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Is Jesus A Spirit
John 10:30: I and my father are One.

But also

John 17:21: That they all may be one, as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

It is important to understand what "being one" means. It does NOT mean "being one and the same". If it did, the second verse would mean that you and I are one and the same, which is clearly not true. This indicates unity in purpose, not unity in substance.

Why Do Good Works

You asked: What the difference between the 'Kingdom of God' and a 'new heaven and a new Earth'?

"Kingdom" means "dominion" or "rulership". It refers to government - who is in charge, who makes the rules, etc. "A new heaven and a new earth" are geographic terms, referring to physical places.

Compare "North America" (a place) and "United States of America" (a government) or "British Isles" (a place) and "United Kingdom" (a kingdom).

Where Is Garden Of Eden

Tigris (Hiddekel) and Euphrates (Prat) join in modern day Iraq. The identity and location of Pishon and Gihon have never been clearly established.

I once saw a documentary about this. The conclusion was that the area where the Garden of Eden was located was somewhere in the Middle East - a plain surrounded by mountains, where a city now stands. (I can't remember the details, I didn't tape the show).


Our word "paradise" comes from Hebrew "pardes" (orchard), and is of Persian origin.

Revelation 2:7 "the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise (orchard) of God." makes much more sense if you understand this.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ

Christians have been making that accusation of other Christians for 2000 years. Protestants have accused Rome of this. Remember Chick tracts?

One signature of the Beast is he will be acclaimed by, and will deceive many. He is PRECISELY the kind of character most people would believe was sent by God, but they would be wrong. That dispensationlists would think someone is the closet thing to God himself should be a very clear warning sign.

There are several specific signs of the Beast (i.e. nobody could buy or sell without his mark) that CANNOT happen until we have a one-world economy with a single point of control - something that does not currently exist, and is not likely to exist in the immediate future.

Good Works For Salvation

Your friend is making a logical fallacy. He is reversing cause and effect. Good works don't create salvation. Salvation creates good works. Once you are transformed by being saved, you will naturally perform good works just because your life will be infused with God's nature. Good works are just the evidence of salvation.

Asked For Help In Church

You wrote: I was not judging those "churches," I was just making an observation.

That is interesting, consider you have been constantly accusing people of being members of "worldly denominational churches" for years. By doing so, you have been constantly judging those churches. The fact that you put the word "churches" in quotes also indicates that even though you use the word "churches", you don't really consider them churches at all - which is also being judgmental.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian

You wrote: You lefties are just too much fun.

Sadly, I get no pleasure from people who place their own biased perspectives above truth and love - two things Jesus himself valued above all else. People who put Republican principles above Christian principles.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian

Democrats were fine with Anthony Kennedy.

REPUBLICANS feared JFK was that they were concerned he would place his allegiance to the Vatican above the Constitution and the American People. Democrats were similarly concerned Barrett would place her faith above the Constitution, but this was not paranoia - she actually SAID she would do this.


Your blog "Are Democrats really as evil as they appear in the news?" shows your total bias. If Democrats can't be Christians "because they hate God", violating Jesus's First Commandment, you can't be a Christian "because you hates Democrats", violating "love your neighbor".

Does God Have Faith

There are a lot of things we can do that God can't, because his nature is perfect but ours is imperfect. For example, we can sin. God can't. We can lie. God can't. Faith is believing in things even if you can't see them. Since God sees everything, he doesn't need faith - he already knows everything.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian

You wrote: Democrats can't be Christians because they hate God.

This is such a biased and hateful statement that I don't even know where to begin. Democrats don't hate God. They hate the hypocrisy of those on the right who call themselves Christians, yet who constantly vote for policies that specifically go against everything Jesus himself ever taught.

There are many Christians who have cultic beliefs, i.e. "only our way of believing is right, and if you don't believe exactly as we do, you're not a Christian, you're an evil atheist heathen". Jesus never taught that, and we shouldn't believe that. Such thinking deliberately divides the body of Christ, something both Jesus and Paul preached against.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian
The objection from Democrats is NOT that she is a Christian. Most Supreme Court justices are. Their problem is that she said a judge should place his/her own personal faith above the law when rendering decisions.

This violates the First Amendment establishment clause and sets a very dangerous precedent. If a Christian judge is allowed to place biblical law above the constitution, what's to stop a Muslim judge from placing Sharia above the constitution, or Wiccan or Satanist or other judges from similarly judging according to their own religious beliefs?

It's the same argument as with prayers in schools. Many Christians want it, but would scream to high heaven if it were a Muslim prayer being taught.

Are Democrats Really Evil

As I understand it, Obama era policy was to take children into custody alone if they arrived alone, but not to separate families arriving together.

Regardless of this, INS is under the jurisdiction of the Justice department rather than the judiciary, so judiciary rules do not apply. Accused are not required to be supplied counsel, and most can't afford one. Children usually appear without representation. Just last week, a 1 year old child appeared before a judge without counsel. This is outrageous! Rather than address this, Trump is CUTTING funds to legal representation of detainees, despite his pledge to reunite families. More lying propaganda.

Why Do Good Works

John 14:23 you quoted says nothing nothing about "the love of God", which we take to mean us loving God, and is one half of Jesus's quoting the two most important commandments, and which is the motivation to do good works. Rather, it talks about the reverse - God loving us.

Distilling this verse into the simple phrase "the love of God", which in English can be ambiguous and mean it both ways, and then using that ambiguity to argue that it means the other way, is twisting scripture. This is how false doctrines work - they twist scripture to say the opposite of what it actually says.

Does God Have Faith
Faith is belief in things one cannot directly perceive. Since God sees and knows anything, there's nothing for him to have faith in. He doesn't need to believe. He knows.

Are Democrats Really Evil

Trump once said "Take their guns first, due process later" - showing contempt for both 2nd and 4th amendments.

Trump praised China for electing a president for life, and said we should try that here some day. He also told a crowd that he "deserves" 12 or 16 years. Both show contempt for the 22nd amendment that SPECIFICALLY prevents a president from having more than two terms, as a reaction to FDR.

He swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, yet he repeatedly demonstrates that he either is woefully ignorant of what it actually says, or deliberately holds it in contempt. Regardless of which of these is true, they both show that he is unable and/or unwilling to deliver on that oath.

Are Democrats Really Evil

Trump has sno respect for 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 22nd amendments so far.


The Bible consistently equates life with breath, and commands a life for a life - yet if a pregnant woman interferes in a fight, and miscarries, the penalty is whatever the judge decides, and the trial of a pregnant accused adulteress results in the abortion of the unborn if she's guilty. These both indicate that the bible ifself does NOT consider babies to be fully human before they are born.

These are not leftist arguments. These are BIBLICAL arguments.

I also never said the plight of the unborn is not important. I DID say that claiming to be pro-life and caring for them while not caring for the living is hypocrisy.

Are Democrats Really Evil

The right's major argument is that the Bible unequivocably condemns abortion, but I just proved that isn't the case by using scripture itself.

Just which of the "genocidal left's" arguments to justify abortion have I used? The left's major argument is that it's "a woman's right to choose". Nope. I have not used that one. Which one have I used? Don't just make blanket accusations. Be specific.

Are Democrats Really Evil
Ayn Rand was a Russian immigrant who, disgusted by toxic extreme left Marxism, developed her toxic extreme right Objectivism. She was very pro-capitalism, despising working people, religion, and the welfare state. She died alone, hypocritically using the very public assistance she preached against. She wrote "The Virtue of Selfishness" outlining her philosophy - diametrically opposed to Jesus' "Love thy neighbor".

Republicans constantly praise her and her philosophy. She is one of Paul Ryan's favorite authors.

I discovered yesterday that Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, said his religion is just Objectivism with a bit of ritual thrown in.

Republicans and Satanists think the same way!

Are Democrats Really Evil

In theory, it would require repealing the First Amendment. In practice, all it would require is for Congress to pass a law muzzling the press, Trump to sign it, someone to challenge it, and a conservatively-lopsided Supreme Court to say it's constitutional - the same way they approved the blatantly unconstitutional Japanese American internment during WW2.

Screaming "IMPEACH" will do little good when the House that would vote to impeach and the Senate that would vote to convict were both the ones that passed the muzzle law in the first place.

Are Democrats Really Evil

Not all Democrats are neo-Marxists - only the ones on the extreme left. Not all leftists are extreme.

Republicans are puritanical. They support less government - EXCEPT in areas that could even remotely be considered "fun", like sex/reproduction and drugs. They want to remove environmental regulations, letting companies pollute our shared air and water, which will lead to disasters like Flint and Fukushima, but steadfastly oppose legalization of marijuana that has proven medical benefits. Why? Fake fear-mongering about being a dangerous gateway drug (it isn't), and it could cut into profits of their pharmaceutical industry supporters, and more efficient hemp fiber products could threaten lumber industry profits.

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