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Explain Luke 1:26-28
StrongAxe, every time an Angel tells a spouse they are going to have a son and they are don't ask the Angel how this is going to happen.

Mary states she knows not a man. So, she KNOWS how one conceives a child.

Even Zechariah who wasn't home KNEW the Angel meant when he and his wife had relations the child was coming.

Joseph already felt she breached the contract. But, the Angel told Joseph he had to marry Mary. Matt 1:20

//one of the functions of marriage is to have relations and have children), which was exactly the kind of disingenuous behavior that Onan was killed for.//

Onan had relations how else do you think he had semen?

He was killed for performing BIRTH CONTROL!

Genesis 38:9-10

Christian MeToo Backlash
StrongAxe: I'm talking about people who ALREADY HAVE insurance with one carrier, that covers some condition (e.g. cancer), but if they switch to another carrier, the new carrier refuses to cover that condition.//

We have ALWAYS been talking about people having the 1st health ins

Now you are trying to talk about certain 'carriers'.

NOW you want people who ALREADY have ins to have BETTER ins?

That's like claiming a HOMELESS family complaining about having a 1 bedroom house, but need a 4 bedroom house for their 4 kids.

You CAN'T be homeless in a 1 bedroom home.

Now you talking about LOWERING their insurance coverage.

A difference.

Explain Acts 8:37
StrongAxe: Who can OBJECTIVELY say which is correct?//


You are suggesting that God refuses to guide us to His Truth.

God is a God of Order NOT confusion.

//Of many Hebrew OT manuscripts, NONE include the Apocrypha.//


You said 'many' and NOT 'all'.

Anywho, many OT were WRITTEN in Greek not Hebrew. Which many Jewish Community ACCEPTED those texts.

These Books you REJECT has the story of Hanukkah.

So either you BELIEVE Hanukkah HAPPENED or you don't.

If you do believe it happened you have to ACKNOWLEDGE both books of Maccabees.

All these books were DECIDED in the 5th century.

10 centuries LATER no one should ADD or SUBTRACT from the Bible.

Happy Thanksgiving To All
StrongAxe: I never said all Republicans are racists. I said today, inherently racist groups like KKK are predominantly Republicans.//

No you haven't, but lets go by your statement NOW.

So, you want to paint a party by a few.

So, I can do the SAME.

According to your logic, that means inherently Terrorists groups like Palestinian-Mexican Ammar Campa-Najjar, also billed as Latino Arab-American,,Democrat Rashida Tlaib,, Ilhan Omar, The Black September terrorist Yousef al-Najjar, (last June that the progressive Democrat legally changed his name from Ammar Yasser Najjar to Ammar Joseph Campa-Najjar Meet the anti-Trump Democrats who are friendly to terrorists By Pamela Geller) are PREDOMINANTLY Democrats.

Happy Thanksgiving To All
StrongAxe, please NAME Countries claiming to be Socialist but are not?

//Many communist countries call themselves People's Democratic Republics,//


This is true.

North Korea, China and Cuba to name a few. Please name the Socialist Countries

//Such nomenclature//


That's why I like debating you, Samuel, Jerry and Cluny.

You all provide GREAT words of the day.

Anywho, StrongAxe you are guilty of using nomenclature yourself when you claim Republicans are Racists

//pure propaganda to make others THINK the country is democratic, when in fact it is not.//

So WHY do you call U.S a democratic Country?

We are a Republic

Christian MeToo Backlash
StrongAxe: Plus dropping the support for pre-existing conditions means that many sick people will be thrown off their insurance//

Do you know how many people WOULD drop their insurance UNTIL they get sick?

Wait for a MI, CVA, car accidents for have a policy?

Why can't I buy car ins. UNTIL have a car accident?

Buy life or burial ins. until I have a notion I am close to death?

Buy home owner's ins. or flood ins. when a hurricane is close to my home?

Don't I have the right to a car, house, protect my family and a descent burial?

Where does it end?

That's the problem with Socialism/Communism.

The 1st righteous Community figured that out so why can't you?

Acts 6:1

Explain Acts 8:37
StrongAxe: The oldest manuscripts of the Old Testament (i.e. the Hebrew ones, e.g. from the Dead Sea Scrolls) don't include the Apocrypha either, but that doesn't stop the Catholic church from considering it to be authentic.//


Some Jewish's Manuscript doesn't either and we consider it authentic.

So if you found a Bible with only 3 Gospels and only 4 letters from Paul you wouldn't think those were authentic?

The CC also believes most Protestant Bibles are authentic as well.

That is authentic but incomplete.

Explain Luke 1:26-28
Even though she pledged to marry Joseph.

She made a vow to God not to have relations with any man including Joseph.

Even Mary knew you must have relations to a man to have a child.

Christian MeToo Backlash
Amen, Jerry, Amen

StrongAxe: The only reason people would CHOOSE to drop their health insurance is because it is so expensive you have to choose between health insurance and other necessities like food and shelter.//


WHO made health insurance EXPENSIVE?


Remember, the CBO is speaking about insurance the Young were FORCE to get or pay a penalty.

Logically, if they ALREADY have insurance it means they were able to pay for it along with food and shelter.

You CAN'T DROP something you DON'T have in the first place.

WHY are they dropping it?

Because it was a BAD deal OBAMA made for them.

NOW, they don't have to pay a penalty for NOT having insurance.

Explain Acts 8:37
Who cares what or you think!

That's not how the Holy Spirit declares the TRUTH!

If I think 2 and 2 equal 5. You think it equals 7. Does it mean we are right because we believe the Holy Spirit spoke to our hearts?


The Holy Spirit rejects and is OFFENDED that we INVOLVED Him in our stupidity!

You would be also. Didn't you say you were a Teacher? Or was that Samuel?

Anywho, either you or him would be offended as well if a lad told people it was from your inspiration that he is certainty 4 and 5 equals 10!

Mormons and JW came to my home many times.

My sister and I have fed and comfort the Elders many times and even to this day.

It doesn't mean I leave my common sense at the doorstep.

Christians With Depression
Cluny: trying to tell Stepheng that the genitals alone say what gender the person is.//

Did you mean not alone?

Christian MeToo Backlash
Strongaxe: Trump approved a health plan that would throw 20 million people off health care, but campaigned that nobody would lose their health insurance.//

That is of people who WANTED health insurance.

The CBO said people like the young would CHOOSE to drop their health insurance.

It's no different than people choose NOT to have car insurance.

Except people KNOW they will get medical care if anything happens to them.

Young people think they're invincible.

//McCain signed on for Trump's "We will repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that was better for everyone" plan,//

Not true. McCain voted in 2015 to repeal Obamacare. Many times before.

BTW, with the other Republicans.

Explain Acts 8:37
StrongAxe: Exactly, but unless you have the ORIGINAL manuscripts (which no longer exist), how do YOU know which one of two different manuscripts is more accurate?//


Remember, I said the Holy Spirit gave you common sense.

The Christians in the 5th century DIDN'T have the Original Apostles either, but due old manuscripts, TRADITION and prayer they figure out which Gospels and other books should be in the Bible.

There were several Gospels floating around.

If all OLD manuscripts didn't have V37, but the newest manuscripts were popping up with V37 what would you conclude?

V37 was invented.

Common Sense isn't common, but you don't fool me.


Happy Thanksgiving To All
Okay StrongAxe, lets debate Socialism

Why does the dictionary used the word 'theory'?

There are several Countries that call their system of Government Socialism.

Why did these Socialism FORBADE their Citizens from using 'free' services from other Countries?

Please answer

Such as the example I gave you when the Doctor was willing to DONATE his own money to treat his patient with a certain illness.

Don't say because he has to treat all the citizens, but not ALL the citizens have the illness his patient had.

Please answer that question.

If you can't that proves Socialism is light Communism.

I say 'light' because they don't stop people from LEAVING the Country to do what they wish.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Mike, who said I was the only one volunteering for God?

Again, I was giving you an example the it is POSSIBLE for someone to work as stated in Matthew 25 without MONEY.

I can't prove anything on behalf of the Pastors because you would DISCOUNT those examples because I am not them.

What about the Sisters of Charity?

They work twice as hard as me and lived 3 times poorer than me.

I understand your complaint of Pastors living too well.

God sees YOURS services and THEIR services in His Name.

God will take care of them for being a poor steward.

They won't like His Judgement.

They can't make any excuses because they have read and PREACHED Matthew 24:48 and the like hundreds a time.

Christian MeToo Backlash
Samuel: Nicole Strong ax is telling the truth.//

And I am NOT?

Please tell me where I being lying?

Don't get me wrong, I am not mad. I just find it funny that you can make a blanked statement and expect me to believe you.

I proved many times that StrongAxe was WRONG.

Please note, that being WRONG does NOT mean you are LYING.

But it seems you are suggesting I am LYING because you think I am WRONG.

I would like to discuss this with you respectably.

Which ones of StrongAxe's statement is his telling the truth?

That is the statements I have been against.

//Love GOD leads us to love others.//


Because I love God is the ONLY reason I am CAPABLE of loving others.

Christian MeToo Backlash
2 teams in Alabama and Auburn. Alabama are Republicans. Auburn are Democrats.

I am an Independent. I don't care who wins as long as one wins

McClain BEGS Saban (Coach) to play with Alabama.

McClain on the field, score is tied. A teammate throws the ball to McCain for a touchdown for the National Championship.

McClain CAN'T decide at that MOMENT to feel SAD for the Auburn fans since they won 5 National Championships. And Alabama won 17 National Championships. But he runs the opposite side to GIVE Auburn the touchdown and another National Championship.

His teammates DIDN'T pass the ball to him for Auburn.

If they KNEW his intention they WOULDN'T give him the ball, nor WOULD Saban SIGNED him on team!

Explain Acts 8:37
StrongAxe: There is no clear indication that one of these manuscripts is obviously better or more authentic than the others.//


Who looks at a Bible to see which is better?

The first thing Ones wants in a Bible is ACCURACY.

I don't want someone's opinion of WHAT he thinks should be in the Bible.

I rather have a Bible in another language for me to translate that is accurate than an English Bible that isn't accurate.

//Which one people think is better is a matter of fallible human opinion, since no Voice from Heaven has come down to earth to tell us.//

The Holy Spirit has blessed us with COMMON SENSE.

If the OLD manuscripts do NOT have V37, WHY would you want it now?

Should Churches Be Taxed
Mike: nicole not bragging? then why did you accuse me of NOT being a christian//

AGAIN, I didn't say you were NOT a Christian!


I said:

//Mike, maybe you don't know how to be a Christian.-- Nicole on 12/05/18

I gave you an example but you were too UPSET to comprehension my words.

Again, people have said 'She doesn't know how to be a lady.'

They don't say that about a man.

Instead they say 'He doesn't know how to be man.'

One has to be a female before they CAN accuse her of not being a proper female.

Or when people say 'he isn't my President.'

Does that mean Trump ISN'T the President?

Happy Thanksgiving To All
StrongAxe: The dictionary definition of socialism: a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, the community as a whole. procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.//

NOTE the word 'THEORY' twice.

Why? Because it NEVER has worked as according to the theory.

That's why I said Socialism is light Communism.

Now the dictionary definition of capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

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