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Works Of The Law
I posted this question because Paul taught justification is not through the works of the Law. The key word here is Works.

Thou shall not steal, Kill, lie, or commit adultery are not works of the Law, Since You do nothing to keep these Laws. They Only become Works, if you break these Laws.

According to God, We will be judged by our Works. Both the righteous and unrighteous. The works Paul references are those Laws which required Works to keep, those Moses gave to the Jews.

Can Satan Be Forgiven
(Romans 11:6) And if by grace, then it is no longer by works, otherwise grace is no longer grace. But if it be by works, then it is no longer grace, otherwise work is no longer work.

In other words....if the love of God can be obtained by merely keeping the Law of Moses, God is no more than a task master, owing his servants a wage.

So...How do gain the Love of God the Father? According to his Son, it is by making Jesus Christ your Lord, (John 14:21). Believe it,...or not?

What gives us the right to call Jesus, Lord? (Luke 6:46) And why call ye Me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?

Can Satan Be Forgiven
Though God does not like sin, he understands that since we are born with the seed of sin, we will sin. God knows Satan is more powerful than we are, and Satan uses the seed of sin, the seed he planted in the Garden of Eden, to cause us to sin. This is why God is willing to forgive us.

Satan on the other hand, was not born into sin, therefore he has no excuse.

Absent From Our Body
John8318 and Kathryn
Both of you disgrace the name of the Lord, publicly, with your insults. You are both filled with hate towards each other and need to ask each other for forgiveness, else the hate Satan had created between you, will remain.

Absent From Our Body
I know you and Kathryn are not of the same faith, and yet she never attacks your faith or Monk Brendans faith, the way she attacks David8318. Have you ever wondered why?

Notice the inflections in her question, which obviously was meant to bait David8318. Also note, she didnt give me her denomination when I asked for it. The reason, she didnt want me to put her beliefs under a microscope, like she does with those she hates.

It appears as though David8318, started the volley of insults, but if you look at the way the question is written, Kathryn drew first blood.

The only reason you dont draw her fire, is because you share the same political views. So in her mind, if your a democrat, your saved.

Salvation By Our Works
If you have a denomination, can you tell me what it is? That way I wont wrongly assume.

JS created a doctrine after his very public humiliation, a doctrine which could explain why he was defeated by sin, though claiming to have victory over sin. I believe he is honestly still seeking for the truth, but he will not find it, because he seeks it by using himself as an example of righteousness, rather than Jesus Christ.

Though I feel there are a great many foolish doctrines, I do not see those who follow them as fools. I see them merely as folks on the wrong path.
I am not a cradle to grave teacher. My job is to merely to direct folks to the gate, which leads to the path, and from there, the Holy Spirit will guide them.

Salvation By Our Works
Kathryn, did you know Charles Spurgeon, he left the Baptist Church some years before his death? My hope is, as with you, it was because he discovered the Truth. Its interesting though, how Spurgeon renounced the doctrine and yet the Baptist church, still parades around his G-R-E-A-T name.

I absolutely believe in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I just dont believe Jimmy Swaggart teaches it for the same reason as Paul. What does the preaching of the cross mean to you? Is it the same way Jimmy Swaggart teaches it, or do you believe it to mean something else?

BTW, I feel bad for Jimmy. He seeks the Truth, but he relies to much on himself for understanding.

Salvation By Our Works
If we are new creatures in Christ, I hope it will be displayed in our character.---JS1234

If you want to discuss a subject with Kathryn, a subject for which you might disagree, prepare yourself for her name calling. Its just her way, a way we have all gotten use to.

Jimmy Swaggart and his disciples are the only ones I have ever heard, teach the Christ Crucified doctrine. And, like you, they believe Paul brought forth the True doctrine of Salvation, a few years after Jesus ascended into Heaven, a doctrine which seemingly nullified the Gospel of Christ.

Salvation By Our Works
Your refusal to answer the question, only confirmed what I said. You are a follower of Jimmy Swaggart ministries.

Salvation By Our Works
And you seem to forget I've posted here for nearly 16 years and those who know me KNOW I don't follow Jimmy Swaggart.---kathr4453

So you rebuke Jimmy Swaggarts salvation message?

Salvation By Our Works
I just find it unbelievable, how you, who make the teachings of Jimmy Swaggart your foundation, think people who use the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as their foundation, are the ones who are in a cult.

Salvation By Our Works
By definition, I guess you are right about people who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, being in a cult. But isnt that the point of Christianity, making Jesus the leader of your cult?

CULT- a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.

Salvation By Our Works

As you can see...Both our statements are ridiculous.

Salvation By Our Works
David, after watching THE FAMILY on Netflix, I'm a little cautious of anyone who says they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. So do they, and they are a cult.---kathr4453

I am a little cautious of anyone who watches Netflix. Stephen Paddock, the guy who killed 59 people in Las Vegas, watched Netflix too, and he was a Killer.

Salvation By Our Works
Soul sleep?...again a new one one me. Never had a discussion with anyone on this. I think you, understandably, get me confused with the other David.

Kathryn, I dont promote any religion. I simply follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and would recommend you to do the same. There are a few things about your religion I agree with too. You say Jesus Christ is the Son of God, with this I agree, but that doesnt make me a follower of Jimmy Swaggart does it?

Salvation By Our Works
More lies?
I have told you on multiple occasions I am not a Mormon, and yet, you still wave your finger in that direction. Mariology....? Had to look that one up. LOL

You say you love the Lord, and yet you tell soooo....many lies. Jesus said those who love him keep his commandments. Do your lies in some way show your love for the Lord? If so, Where in the Bible does Jesus command us to lie?

Salvation By Our Works
But I've noticed that truth matters little to kathr.---Cluny

This is the way of many Protestant followers. As you well know, they believe they are exempt from the morals,.... which even the Atheist keeps.

How can someone lie, when they are not under Gods Law? Sin is the transgression of Gods Law, and a lie, is the name of a transgression. As Paul taught, without Law there can be no transgression.

I live in the south...Bible Belt, moved here from California. And when I got here, I noticed I had to be on guard when I did business with a Protestants, because their doctrine allows them to cheat you.

Fortunately these establishments are usually marked with religious fish symbol.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
They are Gods witnesses, so could they be acting on their own accord? So if hate was the motivation behind their actions, it was Gods hatred.
Does God hate man...or does God hate sin in man? His hate comes from his judgment of sin, sin in sinful man.

Our hate for others comes for the very same reason. Only we judge from the position of sinful man, God judges from a position of Holy God.
We judge, because we see the sin in others, better than we can see the sin in ourselves.

Do We Have Free Will
Kathr, but it seems as if the only one walking in the spirit of nastiness and evil is YOU!---Monk_Brendan

I agree

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