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Sister Or By First Name
Cluny, you are so funny.

You complained when we go off topic.

Now you are asking us to stop discussing the original topic.

Maybe, you just say what is real on your mind.

'Nicole and Kathr, Knock it off!'

Carmen might like that better than stopping her blog completely.

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
Kathr: God KNEW there were not any but Lot, his wife and 4 , (not 1) escaped, except Lots wife looked back.//

I mistakenly said 1 man, but actually there were 3 men as I wrote in my last post.

So, actually 6 people could have been saved.

The son-in-laws. Remember, the Angels asked Lots if anyone else belonged to his family.

Genesis 19:12-13

//For someone to say without any FACTS that if Abraham had said (one person) that God would have not destroyed S & G and surrounding cities//


God changes His mind all the time.

Jonah 3:10 When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, He RELENTED and did not bring on them the destruction He had threatened.

Sister Or By First Name
Is everything RICH to Nicole's? Seems like it! A big eye roll here!//

Well you seems to like the word as well.

//***I hope that is RICH enough for you. I can add more RICHNESS if you'd like...just say the word.

So your being disingenuous here is more than rich.
---kathr4453 on 10/13/19

***So RICH, as in totally laughable...---kathr4453 on 10/14/19

//Neither do you know as much as anyone else here...and you need to be quiet since yours is also speculation.//

I am not budding into the Pastor's marriage like you.

How To Get Saved
David I agree. But many believe the 'Sinner's Prayer' is what everyone needs to say to be Saved. Plus, believe once saved always saved.

Then if that person does a horrible crime after reciting that prayer that claim he really didn't mean the prayer when he said the prayer.

Which makes people wonder if that prayer really saves them.

Only Baptism gives Saves a person as the Scriptures states over and over.

Starting with Jesus Mark 16:16 and the Apostles continues preaching Baptism.
Matthew 28:19-20 Acts 2:37-38/ 8:36-39/ 9:18

The 'Sinner's Prayer' is not in the Bible.

Baptism and the Holy Communion are NOT symbolic.

Jesus only connected these two with 'Eternal life' Mark 16:16 and John 6:54

Hello Other Christians
It might be easier to speak about others.

Kathr is a devout Christian who will go toe to toe with anyone if she feels they are speaking wrong about Jesus.

StrongAxe and Cluny, uses logic to debate. They also doesn't mind defending other Faith if they feels someone is wrongly attacking them or distorting facts.

David, just wants people to defend their beliefs in a logical matter. He doesn't mind calling you out (gently) if it seems you are contradicting yourself.

Jerry loves this country as much as me.

John is a 'Sola Scriptura" King.

Steveng makes interesting topics. Plus, he hates Pastors on TV that begs for money from poor people and lives a lavish lifestyles

These are my opinions

Sister Or By First Name
Kathr: Nicole unless you know for a fact the wife asked her husband to speak for her than I suggest you need to stop taking yourself.//


Rich again.

***For the pastor to make this request, have to ask, did the request come from his wife in the first place, and why isn't she personally asking others to address her as sister,---kathr4453 10/6/19

Again, how do you know she didn't?

You don't.

Maybe that's why the Pastor HAD TO make the request from pulpit.

//You are just as guilty of speculation as anyone here. Take your own advise please.
---kathr4453 on 10/12/19

You first. Plus, I never speculated the request. You did.

You are the one who questioned the request, not me.

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
Kathr, the comparison are that God planned to destroy the cites but changed His Mind.

If Abraham continued going down to one person he would have saved the cities. Even though he didn't, God saved the only one man anyway.

Remember Genesis 18:23 Then Abraham approached him and said: Will you SWEEP away the righteous with the wicked?

Because of Abraham, God didn't sweep the righteous with the wicked.

Lot and his family wasn't killed with the wicked.

Nineveh inhabitants became righteous at the last moment after been warned.

The men were also warned by Lot but refused to listen. Genesis 19:6-9.

Don't forget V 12 and esp. V 14. The son-in-laws DIDN'T believe Lot.


How To Get Saved
David, 2 Timothy 2:8-13 speaks about the elect (Christians) needing to work out their Salvation until the end.

Just having 'Faith' isn't enough.

Knowing that Jesus Rose from the dead on the 3 day is even knew to the demons.

Having faith in God that we as well will rise if we are OBEDIENCE as Jesus. But, we have to ACT according to that faith as Jesus.

Jesus denied Himself for our sake. So we must deny ourselves for our brothers and sisters' sake in following Jesus' Footsteps. Matthew 25:34-40

But, if we act like the demons in V 41-46, in REFUSING to Serve God we get the same eternal punishment.

Goats will follow the demons for behaving in the same matter.

JAMES 2:14-19

Believers Use Contraception

They are trying to act like God.

Only God give life.

Freezing Embryos is horrible.




No one would want another person to suspend our lives until they are READY to allow us to continue our life.

God doesn't even behave that way.

Just because we are capable of doing so, it doesn't give us the permission from God.

We are also capable of killing someone.


Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
StrongAxe: My point was that God had ALREADY DECIDED to destroy Sodom,//

Got it and you are wrong. If there were 10 righteous people you would accuse God of NOT keeping His Word.

Suggesting that God couldn't or can't change His Mind.

It isn't any different with Nineveh.

Jonah 1:1 and 3:4-5.

God said He was going to destroy the people because of their wickedness.

One group repented not the other.

Destruction is dependent on the people.

//Thus, the attempt to rape the angels had NOTHING to do with why he wanted to destroy the city.//

Who said that?

The Angels were sent to save Lot and his family not to test the people. Thus showing us the people had no intention of repenting.

Sister Or By First Name
Kathr: husbands don't own wives....or control what their name should be or whether they should be called by their name or not. Not even in Church. Remember Sarah told Abraham to throw Hagar and her son out...and he did what she asked.//

Soooooo, wives own their husband?

The example you gave suggest Sarah owns Abraham because he did want Sarah told him to do.

So, I guess the wife TOLD her Pastor husband to tell the people to call her 'sister'.

He did the same as Abraham.

If you think the wife didn't tell him please show paperwork evidence that she didn't and it was the Pastor who came up with the idea.

If not, please don't judge the Pastor of controlling his wife. Matthew 7:1

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
Kathr, just read your past comments to everyone.

Cluny, I think I understand. Because women and children are not counted. I am right?

StrongAxe, ever heard of 'You can't go outside the 4 corners of a contract'?

God told Abraham He was going to destroy the cities because of their wickedness. (Which He didn't have to tell Abraham in the first place).

Abraham, convince God to forget the wick/evil people, but focus on the 10 Righteous people.

God agreed. Since there wasn't 10 men. He decided to save the only 1 man before destroying the cities.

Which made Abraham successful in many ways.

Which btw that wasn't the agreement.

That's why God is Kind and Merciful.

How To Get Saved
Cluny: I have been told that Calvinism speaks of God's "prevenient [going beforehand] grace."
Are you not talking about the same thing?//

I don't know. I never heard of that doctrine.

Unless this is it:

Because if I am not mistaken, Calvinism believes before some are born you are doom. Only a few are selected to go to Heaven because of God's graces given to them.

If I am correct about their beliefs (If wrong I am sorry. Please someone correct me. Someone who is a Calvinist).

Catholics believes God's Grace is giving to everyone.

That Grace of knowing Him and the opportunity to turn to Him.

No one can find, search or love Him without the Grace of God revealing Himself to us. Romans 3:11

Sister Or By First Name
Kathr:...and singling out my friend and calling her sister and not the others is rude, and exercises excluding others.//

That's rich of you.

Yet, when someone tells you to use a certain name and you refuse isn't rude?

Some women are non confrontation. So, they ask their husbands to speak for them. The same for husbands

It's their marriage and yours.

Stop worrying why the Pastor's wife not telling the congregational herself

I know many people who are called by a nasty nickname and had to be told to stop by a stronger person.

It wouldn't address as sister even if she asked you.

Remember I have asked you to stop calling my Church 'Roman'.

Have you? No.

Now, isn't that rude?.

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
Kathr: I guess that time off didn't do anything for you did it Nicole?//

How do you know that? Are you God?

I suggest you take time off.

Matthew 12:36

StrongAxe: let me break it down for you...Abraham tries to bargain him down, but fails.//

What make you think that? Abraham was successful.

He got God to spare the wicked people for the sake of 10 righteous people.

//Note that this point, God had ALREADY DECIDED to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.//

Are you suggesting God planned to go back on His Word?

You need to read Genesis 18 and 19 again.

The deal was 10 righteous people not 4.

6 short of 10.

//Genesis 18:20 occurred BEFORE 19:4.//

So does Genesis 18:32

Sister Or By First Name
Cluny, thanks for the info. I didn't know. I just picked out a name as an example. My scieno still applies.

StrongAxe, you would assume wrong.

Most Protestant usage of that title is only due to Jesus being our Brother since we are His Father's adopted Children.

Thus making us brothers and sisters to each other.

Even in the my religious congregation which made us more family members to each other (spending feast days together rather than with our biological family.

Also our Living Will supersedes any biological family's rights to funeral arrangements)

Yet, we NEVER dropped the title 'Sister' when addressing each other. But our biological family did drop that title.

How To Get Saved
John, I am curious and not trying to be smart.

But your 3 prong requirements are they numbered as one must come before another to happen?

Or are you just saying that all 3 must be present to be Saved? Order doesn't matter.

I ask because the Amazing Grace song seems to imply acknowledgement comes before God's Grace is poured out upon us.

Catholics believe God's Grace must be present FIRST before we can accept or reject God's Salvation.

Aaron The High Priest
JS1234: I am still trying to find out where Sola Scriptura is taught in the Bible.//

Stop looking. It isn't in the Bible.

Sola Scriptura was made up to justify leaving the Church to start another Church. Then their members leave the 2nd Church and start their own Church. Then so on and so on.

Deep down the problem is OBEDIENCE.

Luke 10:16
Whoever listens to you listens to Me, whoever rejects you rejects Me, and whoever rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me.

So Sola Scriptura moves the middle man Jesus placed between Him and us.

Sister Or By First Name
They should follow their Pastor's request. Not just because he is the Pastor, but because she is his wife.

But I guess it because I understand him since people keep calling my religion by another name even after asked them not to say that name.

Anywho, 'sister' is a title to show respect in a general sense. As are 'Mr, Ms, Mrs, Doctor, Senator, President, Justice' and the like.

And it doesn't imply they are better than you.

Calling someone by his or her first name denote a special familiarity.

I am sure Justice Ginsburg isn't called 'Justice' by her husband, family or friends.

But maybe called Justice at her Synagogue

Besides, if someone doesn't wish to follow his Pastor, why stay in that Church?

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