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How To Come Back To God
Many may not say this to you because of selfrightiousness. You left God only in your thoughts, belief, and your heart was covered with guilt. GOD NEVER LEFT YOU. He is still there as He was, still the same, meaning, anytime you like to refocus back on Him (repent) You'll see He is as He was, still loving you. He knows the enimy lied to you...and knows you will return. No condemnation to those in Christ. He loves you. You are UNDER GRACE. For those who condem, I did say repent...A TURNING of ones belief, thoughts and actions. Do not condem!

What Is A True Christian
Christ Jesus growing on the inside of a believer. God doing the wrk. NOW, a pregnant woman dose not show till around the 4-5 mo. she is carrying Child. Nor dose the new believer show, till God cause them to grow, and that growth is His mirrical, not mans. God never looks at the outword, but looks at the heart and knows His work. Hear the confession of the mouth. Now, if this is not so, keep loving and keep sharing (love) till Christ is formed. Never condem.

Happy Mothers Day 2011
Hello, Happy Mothers day to you as well! Your Mom sounds like she was a very special person to you. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, young and old. Lets also remember Moms in nursing homes and those who suffer the loss of a child. God bless those able to love and those who do not know how too! Amen.

Why Do You Love God
We love Him, BECAUSE He frist Loved US! We love God because we are responding to His Love.
WE Are NOT under the ten commandments. The old Covenat. Jesus said, A NEW COMMANDment I have: Love one another as I have loved you. Yes, God tells us there is only one True,Holy God, and He is the Father of all Creation..We are to love and respect Him. But, we are under Grace_A powerful Love anddeep insite and understanding of what He has done for us....we do not desire to sin after we fully understand what was done at the cross and that He still daily prays for us - DAILY.

God Told Me Who To Marry
YES!(part 1) The Heaven Father of Jesus Can.I devorised from physical abussed. Stayed single two years.On one day, I decided it was time to date( I had 2 boys,3and 14yr.) I heard about detail prayers. I asked God for tall dark hair, mushstach, dependable, faithful worker, must love my boys .and Father this man to love me as you intended a man to love and provide for his wife. And we must have the same faith in Jesus. Ro. 1:12. After.2- 3mo. latter I met Him. in a resturant and had lunch. We each lived in the oposit direction an hour appart. We dated approx. 2 years and married. His boys lived with him, and my 2 with me.

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