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Is Peter The Rock Of The Church
And-re-er:: How observant U R A potential Cherub maybe!!

Who Is Benny Hinn
No & Yes...Respectively

Iran Is Setting A Dress Code
This has since been cleared up a retraction was printed in the paper As it was a fault of the media,No such thing is happening in Iran

Pope Has Place Of Jesus On Earth
The general consensus is that Christianity, started from the time of Christ, The Roman Part came in because of the conversion of the Emperor Constantine 300 years later. The only Bible & doctrines practiced to day by RCC are the followings of Jesus while there were descensions, the real upheval took place in 1600's, springing from the reformation.Prior to this 300 year era, Christianity was in its infancy.But the teachings then are the teachings now.

Is Abortion Ever Acceptable
To prove his love & trust in God Abraham was asked to sacrafice his only son as an offering to God, with pain in his heart he believed & followed his instructions God tested him.Jesus gave his life to save us & open the gates of heaven & take upon his shoulders ALL the sins of the world in accordance to his fathers wishes Your will not mine he said.

Are Catholics Christians
I would have to say its common sense to accept before you perform work. So given that as a starting point I would agree with Alan. About the scriptual side St Paul states Faith (which is belief Or acceptance) Is dead without good works.& is further bolstered up by God who said "who so ever does this (meaning works)to the least of one of my brethren he does it to me. So works is definitely part of the equation.

What Is Oneness Doctrine
Bruce- Do you have any scriptural Verses to support this theory of oneness. We would all like to hear it please.

Are The Bloggers Christian
Mod; Porn are sins of the flesh & the most attractive to those who view it as a necessity to living, & lustful entertainment, when in actuality it is a way to death. Satan is aware of this & plays this card very effectively. When we learn to deny this fact through ardent prayer, we deny satan, then we become true followers of Christ,this is one way in one area.

Pope Has Place Of Jesus On Earth
Jarred; You are right; in its infancy, Jesus's doctrine through Peter , was growing & the Romans saw their world crumbling. Hence the attack on Christianity, ampitheatres, lions, & gladiators in arenas for Roman sport.The conversion of Constantine,the Roman Emperor brought an end to this & this is when the RCC was really begining to take off. Pontius Pilate may or may NOT have become a christian but he did not Crucify Jesus it was the sins of the world as, manisfested through,the jews that Crucified him.

Can A Christian Marry An Agnostic
Brian;At 25,you have met a lady of your dreams, the only deterant, is your belief, as an admitted Agnostic. This is a very big issue & will cause your feelings to change in time -Oh! you may say no, but it is true the 2 words- unequaly yolked- sets you apart I would pray for guidance & do not rush into this relationship, but rather prepare your self for guidance, what you cant see- Does exist, & will make you change your outlook.This change will bring you happiness & everlasting joy.

Are The Bloggers Christian
Mike :Moderator has a concrete & valid point & under the circumstances we need to set our House in order First. But how? God said seek & you will find.

Are Catholics Christians
Alan of Uk;Tenet is a doctrine, principle, belief,or opinion held as true. I believe acceptance that God who created the world & its people out of love would go to any lengths to save his creation from satan, who was destroying his work, so, He sent his son to overcome the wiles of satan & show us, how, as a man, Salvation is possible he left us with Laws & aids, to enable us to achieve this goal. Namely The paraclete & other means for us to chose using our free will.

Are Catholics Christians
Moderator: Your remark to Reuben I agree with you, in as much as you say that "many Protestant denominations are not following the bible scriptures either "I do believe at large people want to do what is right & commendable in the eyes of Almighty God, but being human are easy prey to the wiles of Satan in which many people get ensnared & are not aware of his subtleness. Hence the watchword "Watch ye & pray that you may not enter into temptation for the spirit is willing, But the flesh is weak.

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