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How God Saves People
You have the gist of it.
A Doctrine does not bring folks their salvation, but it does, bring them to God. This is when a personal relationship with God, as our Father, is meant to begin. Without the body and shed blood of Jesus Christ, this relationship would be impossible.

Good works...those commands given to us through Gods Holy Spirit, are the very foundation of this relationship, (John 14:21). This relationship is meant to change our hearts. Good works are acts of Love towards God and towards others. Good works heal the heart.

All sin is sin against God. In those who love God, there should be a tremendous guilt before God. The greater your love for God, the greater that guilt will be. No guilt...No love.

How God Saves People
As you know, I dont believe in Catholic or Protestant teachings, but I do see the Love of God in some of those who attend those churches. I have also seen God bless their lives. Why would God do this, if they were following a false doctrine?

It is because they unknowingly,...are not following these doctrines, in actuality they are following Gods Holy Spirit. Why do I say this?

Both Catholic and Protestant doctrines teach their partitioners, We are not Under Gods Law. But if a person is keeping Gods Law, therefore putting themselves under Gods Laws, are they following the doctrines which teach, We are not under Gods Law?(Romans 2:12-15)

Mark Of The Beast Survival
Just like the Rainbow...God has given every one of you a sign. A sign which clearly tells you, if you....have been saved. Fear of the tribulation is in reality,...a fear of Death. Those born of God welcome this event.

We foolishly argue our doctrines, but these words are not a sign from God.
Fear of Death is a sign, just one of the signs we are given, a sign as clear as the rainbow was to Noah.

Do you fear death? Before it is too late, I highly recommend you do not ignore this sign. Get on your knees and ask God to show you the way....and only Follow the path God puts before you.

Buildings On Mount Sinai
The abomination that causes desolation, is when the anti-Christ is declared the Son of the Children of Abraham. They rejected Jesus, as their Christ, so they are still waiting to crown their king. And they will crown the Anti-Christ.

I was taught this by the Holy Spirit. So it comes from a good source.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
David, Kathr and Melody had huge debate on one blog for several days. Then Melody threaten have her kicked off CN.---Nicole_Lacey

Read, The Penalty for Sin is Death Question, on 1/28/19. Notice what happens after I expose her sham to Cluny on the 28th. Before the 28th, have you ever seen them argue as Kathryn claims in her rebuttal?

The argument was meant as cover, after I exposed her. In the argument that ensued, they appear to become bitter enemies, exactly as Kathryn portrayed her relationship with Melody on the 28th.

Now if the argument you speak of happened before this, I am wrong. Did it happen before the 28th?

Penalty For Sin Is Death
How do you "know" Melody and kathr are the same person?--StrongAxe

Its a combination of things in her writing style, things no one else does. They use the same phrases from time to time. They both multi-post. They dont engage each other on any blog question, at least not until after I called her on it. They both like to capitalize multiple words. When one drops in on a blog question, the other seems to drops a tag team.

Too much to list. You really need to look back at all the questions they have engaged in. Notice they never engage each other before 1/28/19. You only see them argue after that time.

Grace Through Faith
David, So you want us to believe today everyone should experience getting thrown off a horse, on the way to Damascus or wherever, hearing Gods voice saying..."WHY ARE YOU PERSECUTING ME"?---kathr4453

We all try our best to use analogies to help you understand. If you have a learning disability that inhibits you from understanding, you need to let us know.

Grace Through Faith
Personally I think you have mental issues. I don't know what happened to you...possibly a psychotic break from reality, who knows, but you simply do not have the gift of teaching.---kathr4453

What happened to me? You discovered I am right, and you are wrong. Only you are too proud to admit it. Your name calling only empathizes this fact. Its what people do, who dont have the evidence to prove their point.

I hope you can set your hate for me aside, and then do what Jesus taught, and then you may learn the truth.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Please! I for one have found it difficult to read these blogs as all you do is rebuke and rebuke, without showing book chapter and verse when you are busy rebuking.

The argument between Melody and Kathryn all started when I discovered they were one and the same person, and called her on it. Instead of admitting to it, she is pretending to have an argument with Melody to cover her tracks. Personally I think she is doing a good job just keeping up the charade.

I tell you this because I dont want you to worry about them. I admit, it would be a horrid argument, if they were not the same person.

Grace Through Faith
So please stop the games, and answer the question. ---kathr4453

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundational teaching of salvation. Just like arithmetic is the foundational teaching for mathematics. You dont find calculus being taught in a first or second grade class on arithmetic, you?

If we do what Jesus tells us to do in his Gospel, then you will be able to understand Pauls testimony. Our experience of salvation is like Pauls experience. The Lords disciples had a different experience. This is why they didnt teach what Paul taught.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
You are not fooling anyone, you and Melody are the same person. If youre going to continue this charade, everyone should realize they are talking to you.

Grace Through Faith
I will withhold further comment until you get ahold of yourself. You are doing a commendable job playing both roles, only you forgot to have Melody address me about my accusation.

If you are not one and the same, why didnt Melody deny it too? Oh what a tangled web you weave.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Its too obvious to deny. I thought it was very clever. Got a chuckle out of me.

Grace Through Faith
David, what does unmerited Grace means? ---kathr4453

Grace is being in Gods favor.
Unmerited means you dont have to do anything to be in Gods favor.

David what part of the Grace Paul taught do you have issues with?---kathr4453

I have no issues with anything Paul taught.

I believe GRACE or the GRACE that brings salvation is ones' belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. ---kathr4453

See I was right, we define Grace differently. So lets concentrate on that, since your definition of Grace is the foundation of what you believe.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Notice the multiple replies from Melody and all the whole words she capitalizes. Who else does that but Kathryn? They even use the same phrases. FYI, Kathryn and Melody are the same person.

Grace Through Faith

David, it's been obvious for sometime you do not believe in the GRACE Paul teaches in Ephesians 2, and are very angry at those who do.---kathr4453

But you dont teach the Grace Paul taught. If you did, I wouldnt be trying to correct you. As far as anger, anyone can see by our comments who is angry.

And if you cant answer the question I asked you yesterday, about (John 17), just admit it. Then there would be no need for you Create a diversion, with your slanderous accusations.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
I have a special place in my heart for all Christians. I have a special hate for false doctrines, those which keep those Christians from Gods promises. I dont even blame the teachers of these doctrines, for they believe in their Truth.

There is only one Truth, and one way, and yet we have many doctrines from which to choose. The odds are against us, choosing the right one. If you truly love God, and you are on the wrong path, he will draw you towards the right path.

I oppose Catholic and Protestant teachings, not Catholic and Protestant believers. There are some folks here on CN who love the Lord, and some who love their doctrine. Though I teach against them, there are those who are open minded. Who opened their minds?

Grace Through Faith
David, I asked only those saved By Grace through faith respond.--kathr4453

I was saved by the Grace, but it was the Grace defined by Jesus Christ. If you only wanted those who believe they are saved by your Grace, you need to express that.

Grace Through Faith
It's all there in John 17....---kathr4453

I admit ignorance, when it comes to understanding your doctrine. Since its all there, Can you point out in (John 17), the verses where Jesus taught Gods Grace is unmerited? Can you show us the verses where Jesus ended Gods Law?

Is there any way you can get one of your church pastors to come on here? If I make their teachings look foolish in front of you, that could make you turn away from their foolishness, and return to the foundation of Truth Paul and I use,...The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Thanks again for your affirmation. It means a great deal to me.

I once had a very dear friend, who was a southern Baptist and loved the Lord, who died of Breast Cancer. I visited her twice before she died. In my first visit she was terrified of dying. In my second, she was full of joy and couldnt wait to be with the Lord.

Though she followed a false doctrine, the change I saw, made it very clear to me, she had been born again. In this knowledge, the Lord reminded me, he knows who loves him. And this is why we are chosen.

Nicole, I can clearly see the love of God is in you too.

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