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Baptize Our Babies
Steveng: Believing is a personal action//

Not according Jesus who SAVES US.

Luke 5:20 When Jesus saw THEIR FAITH, he said, "Friend, YOUR SINS are FORGIVEN

Jesus DIDN'T say their sins were forgiven. And it was THEIR FAITH not the man!

That man on the mat according to Jesus DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

He didn't display any Faith in Jesus according to Jesus.

But he GOT the BENEFIT of OTHERS' Faith in Jesus!

So, how is THAT any different when parents baptizes their baby?

The parents brought their baby to Jesus and it was their Faith in Jesus NOT the baby.

But just like the man on the mat with the sins, the baby with the original sin got his or her sin forgiven by Jesus.

Rome And Churches Of The East
Monk: Sorry, Nicole, but the correct method for addressing a Cardinal is: "During a formal introduction,//

How can I introduce a Cardinal to myself when I address him? That's awkward.

I would address him as 'Hello Cardinal Michael Smith' NOT 'Hello Michael Cardinal Smith'

Or say 'Hello Cardinal Smith', Or if 'Hello your Eminence'

The argument isn't about introduction, but Forename or Title

//He should be directly addressed as Your Eminence or Cardinal (Last Name) or, on paper, as His Eminence, (First Name) Cardinal (Last Name), Archbishop of (Location).//

Jerry didn't present his name as you wrote.

That's my point. Not Cluny or Jerry's point.

So why are you pouncing on me?

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
Cluny: Some pagan calendars DID have a week of 8 days, or even 10 days.//

I am not denying that point.

But the Jewish people were using the 7 day week system as we do today.

And I also know the some Jewish people use a different amount of month system as well.

But, since the Christian Faith today is using the same number of days as the Jewish people in the Bible my statement still stands.

There isn't a 8 day in the week.

The Pagans also named the days of the week by their gods.

Saturday is their Saturn god as the planet.

Orthodox Jews do not refer the Sabbath day as Saturday.

We use the same names, but do not believe the names are gods.

BTW, I like your new signature notation

Biblical Technology Prophesis
Steveng: Prophesy is only symbolic to the people who don't understand.//

That doesn't make any sense.

Prophesy comes from a Prophet who gives God's warning or message. (usually a warning)

They are clear on what the people have to do if they don't want the wrath of God.

God kept telling the people He was taking the land away from the people or the people from the land.

They didn't heed so God went through with His Word which the people understood.

Read 1 Samuel concerning them wanting a King.

Samuel was clear what was going to happen to them with a King. The people didn't care until the storm occurred in chapter 16

Explain Luke 1:26-28
Cluny: Actually, it was their youngest step brother, Nicole.//

Actually? Actually?

Actually not, Cluny.

Prove to me that Joseph married AFTER he married Mary for you to CLAIM that actually Jesus had a younger brother or sister.

Give an actual citation.

Remember James and John had a different father.

That is an actual fact.

So, if they are His step brothers it means Mary married their father, which DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Rome And Churches Of The East
Wrong Cluny:

Cluny: The proper style for a cardinal is Forename, Cardinal, Surname.//

***Forename is your first name (not nickname). surname is your family name. - Quora

Cardinal, Father, Monsignor, Sister, Brother, Bishop, Deacon, Pope, and etc.

Some can go by their Title completely without their names. Your Holiness, His Excellency and etc.

Go to 'How to Address Priests and Religious: Titles and Signs of Respect' by Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D. for more details.

Titles are NEVER used in between a person's name.

For Religious you can place the order's name(s) after the name.

Sister Marie Paul, OP (Order of Preachers)

I know many men named Cardinal as their first or middle name.

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
Excellent points, Kathr.

Esp this one: //8 in scripture means NEW BEGINNINGS, as we see with Noah and family.//

(That's why many of our baptismal fonts are octagonal shapes.)

Do you see Jerry? Noah and his family started fresh on the 8th day.

How much more when Jesus Rose on Sunday which isn't the first day, but the 8th day.

You can't go back but forward.

Jesus isn't starting over, but created a new day.

As Jesus told the thief on the cross:

Luke 23:43

And He said to him, "Truly I say to you, TODAY you shall be with Me in Paradise."

Now we know Jesus didn't go to Heaven on Friday or Saturday.

'Today' is the 8th day which lasts forever.

Non Biblical Manger Scenes
Steveng: ALL worldly churches.., and ALL charities, spend more than 85% of their donations..//

I take it your Church is worldly? Mine isn't.

That doesn't ADD UP.

Once you put on a new roof you can't continue to use that expenditure the NEXT year.

Our Church has a financial council on a VOLUNTARILY basis.

//Your "FULL report down to the penny" is your church's financial statements which are shown to the members and to the IRS. If you really want to know the true wealth of your church look at IRS Form 990//


If I show the IRS, the IRS DOESN'T spit out another expenditure statement.

If I report to the IRS an 10,000 salary the IRS doesn't CHANGE my report for their own documents.

Rome And Churches Of The East
Jerry thanks, I asked because even in your citation I knew someone already has taken Cardinal Gibbons out of context.

And I know it was a Protestant because of this example:

//James Cardinal Gibbons,//

Who puts a title in the middle of the name?

I first thought his middle name was Cardinal.

It's Cardinal James Gibbons.

The Catholic Press in 1900 wasn't valid Catholic Newspaper.

Anywho, The Faith of Our Fathers, p.111 isn't how you read anything.

I know many Protestants who believe they can take out a verse and build it's meaning AROUND that verse. You can't.

But please go to:

"sunday or sabbath" and Faith of Our Fathers Apologetics-- Catholic Answers Forum

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
StrongAxe, you are funny. How can you ask Jerry to give it a rest on the Sabbath topic, but ask him a question about the Sabbath topic?

He is going to answer you on this blog site. Not on the other 2 blogs already talking about the Sabbath.

BTW, I am aware I just used up part of the 75 limit response.

I couldn't resist.

Baptize Our Babies
Melody: There's nothing in The Scriptures about baby baptisms - it is Nicole's own distortion of The Scriptures//

Just because YOU CAN'T get pass the 'whole household baptism' doesn't mean I am distortion Scriptures.

It means I am distortion your VIEW of the Scriptures.

You should read my last citation blog because they mistakenly believe as you believe.

I only cited them because citing Scripture after Scripture of All Household members being baptized ever though only ONE confessed belief in Jesus they are still in denial as you.

//and so: THE LORD is in charge of those who stand for THE TRUTH and those who doesn't and to each HIS REWARDS.//



LUKE 9:26

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
Jerry: The week has no 8th day//


Now stay with me and keep your mind opened.

There isn't any time with God. Time is part of creation and was made for man.

Man ages ONLY on earth, not in Heaven or Hell because there ISN'T any time.

So, by saying the 8th day it is our way of understanding Jesus' Resurrection effects eternity.

As Adam's sin caused death for eternity until Jesus' Resurrection.

The 8th day is OUT OF BOUNDS of the weekday system.

Denoting the DAY that LAST forever.

But here on earth we still have time so we do the best next thing by celebrating Jesus' Resurrection on the same day He Rose in anticipation of eternity with Jesus in the 8th day.


Baptize Our Babies
Michael, Scripture tells us when ONE person believed the WHOLE HOUSEHOLD was baptized.

'Do the "Household Baptisms" Justify Infant Baptism?' by Caleb Colley, Ph.D.

On occasion, advocates of infant baptism appeal to Acts 10, Acts 16, and 1 Cor 1 for proof that infant baptism is scriptural. Acts 10:24-48 relates the account of Cornelius and his relatives and close friends hearing the Gospel and being baptized. Acts 16 includes the accounts of two sets of baptisms: (1) the baptism of the members of Lydias family (verse 15), and (2) the baptism of the Philippian jailer and all his family (verse 33). Paul revealed that he baptized members of the household of Stephanas (1 Cor 1:16). These are the so-called household baptisms

Believe In God's Healing
Kathr, those were beautiful words you said on the 10th.

Plus, you are correct about Paul with his eye sight. I forgot which city he went for his eye care.

But that city was known to be best in helping improve eye condition and medicine.

People in fair to good health are the ones who put down modern medicine.

Now, I am against MOST vaccines but not all.

I won't take the flu shot because I know it has less than 10% chance for the exact stain of the flu going around.

But, if it wasn't for modern medicine I would have been dead.
Starting at birth. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks.

Thank God for the March of Dimes!

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Melody: Cluny: Is not honorable for anyone to make assumptions of something before you have heard the entire perspective of the person,//

& #129300,




Melody, MAKING ASSUMPTIONS is in your blood!

***Oh, yes! - and Nicole always striving to bring that religion higher over the true Christian denominations (call it what you want to call it) - it doesn't change what they have been and are under - separated from THE LORD because of their false/heretic idolatrous doctrines and of which is clearly you are a promoter: "Woe to her that is..She obeyed not the voice, she received not correction, she trusted not in THE LORD, she drew not near to GOD".
---Melody on 1/10/19

Fallen Humans Incarnation
StrongAxe: If you fear illegals just because more are in prison,//

I return your 'Huh?' back to you. When did I said I feared them JUST because they are Illegal?

//shouldn't you also fear blacks for the same reason?//

As I said before, I am COLOR-BLIND!

I don't want serious Prisoner RELEASED SOONER than their sentence given to him or her.

Serious: Murder, Rapist, Human Trafficker and the like

//Maybe both are because non-whites are more likely to get the short end of the justice system?//

So, the answer ISN'T to give them a long end of the Justice system.

The ANSWER is the give White people the SAME justice.

Why are Democrats so fixated on skin color?

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
As I said before it's the 8TH DAY because Jesus Rose AFTER the seventh day.

Jerry, Jesus proclaimed the New Kingdom of God.

Matthew 21:43

"Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.

BTW, where did you get that Baptism was for the MEMORIAL of the Resurrection?

As if their wasn't an Action taking place by the Holy Spirit in Baptism

My understanding was that Baptism REMOVED sin.

We baptizes as commanded of us in Matthew 28:19.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

To make Disciples in the New Kingdom of God.

Rome And Churches Of The East
Jerry: Nicole: I was quoting Catholic sources.//

How do I know that?

Many Protestants CLAIM to be Catholic Scholars using the CCC out of context.

//Are you arguing against your own church?//


Your failure to cite the Catholic Source is WHAT I am arguing against.

I have said many times that the Catholic Church made the Sabbath on Sundays as the 8th day. Matthew 16:18-19

The CC and Orthodox have the same TRUE Sacraments and Teaching in the 1st thousand century because we were ONE under ONE POPE PETER.

Cluny, knows that because the Orthodox Church can NOT name their Leaders back to Jesus without SLAMMING into our Popes.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Melody: Why you aren't doing it the right way//

According to you or Jesus?

//Yes, and gentleness and respect is to share The True Gospel of Salvation...but you are doing the opposite//

Mediate on this:

God is God and you are NOT!

//charging $10 for 'requested masses for the public' and for you only $5//


No charge, it's called STIPEND!

You have your nerve!

Your Pastors CHARGE for weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

If the family doesn't have the money the Pastor REFUSES to deliver the Holy Services. I seen it for myself.

I don't know how many times our Priests have to BURY your dead because YOUR PASTORS refuses to bury them WITHOUT a fee!

You talk about MERCY?

Fallen Humans Incarnation
StrongAxe: Blacks are 12% of the population, but 37% of prison populations (3x).//

Yes, thanks to a DEMOCRAT President Bill Clinton's 1994 Crime Bill.

Don't get me wrong. ANYONE who commits a crime should go to Prison. No matter the RACE.

So, don't act as if Democrats are SHOCKED to see many Black men in Prison.

Who passed a Prison Reform bill?


The man you CLAIM is Racist.

So a Racists man signs into law allowing MORE Black and Brown people OUT among us??

Some Racist!

The KKK needs to teach him the trade. If you can find a KKK member? They are all dead or in their 90's.

Don't get me WRONG.

I'm ALSO AGAINST Trump's Law.


Because I am COLOR blind!

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