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Christian MeToo Backlash
JOSEPH. Can you clarify yourself. You rightly argue that onus of proof is on accuser, but you seem to suggest you don't care when whites suffer injustice from false allegations. Is that correct?

SAMUEL. Communists dominate academia, DEMs, media, Hollywood, etc, as revealed by Russian KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov, and also by academic David Horowitz (a former Communist activist), and also 1958 FBI book titled "The Naked Communist" which lists Communists goals to take over such institutions listed above.

Considering DEMs genocide of unborn, and also their divisive racism, sexism, hate for Christianity, marriage, family, it's hard to imagine any "Christians" could vote for DEMs.

Christian MeToo Backlash
AXE. I've said before, the political spectrum shifted so far left over past decades that what you describe as left of center is actually FAR LEFT by standards of several decades ago.

Former Communists like academic David Horowitz and Russian KGB defector Yuri Bezmanov warned of far Left's infiltration and dominance over megaphones of society to brainwash the naive. The 1958 book "The Naked Communist" (by FBI agent) exposing Marxists goals to takeover these megaphones of society confirm this.

You're good example of Marxist Left's success at using these institutions to brainwash the likes of you.

The far Left became even more extreme over recent years hence why we now see Conservatives fighting back.

Christian MeToo Backlash
AXE. Your lies wont work. But hey...let me try your tactic on you.
You accuse EVERYONE on the Right of being with KKK, Nazis, refusing help to needy, etc.
Stop lying, AXE.

As for SAMUEL, he argued that proof of innocence is required, (instead of innocent until proven guilty).
This results in a Potiphar's wife injustice against men, which is what the white man hating Left push for.

A psychologist in Aust (Bettina Arndt) is being attacked by far Left because she started #MenToo to expose the Leftist lies against men.

She exposed Left's lies about supposed rape culture on campus, and she opposes the Marxist universities efforts to adopt the same unjust campus rape judicial system as in American unis.

Christian MeToo Backlash
AXE. This is especially rich coming from you, as you constantly accuse everyone on the Right with every kind of evil, based on the lies your Leftist masters told you.

As for my allegations against Leftists, they're based on facts. The Left are politics of totalitarianism, genocide (historically, and today also against the unborn), KKK, Nazism, Stalinism, deviancy, etc.

The false allegation from Potiphar's wife did, in fact, happen, and is relevant today considering the false allegations from Leftists and their #MeToo hypocrites who demand that accusatory women must be believed even though they have as much evidence as Potiphar's wife did.

BTW, Communism is INTERNATIONAL Socialism, whereas Nazism was NATIONAL Socialism.

Christian MeToo Backlash
SAMUEL. Why do you support evil and hate so often?

Typically the rule is innocent until proven guilty, but you suggest guilty until proven innocent (much like we saw from deceitful Leftists attacking Kavanaugh merely for their own political gain).

No doubt you would have sided with Potiphar's wife who falsely alleged sexual assault from Joseph.

You remain conveniently silent over atrocities whenever your evil Leftist puppet masters do so, and you virtue signal over any issue that deceitful Leftists (like the #MeToo hypocrites) feign offence over.

SAMUEL, stop letting your "itching ears" (2Tim 4:,3,4) for the Left's propaganda lies continue to lead you on the path to hate and evil.

Do Democrats Steal Elections
AXE. As you always bear false witness (typical of Leftists) then don't be a Pharisee accusing others of transgressing OT law.

To expose your lie I refer to my previous post where I state Islam is the terrorist threat, and that the great majority of moderate Muslims will not oppose the respected Islamic authorities preaching terrorism.

But I'm still waiting for Leftists to answer for their support for supremacist Islam with it's terrorism, rape, racism, misogyny, pedophilia, etc that it has brought to what used to be relatively safe western nations.

BTW, there is no Christian terrorism, as such contradicts Christ's command to love others.
Also Tim McVeigh was AGNOSTIC.
Your lies must stop.

Do Democrats Steal Elections
SAMUEL. I have debated many Muslims (moderates & fundamentalists), and found that anti-Christ Islam is clearly a terrorist threat that cannot be reformed.

Moderate Muslims might SEEM peaceful, but the great majority will not oppose, nor criticize the respected Islamic authorities who teach Islams religiously mandated terrorism.

The too few Muslims who do dare to speak out (e.g Tarek Fatah in Canada & Imam Tawhidi in Australia) against Islams Sharia law type terrorism, are always ridiculed and threatened by fellow Muslims, and also Leftists.

BTW, as youre a Leftist, why are you content with supremacist, racist Muslims bringing their terrorism, rape, pedophilia, etc to what once was relatively safe Western nations?

Is Socialism Wrong
Socialisms record of genocide, poverty, starvation, crime, dysfunction, lies, etc, in addition to its hate for God, family, marriage, all proves that its unChristian.

SAMUEL. You refer to Matt 25 and James 2 about helping others, yet your spiritual ears and eyes are closed (Matt 13:13-15) hence you dont even understand these scriptures.

SAMUEL, your itching ears (2Tim 4:3,4) will only lead you to stray from truth.

Is Socialism Wrong
Socialism is unChristian. Consider Venezuela, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc

Sweden is not Socialist.
It's glory days were BEFORE 1960s, when they had a free economy, low regulation, which encouraged entrepreneurs to generate wealth for Sweden.
But in 1960s, Sweden redistributed wealth, which halted wealth creation. By 1990's wealthy entrepreneurs started leaving.
In 1994, Sweden implemented measures to reverse this trend, such as reducing regulation & spending, reformed Welfare programs, shrank Government (all anti-Socialist measures).
Result = modest growth.

Sweden tries to price healthcare at near zero, resulting in rationed healthcare, long waiting lines, so people go to other nations for urgent treatment.

Do Democrats Steal Elections
I'm not surprised to hear these examples from Jerry and Nicole of how DEMs try to steal elections.

I hear of similar stories from other nations too.

In India if you don't vote early in the morning then you'll miss out as someone else will vote on your behalf and you'll be denied your vote.
One of my students told me how she has no doubts that even though she has not lived in Zimbabwe for over 15 years she knows from it's culture that her vote has been used to vote for the corrupt Robert Mugabe.
These are good examples why voter id is needed.

In Australia also cases have been exposed in the past, prior to voter id, where Leftists voted on behalf of the recently deceased, or voted at multiple voting stations.

Abortion Point Of Views
AXE. You bear false witness against your neighbor constantly as you always parrot the hate mongering Left's propaganda lies, such as trying to link the Left's racism, authoritarianism, heartlessness etc from their KKK, NAZI, Fascist roots, onto Conservative Right instead.

Sadly, truth is meaningless to you as your priority is only to defend your genocidal political masters, even to the point of claiming that abortion is somehow not murder.

We see that you've adopted the Marxist Left's PC so much that you even teach a heresy that Matt 25 somehow indicates that JC is not needed for salvation because those who are anti-Christ can be saved by doing some minimum standard of good physical deeds to the physically needy.

USA Foreign Invasion
Trump is doing the right thing for USA.

The racist Left are only doing whatever it takes to further their own power and privilege.

Other countries where the Left have progressed further with invasion, are now reaping the results.

Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe, thanks to Muslim invasion.
The UK now even imprisons popular figures who persistently expose the inaction of the authorities over decades regarding the massive number of child rapes perpetrated by Muslim rape gangs.

The Left's need for such invasions is because they use immigrants from mostly third world nations to further their own political power and privilege as such people tend to vote for the Left and it's welfare platform, etc.

Abortion Point Of Views
CLUNY. Its interesting you are willing to protest against clinics who claim abortion is not murder, yet you remain silent when AXE also claims abortion is not murder.
Are lives of unborn not worth it for you to confront your friend over.

AXE. I wont play your victim hood game. The Lefts deceit & victim hood tactics (both of which you use) is offensive & tiresome, especially as there is so much of it considering they dominate megaphones of society. I trust research of Harvey Silverglate, but not you.

BTW, My question was about thigh rotting, not belly.
And Gods word is SPIRITUALLY discerned (1Cor 2.14, Matt 13.13-15).
Thats why you fail to understand the role of OT law, nor accept that its spiritual (Rom 7.14).

Abortion Point Of Views
CLUNY. See the post from AXE that is addressed to TREY on 10/31/18.
It's the last line where AXE said:
"IS IT MURDER and does the bible forbid it? NO."
That's where AXE claims that ABORTION IS NOT MURDER.

AXE. As you lack spiritual understanding of God's word, lets look at your worldly view of Numbers 5 instead.

Can you explain how holy water mixed with the dust from the floor of the tabernacle can induce abortion?

And can you explain how such a drink of water and dust can cause the thigh to rot?

Abortion Point Of Views
That's like saying the killing of millions of Armenians by the Turks, the killing of millions of Jews & Gypsies by the NAZIs, the killing of millions of Ukrainians by the Communists, is not murder.

As for the OT law, you demonstrate often how you lack spiritual understanding, and here you go again.
The law is spiritual (Rom 7:14), given to the Jews to show us how we need a savior (Gal 3:24).

BTW, you can stop using the Left's victimhood tactic as you Lefties use it so often that it's useless. It's tiresome that you Lefties actually keep using this deceitful tactic. The reality remains that laws are so convoluted that it's obvious the 3 felonies per day is realistic.

Abortion Point Of Views
That suggests you're OK with this genocide as it's NOT MURDER, according to YOU.

Romans 13:10 says love does no harm to another, which means do NOT slaughter people, even if they're unborn babies.

As the word "abortion" is not in Bible will you now reject "man made climate change" because those words are not in Bible?

Of course you must think you're legally holier when you think you're not included in the realistic claim that the average person breaks law 3 times per day.
As drive instructor I see it every day just with road driving alone.

BO used prosecution (that is typically not rigorously applied) simply because D'Sousa was effective critic of BO.

Abortion Point Of Views
AXE. We all know laws are so convoluted that it's obvious violating the claimed 3 per day is reality.
But YOU sound just like the hypocritical Pharisees claiming you're legally holier than others...LOL.

And now we even see you conveniently claim that slaughtering unborn babies is not murder.

Like your Socialist Left predecessors you're OK with genocide, you're OK with tyrannical BO putting his critic Dinesh D'Sousa into prison (Gulag) requiring him to do mandatory psychiatric therapy (like Soviet era laws where political dissent was deemed a mental illness), and you also claim you're legally holier just like the hypocritical Pharisees did.

BTW, you got to admit Yuri Bezmanov was correct.

Abortion Point Of Views
AXE. Dinesh D'Sousa gives details in his videos. He quotes the research about 3 felonies per day. He explains how legal system is worked for political interests to inappropriately extract plea deals, and that merely to persecute a political opponent, just as corrupt BO did after academic Dinesh D'Sousa exposed embarrassing facts about BO.

But we both know you're a "brainwashed useful idiot" for the Marxist Left (as Russian KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov described) hence you will only believe what your Leftist puppet masters say. This also explains your complicit silence on DEMs baby genocide.

For anyone here wanting to find the truth on Dinesh D'Sousa his YouTube videos are available online.

Abortion Point Of Views
AXE. High proportion of blacks abort babies, and Left's welfare dependency lure creates the conditions for it.

BTW, BO targeted Dinesh D'Sousa after his productions that exposed him.

You AXE, are guilty of 3 felonies per day, according to research. But authorities logically do not charge most people. Perhaps you should be charged and put in prison too.

Dinesh D'Sousa's political donation was one of those charges that corrupt politicians (like BO) use to persecute those who expose them with incriminating facts.

As you've found Dinesh D'Sousa check out his speeches as I recall he did explain the changing political demographics. I don't have the time to research it to answer you right now as I'm off to work.

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