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Supernatural God Experience
I'd been away from God in a life of personal sin for three years and had just left the hospital with internal infections and treatment that had left me weak and sickly. I was ordered to come back if I raised a fever again, and was consuming 18 doses of antibiotics daily. Doctors had told my mother I was near death but safer at home than exposed to hospital infections. That night a demon manifested and told me he had come to take me out. I cried out to God to forgive and save and heal me. Then the demonic presence vanished and I heard the audible voice of God call my name and give me instructions for the following day. I obeyed and I was fully healed and restored!

Do You Dress Up For Church
I don't think dressing up is important and is really anything to be concerned about. It tends to focus on the outside of the cup & not the inside. It is an insult to those in need of food and the basic necessities of life to see money wasted on decorating ourselves. The bride of Christ should be clothed in righteousness & not a party dress. It is a tradition not a direction from God "to dress up". Our heart is what makes us the His bride, the rest is simply clothing.

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