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Christian Symbolism Matrix
There are christian and santanic symbolism in everything we read, see, hear, smell, taste, and feel - subtle they may be. Movies and novels may seem to be right biblically, but Satan has a way to turn something that looks good into something evil. Timothy says something to the affect do not give heed to these movies or novels (actually he states fables, but that's what they are) that questions sound doctrine, rather than godly edifying which is in faith.

Baptism In The Epistles

The word "lord" was/is a title to someone having authority. In the OT, they said, "Lord God." They also acknowledged kings and other people having authority as "Lord." In the NT, the word "Lord" is a title used for God and for Jesus, but they were two different entities. Scriptures also separated God and Jesus as God the Father and Jesus the Son. The son cannot be the father and the father cannot be the son. God's "word" became flesh not God became flesh. It's the same as an earthly father teaching his son his words and training the son in the way he should go. Jesus, and the christians, are heirs to the coming kingdom. God cannot be a heir to himself.

Baptism Spiritual Effects
kathr wrote: "Using the Word of God in forcing verses here and there to try to fit this foul doctrine.."

It sounds like all denominational "churches" for each "church" places a burden on each of their members which include each denomination's rituals, traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible.

Christians today make living a christian lifestyle complicated. Can a person be a christian without being a member of a denominational "church?"

Love, as in the verb form and from the heart, is the ultimate commandment spoken of by Jesus. Unfortunately, love has practically evaporated form the face of this world.

Baptism Spiritual Effects
Why even study the scriptures if God's word and his laws change all the time?

Chria, please read the entire chapter of Hebrews7. Read it slowly.

Correct Bible Interpretation
The Fourth Commandment begins with the word "Remember."

This tells that this commandment was given BEFORE the Ten Commandments was given by Moses. Which was given on the seventh day of creation.

Baptism In The Epistles
Cluny, no contradiction. There are verses that are very explicit, like quotes, and other verse that are metaphors - and the meaning of words. The meaning of metaphors are completely different today than it was two thousand years ago. Be careful of what the vast majority of christians believe.

There are other verses that show Jesus in NOT God:

John 8:42

As for which Mary, read the entire chapter of John 20. It tells of which Mary. You always ask for BCV, but it seems you always take it out of context.

Baptism Spiritual Effects
kathr wrote: "I live in the NT under a totally different Covenant...l"

All of scripture is relevant. God's laws never change. God's word never changes. When Jesus and the apostles were teaching, from what scriptures were they teaching from since the NT was not written yet. The difference between the OT and the NT is that the OT was more of a physical nature, but the NT is of a spiritual nature. Same laws different use.

For instance, in the OT if a person murdered someone, that was a sin. In the NT, even if you THINK about murdering someone it's a sin. That's coming from the heart.

God is looking within the heart of man to populate the soon-to-come kingdom of God.

Correct Bible Interpretation
Why do you people make living a christian lifestyle so complicated?

LOVE, as in the verb form from the heart, is the ultimate commandment spoken of by Jesus. The entire bible is full of examples of HOW to love one another and HOW to love God.

Denominational "churches" put a heavy burden unto its members with their own rituals, traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible. You people seem to nitpick about what is right.

Here's an example of interpretation: One person would say "I love helping people" while another would say "I love killing people."

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
Cluny wrote: "I know LGBTQ Christians who can outBible you any time, Steveng."

I know Satan can out bible every christian in the world - put together.

Cluny wrote: "Since Jesus Himself said that only the Father knows when He will return, where did you get the idea that you would know?"

Because the bible says so.

Baptism In The Epistles
We, in today's world, will never know the true meaning of what was written two thousand years ago.

Jesus is not God, but let's reason this out.

Why would Jesus clearly state to Mary "...I ascend unto my Father and your Father, my God and your God. And...

If Jesus was God, having the same mind, wouldn't he know of his return, but he doesn't. Matthew 24:35-37, Mark 13:32, Acts 1:7

Baptism In The Epistles
Before one is baptized, one must repent of their sins. Before one can repent of their sins, one must have knowledge that they are sinners. And that comes from the hearing of God's word. Babies and infants have no knowledge or understanding of God, Jesus, salvation, repenting, the gospel, sinning, etc.

Are christians to do all that Jesus did? Even to be baptised?

- - -

Jesus is not God, but let's reason this out.

Why would Jesus clearly state to Mary "...your Father and my Father, your God and my God.

If Jesus was God, having the same mind, he would know of his return, but he doesn't. Matthew 24:35-37, Mark 13:32, Acts 1:7

Baptism Spiritual Effects
kathr4453 wrote: "...Once IN CHRIST we are never separated from God..."

So, you believe in OSAS (Once Saves Always Saved) doctrine.

How do you explain the end time prophesy of "there will be a great falling away from the faith. One must have faith to begin with in order to fall away, eh?

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
Kathr4453, all eight of Obama White House's official holiday cards reads "Happy Holidays." Remember that muslims are allowed to lie to infidels to reach a certain agenda - that includes pretending to be a christian.

Cluny, Satan has only a short time left before Jesus returns and is destroying as much of God's creation as he can especially the Jews and the christians. The LGBTQ and the Leftists hate christians because they consider the bible as hate against their groups.

Tech Giants Extreme Censorship
joseph wrote: "Steven what make you think the 10 commandments were "given to all mankind"? What is the statement based on?"

My statement is based upon the Word of God.

God chose the Israelites to bring his word to the world. They failed in their task thinking it was only for them.

Be like the Bereans and search the scriptures yourself. By searching the scriptures yourself, you will learn a whole lot more than if I just handed you verses on a silver platter. Ninty-nine percent of the christians would not dig deeper in God's word or even consult with the Holy Spirit. They would just read the verses and leave it at that.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
The Consitution is the only thing that is keeping communism from taking over. That's why they are tearing it apart little by little especially concerning the first and second amendments.

Our founding fathers wrote and spoke about how the Constitution allows anyone to do whatever they want, but it is the bible that keeps them from doing anything they want. And since America, and the world, has turned their backs on God there will be a great falling away from the faith in the end days.

The hate laws may sound good and dandy, but it has an ulterior motive - to silence God's word.

Tech Giants Extreme Censorship
Cluny, Strongaxe,

You two, and others on this site, need to learn how to use "judging" properly.

If I caught you stealing I would judge you negatively (only if I have never stole anything before), but If I caught you giving food to the homeless I would judge you positively (righteously). How can you correct someone if you cannot judge that person? How can a parent discipline or reward a child if the parent cannot judge the actions of that child?

Finish It Here May 2019
strongaxe wrote: "The term "Seventh Day Adventist" carries much baggage..,"

All worldly denominations "carries much baggage" that does not apply to Jesus for each denomination carries man-made rituals, man-made traditions, man's idea of living, and man-made interpretations of the bible. ALL worldly denominations spend more than 85% of their income/donations on maintaining their hard assets, paper assets, and legal papers.

Gods true Church has no earthly wealth, no huge bureaucracy, no billions tied up in hard assets, real estate, insurance, investments, and bank accounts and no money to maintain these assets. God's true church is not made by man's hands including "church" buildings.

Failed System Of Socialism
In the past ten years no one died from the measles disease, but 213 people died from the measles vaccines. Go to the CDC website and open your eyes to the ingredients of vaccines. You'll also read about the side affects of vaccines and pharmaceutical medicines. The MMR vaccine causes autism in children because one of the ingredients was aluminum which accumulated in the child's brain. They replaced the aluminum with mercury two years ago for children under 12 years of age.

Instead of listening to MSM to get your information, do your own research. I suggest starting your research on the naturalnews website. The website has a search field in the upper right hand corner. Just type in the vaccine, pharmaceutical, or ailment.

Fire At The Notre Dame
StrongAxe wrote: "...that one person in a thousand dying from measles is acceptable. What kind of logic is that?"

As I wrote in another blog within the past ten years no one died from the measles disease, but 213 died from the measles vaccine.

The MMR vaccine causes autism in children. The medical scientists found that the aluminum in the vaccine was accumulating in the child's brain. They replaced the aluminum with mercury two years ago for children under 12 years of age.

Please, for your sake, do some research. The CDC website tells all. Another website to begin your research is naturalnews.

Failed System Of Socialism
Many of the elite, including Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Dave Foreman, Mikhail Gorbachev, and many U.S. politicians, believe that the world can sustain only five hundred million people - even the United Nations. This is even being taught at major U.S. universities. They are doing anything in their power to depopulated the world: abortion, force vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, global warming, sterilization, etc. Read the first of the 'new 10 commandments' on the Georgia Guidestones. When you see or read such terms as 'sustainable development' and 'reduction of fertility rates' and 'quality of life' and 'one-child policy' you'll know it's about depopulation.

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