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God Told Me Who To Marry
I am curious if you have met your intended yet. Please feel free to reply to me. I too have been told by God whom I will marry and am still waiting but am in constant prayer and servitude to the Lord I know in all of my heart that this man, whose name I have been given, will be brought into my life when it it is God's will. Trust in God's timing, it is always right. Be careful to weed out some of these less supportive responses, they are Satan's way of making you lose faith in God. Keep faith and your intended will appear. I am so grateful to know that others have had similar experiences to mine. :-)

Single 37 Year Old Woman
You remind me of myself, in fact, I could have writtern that. Other than an off line dating service, I've really tried everything at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can meet a wonderful man who wants to get married?

Don't Feel Attracted To Boyfriend
I'm in the same boat you are. And I'm confused. He is such a great person and we have great conversation and personalities really go together, clean, good morals, and he loves me, (and I have a son). But, I don't know what to do I've tried ending it with him a few times but he says, he wants to keep going no matter if it hurts him now or later. We've been dating 4 months now.

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