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Husband Under His Mother
exzucuh-I am not trying to manipulate my husband. I just do not enjoy feeling like I married his mother and that she is the leader of my family. Your comment was hurtful and rude.

Husband Under His Mother
Trina- and all, I really have enjoyed reading all the different responses. I am in a very touchy situation with my mother in law so you can see why I posted the question. I have talked to my husband about it several times and he is in agreement that his mother is "too involved" in our marriage. I am still praying that God would provide a divine revelation to my husband to see his role in our family. By the way, I have tried every single thing that everyone has suggested!

Husband Under His Mother
I have spoken to my husband about this issue...again. I am also praying every day that God would reveal to him, his place in our family. So far, not much has changed but I always pray the answer and have faith that God's will is powerful. Thank you all so much, all of your advice is helpful.

Husband Under His Mother
Husband told his mom that there have to be some boundries (she's a little over bearing). This has never happened before. She started to cry and said she might as well just die because no one loves her anymore...He apologized and life goes on.

Husband Under His Mother
Crystal-I do fear that I will become a doormat because, my husband has three brothers and all of their wives have submitted to my mother in law. To me, they look like doormats and their husbands do not stand up for them.

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
I think that at age 15, it is humiliating to be spanked. There are more appropriate ways to dicipline a child that age. If you are questioning it, maybe you should look deeper and have a discussion with your husband and daughter about what might be more effective.

Right To Favor One Child
Speaking as a mom of two boys...NO WAY! Fathers and sons have the kind of relationship that can impact a child in amazing ways, both good and bad. If I were you, I would address this issue before the "unfavored" son suffers irreversible emotional stress.

Sin To Redo A Tattoo
Donna-you are generalizing and making a pretty offensive statement that tattoos are associated with undesireable people. I am a Christian and have a tattoo that I am very proud of. No one has ever questioned the sincerity of my heart because of the ink on my skin.

Husband Under His Mother
It is difficult to avoid developing bitterness in the heart. Although I do believe that I should honor and respect my husband no matter what, I also feel like I am compromising to keep the peace.

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