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I Will Never Obey My Husband
Pam, your statement is quite strong and that would raise the heads of men, "christian" and non-christian alike. I am wondering why men are capitilizing that women should obey their husbands when in fact there are some husbands who are not worth even to be called a man. Some of them are beasts!

No Anthority Over A Man
"What do each of you think is referred to by the phrase 'must not have authority over a man'". I believe this phrase refers to a "husband and wife" set-up. The wife should not "over-power" the husband.

No Anthority Over A Man
"What causes some women to step over the line?" Intelligence. Some women are more intelligent than some of the men. Some women are perceptive enough as compared to some of the men.

Tolerance For Other Religions
Wayne87, I like your views regarding tolerance of the beliefs (religions) of other people and how you go about witnessing! As a Christian I am quite alarm with the views of Robert.

Can Christians Wear A Cross
I do wear a piece of golden cross as a necklace pendant. I am not attaching any meaning to it aside from the fact that it is simply a piece of jewelry.

Introduce Yourself Blog
Hello, Everybody! Just call me "Rain". I come from the Philippines. I am one of those golden single ladies. I am attending a fundamentalist christian church. I am into the teaching profession.

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