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Grace Through Faith
The ultimate commandment / law of Christ is LOVE - as in the verb form.

God's grace is simply having mercy upon his creation. Writing his law on stone didn't do any good so he sent his son. Jesus fulfilled the law by performing, by doing, by living the law - and look where it got him. Every person on earth has the opportunity to fulfill the law, but since we are only "human" that is difficult. God is populating his kingdom with people who have true love within their hearts - true love as in the verb form.

The hearts of man is growing colder each day as we approach Christ's second coming.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Cluny asusualyouassumewaytoomuch

Baptize Our Babies
The law was for all of mankind. God chose the hebrews to take his words to all the world. They failed thinking it was only for them.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Nicole wrote: "Cluny, tried another tactic with her."

Worldly tactics don't work. Has he tried using God's way? The simple answer is "no."

Nicole wrote: "BTW, Where were you when she attacks me?"

I'm not on these blogs on a daily basis like most of you. I do have a real life to live, not a virtual life like most of you.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Cluny, there are certain words and phrases that imply a separation.

Did you know that?

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Jerry, you need to know the difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse.

The moon turns red during a lunar eclipse where the sun's light is refracted and all the color frequencies (remember the rainbow) are absorbed in the atmosphere except for the red frequency which continues through the atmosphere into space making the moon appear red. The moon cannot turn red without the sun's light.

During a solar eclipse, the moon is between the earth and the sun turning the day dark.

By the way, there is no association between the sun and the moon in Act 2:20. They are two separate events separated by a comma.

Baptize Our Babies

Richard wrote: "Not Of Yourselves"

Grace from God is a gift from God not from ourselves. But one must recognize that we are sinners and it's up to us to make the decision to know we are sinners and it's up to us to repent.

One cannot be save by works alone, but by faith AND works for without faith works is nothing. Remember that Love is in the verb form.

Remember also that there are two resurrections. At the second resurrection all the other dead shall rise and be judged from the book of life - according the their works. Blessed are those that rise at the first resurrection. God is merciful, indeed.

Believe In God's Healing
Jesus said to ask God for ANYTHING in his name and it shall be given to you. There were no conditions for the asking except that you have faith.

Your faith has healed you.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Telling someone that they are a Tattle Tail is not showing love (as in the verb form) to try to explain or SHOW Melody how she sounds on CN! How do you think Jesus would explain to Melody? Jesus would not respond the way you and cluny responded becasue that is not how he taught us to love.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
The orthodox church is a denomination based upon non-profit status of any country's legal system - any branch that is recognized as part of the christian faith.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
KarenD wrote: "If Jesus was posting on these blogs I would give thanks to HIM for dying for me."

People on these blogs wouldn't recognize him among all the other opinions. He would just be another faceless poster.

KarenD wrote: "Sad that you would put yourself on same level as the Lord."

You assume way too much. It's becoming a habit with many posters. As I posted to cluny, No one is.

Baptize Our Babies
Nicole, household salvation is non-biblical. Read the passages very slowly. The jailer was offered salvation. Believing is a personal action and every member of the family would need to also believe. The head of the household, once offered, would assume that the rest of the household would follow suit BECAUSE he is the head of the household. A father may believe, but the rest of the household may not. Jesus himself indicated that the gospel often divides families as stated in Matthew 10:3436.

Besides, one must recognize that he is a sinner. Babies/infants do not have any conception that they are sinners.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Cluny wrote: "...but I don't have enough faith to believe that you are on the same spiritual level as our Savior."

No one is.

Strongaxe wrote ".., accused all organized churches of being "false denominational churches","

The meaning of "church" is completely different today than in Jesus' time. Today it means a building or a denomination which both are built by man's hands. The world is filled with a whole lot more than 75,000 different denominations each having their own rituals, traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible. There isn't one in thought among all the denominations. Is Christ divided?
1 Corinthians 1:13

But let's get back to the topic.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
KarenD wrote: "Steveng is a narcissist who just likes to argue."

You would accuse Jesus the same thing if he were on these blogs.

You, and a few other people on these blogs, assume way too much. You would even accuse Jesus as being a "narcissist." Take a look at the many posts and you'll find that many of you constantly bicker among each other - even to the point of calling each other names. Is that christian-like?

As I posted a few times in the past that the reason I ask questions is because people, christian and non-christian, in my part of the world ask me questions and all I want to know is your opinions - and that is all I get on these blogs.

Believe In God's Healing
Melody wrote: "..doesn't have to stop using a tooth brush or paste - for available are those products that are made with safe and non polluted ingredients..."

Toothpaste has fluoride in it. Maybe you should research the dangers of fluoride. Toothbrushes (and all the other products) made in China are toxic.

Nicole wrote: "People in fair to good health are the ones who put down modern medicine."

Maybe you should research about those people who the doctors said they only had a few months to live, but decided to use natural medicines and lived a long time.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Cluny, that is the most ridiculous, immature and unchristian response I have ever read on these blogs.

Believe In God's Healing
For those who think doctors and vaccinces do good watch the movie "vaxxed".

For those of you who think that the control of the masses has not happened read "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars"

Fallen Humans Incarnation
The internet is the way to control the masses. Every form you fill out from car registration and taxes to social security to your grocery store's preferred customer programs are stored in a database.

For those of you who think that the control of the masses has not happened read "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars" by HUGO PILOT.

Believe In God's Healing
Sure, Luke was a physician, but not after meeting Jesus. The physicians before the 1930s were using plant-based medicines even as described throughout the bible. Physicians today use pilled-based medicines.

Believe In God's Healing
Satan knows his time is short and is doing everything in his power to destroy as much of God's creation as possible before the return of Jesus.

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