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Bouncing Tithe Checks
No. Instead, you should follow the instructions of the Bible: "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, [so let him give], not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." In other words, give what you have with joy.

Does Hell Exist
And then I knew,just knew, that these were so called christians who have an OUTWARD appearance of christianity to the world but have evil hearts continually before the lord. I was told that all of these people were on their way to hell. Then, right in front of me i saw a women's skin melt right off of her onto the ground..cont..

Does Hell Exist
And I saw her skeleton where her skin on her hand used to be. Then I was taken up into eternity and to make a long story short, I layed on a huge platform beside the spirit of God which I saw in the shape of a man's silhouette standing beside me that was extremely large and had ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH. And then the gates appeard and I read the words on the gate..THE GATES TO HELL is what I read not written in english. The gates opened and I saw the fire and the darkness. HELL IS REAL!!!

Pastor's Wife Is Unsaved
The bible is very clear..David was not a pastor when he killed Bethsheba's husband. Be very careful not to take the scriptures out of context. This pastor knows that according to scripture, his house must be in order. He is out of order and needs to be admonished with the word of God. How can 2 walk together less they agree and what does light have to do with darkness? God's word is the standard for all of life's issues. Man must follow his word or be lost. This is all simple. In name of Jesus Christ.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Proverbs Chpt 16 v25: There is a way that seemeth right to man, but the end there of are the ways of death.People believe what they believe.If you seek to live a holy life before the lord then you will seek him with your entire heart so that you may escape hell. I have been out of my body and taken to the gates of demon or human can tell me any different..ever! I know what I saw.Turn from sin lest you be lost in a place your mind cannot fathom. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Once Saved Always Saved
Duane, I am in complete agreement with you. There can be no forgivess without the remission of sins. When you repent, you cannot continue in sin or you die and go straight to Hell. There a hundreds of scriptures to back this up.

What Is The Mark Of The Beast
The Mark of the Beast as I have come to understand it is revealed in Revelation 13 -- it is Satan's end time system consisting of both a political and religious world order, in which he utilizes the four hidden dynasties of education, economics, politics and religion. If one opens their eyes to current events all around us these days, certainly one is able to digest this simple message. Satan WILL assume his final role as the anti-christ or the instead of jesus as taught by Paul in 2Thessalonians 2.

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