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Failed System Of Socialism
I wonder what the old time Coal Mining towns feel about being WORKING CLASS FOLKS owned by the mining companies as far as housing, pay etc. Abject poverty and no health care. They weren't even allowed to own their homes. Many paid in company money not US DOLLARS, that kept these folks as a slave force to big industry. Yep, a perversion of Capitalism.

Fire At The Notre Dame
Have no idea how to update such an old church. I'm sure many of its lighting wiring etc were just not up to current codes, and while they were poking around with their updates, it caught fire.

Suggesting the idea of blaming it on the Muslims is something Sarah Sanders and her crowd would do......LIE AND EMBELISH without any facts. It's called the Trickle down starts with the father of Lies, to our current Liar and Chief, to his minions to now those who feel this is the new and correct way of dealing with issues. Just make something up, pass it off as fact...and WALLA....THE NEW RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVES. If you can't blame Hillary, Obama or the democrats, blame the Muslims, Jews or Blacks.

Preachers Practicing Priestcraft
Dr. Johnson, I have NEVER heard the term 'priestcraft' before.

I believe you made that word up just to swipe at Catholics.////

This is what you said Nicole...Catholics...RCC, doesn't matter. dr Johnson was not taking a swipe at YOUR Catholic Church.

You have an overactive imagination, falsely accusing others based on your own false paranoia.

Is this the NEW RIGHT WING way of debate. Seems like it.

Fire At The Notre Dame
Why are the leftist media so reticent to consider that the logical culprits are Muslims? They are attacking Christians worldwide and none seem to notice.

---jerry6593 on 4/23/19

Well another logical idea would be the RCC is low on funds from paying out for sexual abuse and couldn't afford to update the church....

But what may be logical to one is not logical to another. PRAISE GOD no one is charged with a crime because it fits into Jerry's LOGIC. Is this a new RIGHT WING way of Justice ?

Fire At The Notre Dame
I can't believe Jerry made such a crude remark over a typo. Just more hate mongering from the far right. That's what they do when they have such a faulty basis for their rhetoric ....

Fire At The Notre Dame
Jerry, Christians do not make false accusations, but obey Jesus THAT one needs 2-3 witnesses. So before making any stupid remarks again, show those witnesses, or just shut your mouth.

Stop Arresting Criminals
We do see Abraham only believed in one God...obeyed God's voice. Just as Noah in his time did not follow pagan worship...certainly there were laws from Adam after the fall to Moses. But these were laws of FAITH, believing in the one and only true God. Enoch walked with God. And their faith in the ONLY TRUE GOD where they all practiced sacrifice as a testimony of their faith is a law as well. They, because of having a relationship with the Lord OBEYED HIS VOICE and no other.

Stop Arresting Criminals

You tell us Nicole, Is there a difference? These verses say it plain and clear. We are not saved by our works, but by Grace, which after we are saved WALK IN THE WORKS GOD HAS BEFORE ORDAINED WE SHOULD WALK IN. And as confused as David is, THESE works are not the works of the LAW that I will be judged by.

Ephesians 2:8-10

8 For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Fire At The Notre Dame
Nicole I believe it's you who needs to take the advice to keep your mouth shut. you're all over the place like using the Democrats and Hillary and Obama this and that and everything else blah blah blah blah blah that has nothing to do with what happened over in France.

All of your post recently sound like you've jumped the rails.

Preachers Practicing Priestcraft
Nicole you sound like you're off your medication again. You're not making any sense at all with your post. You're just rambling on making horrible accusations out of the blue out of out of nowhere jumping on people.

The only book I recommend is the Bible and I don't recommend books so I don't know what the heck you're talking about. Also I am stating that the Catholic Church the RCC whatever they're not the oly ones that have priests. The priesthood started in the old testament got corrupted. No one said anything about women priests. I mean that was the most bizarre thing of your whole post. Totally off the chain

Baptism Gone Wrong
Thank you for that Nicole. What I had posted right from the beginning. I also said they need to be reported.

Suffer In Hell Forever
Absolutely Steveng, FOREVER. And remember there is no redemption for Angels....or Satan who is an angel.

Fire At The Notre Dame
Jerry, it's not the job of the media to speculate on pointing fingers. Unfortunately FOX will throw,out all sorts of what if' and maybe's just to create a atmosphere of hate.

Shame on you, as a Chriatian.

Stop Arresting Criminals
What is not of faith is sin...or didn't you read that verse David.

If the Law of MOSES pointed to SIN, and you claim we are not under the law of MOSES, but another law.....what law then is judging my sin?

I'm a NEW CREATURE in Christ...what are you David? No one in the OT was a NEW CREATURE in the RISEN CHRIST.

You talk in circles David. Romans 5 CLEARLY say between Adam and Moses THERE WAS NO LAW....HOWEVER DEATH STILL REIGNED.

Fire At The Notre Dame
It's dangerous to accuse anyone without proof. Conspiracy theories can be dangerous. We have the LIES about Sandy Hook, that just came to light that Alex Jones lied...only after being sued.

Might Have Autism
John, your verse is about paying taxes. No one is arguing that. But just as the time when Paul wrote as well to obey those in Government, neither were living in a Theocracy.

Did Paul instruct Timothy to run for Government so changes could be made OR not to get involved in The affairs of this life so that he could serve the Lord. If he had, would he not be serving two masters?

Jesus is the WAY! TRUTH AND LIFE, and should be OUR WORLD VIEW.

Please DO vote in 2020....and vote out this person who is destroying our constitution, who have blinded the eyes of many who profess to be Christians that will end in their SHAME. AND that shame has clauses the unsaved to accuse Christians, NOT GLORIFY GOD.

Preachers Practicing Priestcraft
Oh my gosh Nicole...everything is not about you or Catholics. And NO Dr Johnson was not making a swipe about the RCC.

But isn't this what all these crooks are about...from WOF to whatever. This Nicole goes all the way back to the Priest selling sacrifices...and Jesus coming in And taking a whip to them all.

Paul calls it filthy lucre. 1 Timothy 3:3.

Who needs these books when all we need is the Greatest Book ..SCRIPTURE.

Fire At The Notre Dame
In 1992 Windsor Castle had a horrible these OLD OLD buildings probably are not up to standards, but have many things grandfathered in.

I find it interesting that they just took a scan of the whole of ND, and say that because of that it can be rebuilt EXACTLY like it was. I hate to say it, but maybe there were things that was going to cost so much, as many renovations don't reveal until after you start banging around...that it was set intentionally for insurance or donations....seeing it was a landmark... 1 billion in donations is pretty impressive.

So Nicole, you may be right...foul play could be the they will investigate ALL angles of foul play..if it was.

Might Have Autism
John, you still didn't answer how Christians stopped Hitler or Stalin.

But my point is, you have your own WORLD VIEW, that opposes those who don't believe Christians should replace the flag for the cross, or at least co-mingle the two. Colossians 3:1-4 also show we are dead to the Paul,AGAIN SAYS, we are crucified to the world and the world to us.

I know Calvinism has taken these verses and given their own definition, because Calvinism itself has shown in the past how it wants dominion over the world....cities, states countries....and how it has failed miserably.

You can excuse and give definition all you want...but YOUR WORLD VIEW is not scriptural either.

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