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Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
Mimi, there is no where in the Bible to influence that a Pastor's wife is a Co-Pastor. Please read my statement again, my role is a co-pastor. Every wife is not a "co-pastor." Neither does every church have a co-pastor, assistant pastor, associate pastor, etc. Each church is unique in its organizational structure. That is what I love about God, HE created each person as a "designer's original." He also allows uniqueness in the local assemblies. But it's only one Spirit, yet many members. The "controlling wife" may play a role that fits her husband, but not necessarily fits some members. If a member doesn't like what the head shepherd has permitted... then he/she should speak with the pastor in Christian love.

Am I Truly Saved
Pray, Pray, Pray. Then when you finish, pray some more. Keep praying, which is the best way to draw nigh to the Lord. Seek him with your true heart and in sincerity. Seek him in truth and ask for forgiveness. Confess your shortcomings to him as often as you need. Keep asking him for help. Pray and read the word of God as often as you can each day. Pray and ask God to fill you with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost like on the day of Pentecost. Pray and ask God for wisdom. Pray, Pray, Pray. Then when you finish... pray some more. Be blessed!

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
As a pastor's wife and also the co-pastor of our church, my Godly assignment is to assist my husband and "take the helm" or "fly the plane" when he needs assistance or has to be absent for any reason (sabbatical, another Christian engagement, a secular appointment, etc.) But each pastor's wife's role is different. Your pastor may not be a true "people person," and he may believe that it is his wife's calling to deal with the people and his calling to simply preach the gospel??? Lastly, all things should be handled with the LOVE of Christ.

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