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Might Have Autism
StrongAxe: Communion "is" the flesh and blood of Jesus in the same way Jesus "is" the Lamb and "is" the door and "is" the Vine.//

Wrong. Jesus said 'I am the Vine, the Door, etc. Not 'is'.

The Hebrew language doesn't have 'verbs'.

When translated correctly to English He said "This My Body, This My Blood.

//A king or president "is" a head of state,..The chief person of an assembly "is" the chair, even though not actually a piece of furniture.//

Because he isn't literally a piece of furniture.

They use the word 'is' as you state.

Since Jesus didn't say 'is', your example is incorrect.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe, there ISN'T anything wrong with your comprehension. But you think there is something wrong with my comprehension.

BTW, since you think Jacob is loyal to 'customs' why did Jacob had to pay the dowry?

The father of the bride is supposed to PAY THE DOWRY.

Dowry: property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage. - Dictionary online

Back to Genesis. The deal was for 7 years for Rachel NOT 14 years!

Funny how you left out the words in V27:

Finish this daughters bridal week, then we will give you the younger one also, in return for ANOTHER seven years of work.

AGAIN Jacob had to KEEP LEAH

Finish It Here May 2019
Kathr, you know the rules.

CITE that ridiculous claim that Crusaders forced children to go to Jerusalem.

1. Can you PLEASE stay in this century.

Or at LEAST in the LAST 5 CENTURIES. (Even though you are a history revision about the Crusades)

2. As Strongaxe, you also must be a Muslim. Since you are upset that Christian's helped Jews get back their home land and KEEP it. (Remember, I dated a Muslim and see the many traits in you boths

3. Your new name Faith will be named Southern Nuthern Atlanta Baptist Church.

The Mueller Report Trump
StrongAxe, Please tell me EXACTLY who I dislike with no reason.//


It isn't CHARITABLE, to dislike someone WITHOUT facts and based on other people's false reporting or NOT knowing the whole situation.

According to the BIBLE (since YOU have said we MUST follow.) Matt 7:1, 5:44-45, 22:37-39, John 4:7-8, 13:34-35, 15:12-13. But, since you didn't deny following Muhammad over Jesus maybe Paul's teachings will help. Roman's 12:8, 10.

//The 10000 lies is not hyperbole...(I tried to list just 10 recent ones ..)//

No, I want everyone to see you are not telling the truth.

You are not dumb. Cite 1 instead of 10.

If you can't est a whole toast with one bite, you take small bites to eat the whole toast.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe: Jacob stopped complaining once Laban explained the custom,//

You don't know that.

//willingly accepted Laban's unfair bait-and-switch deal - because it was the CUSTOM.//

No, no, no!

1. Laban, had 7 YEARS to find a husband for Leah. Maybe that's why Jacob said 7 years.

2. IMPORTANTLY, consummation SEALS marriage NOT a custom.

If Jacob DIDN'T consummated the marriage, he could WALK AWAY

//Jesus was without sin, so Mary didn't need a sin offering for him, but she did - because it was the CUSTOM.//

NO! Not Custom! A COMNAND from God.

Do you know the difference?

It is a custom to have give your BEST wine at the BEGINNING of weddings celebration. John 2:10 Not a Command.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe: Jesus said it was wrong to ask him to pay temple tax BUT he paid it anyway.//

I said that but paying the Temple isn't paying Caesar!

It isn't any difference as when I pay my Catholic Church money, the IRS stills wants their money.

But Jesus still didn't pay Caesar, and wasn't afraid to say so in public He wasn't paying Caesar. Stop reading between the lines as you put it.

The only time Jesus was asked and giving the opportunity to pay Caesar He didn't!

So please stop saying stuffs you can't prove in the Bible.

Finish It Here May 2019
StrongAxe, please tell me any other religion that teaches their children to kill people?


Published May 03, 2019 Last Update 9 hrs ago

**Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah

By Caleb Parke | Fox News.

Go ahead and read the article.

We knew this is common in ALL Muslim countries, but NOT in America.

How wrong we were.

The Mueller Report Trump
Haz, you are so right. Trump has been generous to Clinton who should be in jail.

StrongAxe: Bias means unfairly dislking someone for no reason.//

Describes you perfectly.

//Trump recently surpassed 10000 lies in office.//

You see. That is so ridiculous you don't even realize it.

Using hyperbolic language will not make us believe you.

Tell me 10 lies you believe Trump said. Not your opinion of him lying.

I want PROOF that he lied.

This is why you are LOSING most America. We don't have TDS.

We are too busy working and have life we are actually living that life.

You Democrats are living a fake life and can't understand why the rest of the world can't see your imagery life.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe: The Bible constantly says that one should obey custom.//

No it DOESN'T, only obey God's Law. Jesus complained about putting customs over God's Laws.

//Laban cheated Jacob out of Rachel by giving him Leah. Did he complain? No,//

Jacob DID complain. Gen 29:25...there was Leah!So Jacob said to Laban, What is this you have done to me? I served you for Rachel, didnt I? Why have you deceived me?

//He put custom over his own rights.//

Not custom, but God's Law!

He was forced to keep Leah because he had relations with Leah.

Why didn't Laban tell Jacob that before Jacob worked for Laban for 7 years?

BTW, God ALLOWED the deception. Jacob got a taste of his own medication. (Esau)

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe: You REALLY should take a course in introductory logic.//


//If the Bible doesn't mention a subject, you CANNOT say it happened, and you ALSO cannot say it didn't happen. You can't assert EITHER ONE certainly.//

1. This your problems. I believe you haven't read the Bible in a while.

2. The Bible DOES mention Jesus going to a Holy Festival.//

Jesus 10:22-23, Matthew 26:17
So, using YOUR logic it doesn't fly.

//There is NOTHING in those verses that said Jesus REFUSED to pay taxes.//

Again, Jesus ACTION OF NOT PAYING means He refused to pay

//You read that between the lines.//

No that is you not me. At least I have Jesus' Actions. You are reading between Imagery lines.

Suffer In Hell Forever
Cluny, quit being nasty and I won't call you out.

REMEMBER you are the one who hit first by using a derogatory name against my Faith.

When I explained it was derogatory (thinking you didn't know) you had the nerve to tell me it wasn't and doubled now and justified everyone else to continue using that word.

I gave you proof on YouTube and instead of saying 'SORRY', you got mad when I play your game.

Now, I am sorry for bringing Monk into this debate.

I will show you how mean it is to change another person's faith name. (Kathr and Samuel as well)

I will add a word to you'll Faith. Sometimes it has to happen to you before you realized it isn't nice.

Petersburg Orthodox Church will be yours.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe, there are millions things the Bible DOESN'T state Jesus NEVER did. Okay, you can also say Jesus missed a Holy Feast because it doesn't states Jesus NEVER missed a Festival

TWICE the subject of PAYING taxes to Caesar showed He didn't pay.

The ONLY time the Bible states Jesus paid a tax it was to the Temple not Caesar.

And Jesus said it was WRONG to ask Him to pay the Temple tax.

Matt 17:26b Then the children are EXEMPT, Jesus said to him.

COMMON SENSE tells us Jesus didn't believed in paying ANY taxes.

But He ONLY was willing to give money to His Father's House.

Matt 17:27 But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake...

But Jesus REFUSED to give Caesar a coin!

Suffer In Hell Forever
Again Cluny, I am SHOWING you how FOOLISH you sound.

I didn't make that comment because I thought the Greek are the people in Greece!

The Greeks were around before Jesus walked the earth.

You are the one that needs to grasps how ridiculous you sound calling the Catholic Church the 'Roman' Catholic Church.

Jesus wasn't in Rome when He started His Church.

The Romans NEVER claimed the CC as their own.

//If it makes you feel good to attach a city to its name, it should be Antiochian.//

Nope, because when people like you see the word 'Greek' you must think about 'Athens'

Afterall, if you dare to add 'words' to another person's faith, you will as well disconnect actual words in someone's faith.

The Mueller Report Trump
StrongAxe: Why do he and Barr refuse congressional subpoenas?//

StrongAxe, please familiarize yourself to OUR civics.

Congress never subpoenaed Barr. Barr volunteered 2 weeks ago.

Which he started as promised. First with Senators. (Congress: Senators + Representatives)

But after Jerrold Nadler saw how the Democrat Senators were NO MATCH to Barr's legalistic mind. He (Nadler) didn't have any faith in his House Judiciary Committees (Elected Ones) questioning Barr.

So he wanted the Elected Members' staff-unelected Lawyers to question Barr instead.

Not legal. So Barr said no. But will STILL COME to be questioned ONLY by the House Judiciary Committee Members.

House Democrats were too Afraid

Fire At The Notre Dame
StrongAxe: Muslims practices Islam and have the Quran has their Holy Book

Now I know why you are so defensive when Jerry and I speak about some of your radical brothers.

1. When people speak bad about Pelosi and Biden I don't get defensive. I let them know they are not following the Catholic Faith.

2. The first can not follow the 2nd.

BTW, how you can put Jesus within mere men?

Jesus is God and does not submit to God. He obeyed His Father. A difference.

3. Jews/Christians do not consider the the Qurans in their homes, nor consider the Book as their Holy Book.

Muslims do NOT consider God as their Father.

I mean this in a gentle way. You are mixed up in your Faith.

Fire At The Notre Dame
StrongAxe: You wrote: Are you a Muslim? What's with this 2 or 3 witnesses?
It's in the Bible.//

So is men having 2 wives. Stoning people for adultery.

Do we still follow those things in the Bible?

Only Muslims believe you need 2 to 3 witness.

So please ANSWER me.

Are you a Muslim?

If not, why are you demanding more witness?

Name a Country (besides Muslim Countries) that REQUIRES more than one witness?

//Hebrews 10:28
He that despised Moses' law died without mercy under two or three witnesses://

Really? You STOP at the semi-colon?

That's like stopping in the middle of a sentence.

It was speaking about Jesus.

V29 completes V28

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe: No, THEY DO NOT. Nowhere in Mark 12 + Matthew 22 does it say Jesus ***NEVER*** paid taxes,//

But it states He DIDN'T pay the taxes!

//Luke 23 only says what Jesus was falsely accused of.//


Again, they said Jesus said He was the Son of God making Him equal to God.

I asked before and you didn't answer it.

Are you claiming they falsely accused Jesus and to you Jesus ISN'T the Son of the Father making Him God?

They were CORRECT! Jesus did claim and is the Son of God.

As I said Jesus NEVER paid taxes because He opposed it and they wanted Pilate to kill Him for that reason.

You do know Jesus DIED the next day?

So that is proof Jesus NEVER paid taxes to Pilate.

Suffer In Hell Forever
Cluny, you are the one connecting Religions to Cities not me. Using your logic, you need to connect Monk's faith with 'Athens'.

StrongAxe, many Americans think United States has 52 States.

Using your logic, we do have 52 States instead of 50.

Many Americans think Puerto Ricans are NOT American Citizens. Again since they believe that then it MUST be true.

Many Christians think it's a SIN for women wearing pants, jewelry or makeup.

People think people from England are the ones with English accent instead of Americans.

So much that when you think of English Accents you think of the Britishes not us.

Now who REALLY has the accents?

Who spoke English FIRST?

Here is an hint: NOT US.

Fire At The Notre Dame
StrongAxe, you can't understand why some suspect criminal involvement with the Notre Dame's fire. And suspecting Muslims at that.

Using common sense similar situations I can suspect TB. Coughing a a lot, coughing up blood with no other reason. Esp. if you have a history of TB or been around other people with TB.

So we have the right to suspect Muslims and demand an investigation into the Notre Dame fire.

//Biblical standards require TWO WITNESSES, or is your judgment better than the Bible's?//

We are not in Biblical times.
One Witnesses are not needed. People are accused of a crime without witness all the time.

Being accused ISN'T being found guilty.

Ever heard of 'Getting your day in court.'?

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