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History Channel's The Bible
Agreed. And if Christians don't get the full thrust, where does that leave the unbeliever who isn't applying any throttle at all? ---James_L on 3/20/13

It leaves them right where they need to be...In need of God.

History Channel's The Bible
Did it negate the thrust of the biblcal passage to alter the drama account? I didn't think so. james l

Well since the main thrust of the bible is witness of the prophets. Put on the armor...

Most Christians don't apply the full throttle, thus they don't get the full thrust.

Was Paul An Apostle
Can anyone answer this question? Why would Jesus send out His disciples with an incomplete message of salvation?
---barb on 3/14/13

The answer is in the definition of nation (ethnos).

What's Up March 2013
//Those who do otherwise would do well to follow the Bible and not man's customs or traditions.// ---Darlene_1 on 3/14/13

I wonder why we have marriage vows when Jesus emphatically said not to make promises.

Maybe thats why Christians success rate in marriage is the same as the world's?!

Was Paul An Apostle
\\Not only is Paul in dispute with the words of Jesus but he is at odds with himself as well.\\ barb

"If you could take this cup away. Nevertheless, not my will but thy will."

If you say that Paul was at odds with Jesus sometimes, then be fair. Jesus was in conflict with God sometimes.

What's Up March 2013
Yes, Ruben. We have always had a Father.

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