says to love thy neighbor.

Is The First Day Holy
Jerry6953 said, "nor will I until you've read "History of the Sabbath" by J.N. Andrews."

Jerry, I try to have an open mind, really I do. But why should I fill up my brain with all of this nonsense?

The Tradition of ALL of the Pre-Reformation Churches (all of which were functioning 1,800 years BEFORE the 7th Day groupies even thought up the whole "Sabbath" stuff.

But I downloaded the book you spoke of, and, God willing, I will read it all. However, I cannot reply to it because my comments are up to 125 words max.

Baptism A Public Testimony
StevenG said, "Repent and be baptized. Infants do not have any concept of repenting, ..."

Steven, you are not in the position to tell anyone how to baptize or be baptized. That is something that the Worldly Denominational "Church" of StevenG will never understand or properly teach, because you have no spiritual "covering." As such, anything you can come up with is seriously flawed.

Resurrection To Ascension
Nicole Lacey said, "As John said, there wouldn't be enough books to hold everything Jesus taught them."


There are all sorts of things in the traditions of the Church (not traditions of man) that are either not recorded in the Bible or are simply rejected outright by our Protestant brethren.

Where Did Jesus Come From
Kathr4453 said, "Why do people believe fairy tales and fables over the Word of God?"

Good question, Kathr!

I have always asked myself the same question, and the first thing I ask is "Is there any sort of belief in fables or fairy tales within me?"

Do Democrats Steal Elections
Haz27 said, "In Australia also cases have been exposed in the past, prior to voter id, where Leftists voted on behalf of the recently deceased, or voted at multiple voting stations."

This is an old-time art form in Chicago, and the right wingers have participated.

Follow Jesus Christ Go
kathr4453 said, " Monk, when Popes, Cardinals and Priests looked the other way while child molestation was going on right under their noses, was it because they let personal feelings get in the way of EXPOSING CORRUPTION? What was their motive for keeping their mouth shut and just moving the perverts from one place to another? And were the parents and kids told not to say anything because the bible says they are to obey the powers over them, namely the RCC? SICK!"

Kathr, please remember that I have been abused, too, back in 4th grade. So I should be the loudest voice on the blogs about it.

Why do you HATE the Catholic Church so much?

Follow Jesus Christ Go
Kathr4453 said, "There is no law in the Bible or in America where it is wrong to expose corruption. We are actually suppose to expose corruption. The problem is, YOU are letting YOUR personal feelings get in the way. "

And you're not?

What's the matter? Do you have certain people that just ALWAYS MUST be right? Believe it or not, that is idolatry, because you are putting them on the same level as God.

Rush Limbaugh HAS been wrong!

Christians With Depression
StevenG said, "God can heal any ailment you have. He can heal any chemical imbalance. He can heal gout and diabetes. For the weak christian, he has created plants and animals for our medicine."

God bless you for having such strong faith. However, lots of people (including me) believe the scientists that say that depression IS a chemical imbalance, and that following the doctor's orders (while not putting God down), is better than kneeling and praying.

It IS better to humble yourself and take the pill than suffer in pride.

Living Through Tribulation
Kathr4435 said, "I explained it already, but you refuse to listen and look at verses."

Cluny has been a Christian longer than I have, and I have been a Christian for 41 years. (That HAS been a long time)

Anyway, I do look up the verses, and I have received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, so I DO know the "spiritual" meaning of ALL the verses.

He also has received the Holy Spirit, and is therefore JUST as understanding as you are, whether you believe it or not.

John 6 has NOTHING to do with the Rapture.

Armed Guards At Church
I do NOT want an armed guard at church!

God Or Jesus Miracles
Kathr4435 said: "Cluny, you've never been crucified with Christ. You are saying you have never been baptized into His death and raised up together with Him a New Creature? So Col 3:1-4 really means nothing to your religious beliefs? That's obvious, as I have always said, we have very little in common.

Your tone shows you are still aggressively stalking me wanting to start an argument."

Stop attacking Cluny! He is so far above you, spiritually, that YOU cannot understand HIM, much less God! He knows the Bible--even the KJV (in all its varieties) much more than you do.

Is Socialism Wrong
Marxism is wrong, because it forces the population to give everything to the government, and then it meets out crumbs.

A true communism does work in a closed society--such as a monastery.

Living Through Tribulation
Kathr4453 said, "Well Gods WRATH the BOWLES begin in Revelation 11."

Kathr, Not to nit pick, but the word is spelled BOWLS. Your spelling leads me to think about the large intestine!

Revoke The 14th Amendment
Jerry6593 said, "There were no anchor babies until the commie pinko Ted Kennedy and his band of hippie freaks started it in the 1960's."

Whoa, Jerry! I was around in that time. Teddy was a Democrat from the beginning of his life, but he was NOT a communist or pinko.

I do not, nor have I ever respected him, but you must agree that the Democratic party was not the working title of communists, nor was it anywhere near as ultra-left as Haz (and others) seem to want to paint them.

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