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Explain Hebrews 10:24-25

Dear Melody:

I really want to encourage you to begin to learn how to dialog with Cluny, Brendan, strongaxe, etc. instead of just preaching to them. Don't get me wrong preaching is essential,however, when addressing many on this posting you need to have a foundation on apologetics (presuppositional)

Perhaps, you could learn to question them on their beliefs and press their positions for consistency, facts, and evidential logic.

Most of people here on this blog claim they believe in Scripture,however, when you start testing for consistency the supposed belief in Scripture goes out of the window.

Please meditate on 1 Pet 3:15.

How To Speak In Tongues

strongaxe said, "Stop LYING! I NEVER said that! I said I don't believe in Sola Scriptura, NOT I don't believe in Scripture."

And if you don't believe in Sola Scriptura sir you don't believe in Scripture... You might not like this conclusion but it doesn't change reality...

How To Speak In Tongues

strongaxe said, "Stop LYING! I NEVER said that! I just asked, in an reductio ad absurdum argument, what criteria *****YOU****** use to determine that the Bible IS scripture, but the Qur'an and the Book of Mormon are NOT, or that John is scripture and Laodiceans are NOT. You have yet to answer these questions."

Sir, what you said is available for all to read and as stated to you your objections have already been repuediated...

How To Speak In Tongues
cluny said, "Neither does the Bible, because that's nowhere taught in it."

Cluny, prove to everyone here that Scripture doesn't teach that it alone is the only Infallible Rule for Faith and Praceice for Christians???

Also, prove to us all that the church is "Theopneustos?"

Where did Jesus say when I die i'm going to leave you an Infallible Church???

He Is A Devout Catholic

strongaxe said, "No, that's not how it works. When you make an accusation, it's up to YOU to prove it's true, not other people's job to prove it's false. You have yet to show ANY official Catholic or Orthodox writings that attribute "God Qualities" to Mary and saints."

False, you have been provided prayers that have never been rejected by either rc or eo authorities.

I will be providing the posts as that your claims have been addressed.

In the mean time show rc and eo authorities that condemn the prayers that have been posted here???

He Is A Devout Catholic
melody said, "John:

Why waste your time and energies in some that it's obvious that they are for the defense of a religion that everyone knows (and that by the centuries) - that they are under idolatry."

Sharing the gospel and proclaiming the truth that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ is never a waist of time. My job and your job is to tell Godwho is sovereign will do the rest.

Also, everyone doesn't know the falsehood and lies of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox...

God has granted me many opportunities to explain truth to many trapped in this false religion...

He Is A Devout Catholic



Mary No Physical Death, Eastern Orthodoxy
Roman Catholic, Fish for Friday, and Eastern Orthodox Doctrines blogs, etc...

He Is A Devout Catholic

Here is strongaxe admitting that RC do indeed pray to Mary,yet, here he's saying that they don't:

Rita_H wrote: It is not an idea, it has been said directly to me by many Roman Catholics since I was about 8 years of age and up to the present time (a total of more than 6 decades).

This was also my experience when I was growing up. All I can say is, if the Catholic church does not teach the assumption of living Mary, or praying to icons, etc. etc. then all the clergy and official teachers who taught me and others were doing it wrong.

---StrongAxe on 8/21/15
(Mary no physical death.)

How God Saves People


St. John in Revelation was told to seal up what the seven thunders uttered.

Show where i'm wrong??

He Is A Devout Catholic


I address your objection on other postings are you willing to look them up yes or no?

He Is A Devout Catholic
monk brendan said, "John, the various devotionals that you are quoting from are NOT OFFICIAL CATHOLIC DOCTRINE! To get to those, you must first READ and COMPREHEND the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Then, you must quote from that document."


Tell me, If I provide you the postings where i've already address your unfounded objections will you read them??
Monk Brendan the devotions flow from the catechism and Rc Statements of Faith...,

How could you not know this as a monk???

He Is A Devout Catholic

Hello Readers:

If Strongaxe is going to defend the notion that rc and EO don't worship icons then be must be able to sho is that God Qualities aren't attributed to Mary and saints. If you can show this using actual facts then the argument against icons is over
I haven'tbeen here in days and Strongaxe haven't shown anything...

He Is A Devout Catholic

Come then, to my help, dearest Mother, for I recommend myself to thee. In thy hands I place my eternal salvation and to thee do I entrust my soul.


He Is A Devout Catholic

Receive me, good St. Anne, into the number of your true clients, for so I profess myself and wish to remain throughout my entire life.
Obtain for me, from God, the power to imitate those virtues with which you are so plentifully endowed. Help me to know and regret my sins bitterly. Obtain for me the grace of active love for Jesus and Mary, and resolution to fulfill the duties of my state of life with faithfulness.
Save me from every danger that confronts me in life, and help me at the hour of my death.

How To Speak In Tongues

strongaxe said, "It is curious that you say this, because you are such a big advocate of Sola Scriptura, yet there is nothing in scripture that says this."

But you don't even believe in Scripture you even think the bible is no different then the Koran or the Book of Mormon so stop trying to still my World viewwith the intent to try and use it against me.

Argue from your own World View sir can you do that???

Are You Truly Saved

Apology accepted it is very vital when speaking as Christians that we all speak the truth in love...

Jn 3:16 doesn't mean all is save, it simply states that those who believe will be save meaning only the ones that God has chosen to elect...

See, further Jn 6:37-39, 44-45, 64-65, Jn 17:6-9, 18:5-9...


He Is A Devout Catholic

strongaxe said, "Just what "God Qualities" do either the Catholic or Orthodox churches attribute to icons?" alities??

I address your objection on another posting are you willing to look it up??

strongaxe said, "Also, I never said "God Qualities". I said "reverence". There is a big difference. Most people revere their mothers too, but most don't think their mothers are God.

My point exactly that is why I pointed out to you that the flag and icons cant be compared...

Strongaxe what you must sho is God Qualities aren't attributed to Mary and saints. If you can show this using actual facts then the argument against icons is over so we're all waiting???

He Is A Devout Catholic
cluny said, "Jesus ordered it, so how is this so?"

Show to all where Jesus taught that baptism is connected to salvtion (where baptism saes)??

The NT recognizes only 2 offices (pastor or deacon) the word pastor is the same as bishop and elder.

Cluny show in Scripture where there is a authority structure???

How To Speak In Tongues
shannon ask, "I have tried to receive the holy spirit numerous times and nothing has happened. At my church, they say you have to speak tongues to get the Holy Spirit. The fruits of the spirit was in me when I tried numerous times. My question is do I have to speak tongues to know I have the Holy Spirit?"

Shannon, if you have been truly born again you already have the Holy Spirit that is why you are bearing the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-25)

Speaking in tongues ceased with the death of the last apostles for it was a sign of confirmation.

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