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God The Creator
If you love God, keep his commandments. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy will even be observed in the new earth.

Christians With Depression
It appears many of you are deceived about how vaccines and pharmaceutical medicines work and the agenda behind the pushing of these man-made medicines (follow the money). Take cancer, for instance. Cancer is a very lucrative multi-billion dollar industry. If a cure for cancer is found that industry would collapse. By the way, there is a cure for cancer and the cancer industry is trying to destroy anyone who advocates the cure (even to the point of assassinating any doctor). Just like how the liberals are to destroy conservative thought.

You don't even know the root cause of all this. Satan, the god of deception. Gosh, people don't even know what gender they are and medical professionals are going along with this deception.

Do Democrats Steal Elections
Samuel, Strongaxe,
Read the Qoran. It explains it all.

Do Democrats Steal Elections
Strongaxe worte: "It's estimated that 1 in 7000 Muslims are terrorists..."

Even one terrorist is a problem. But let's look at your numbers:

There are over two billion muslims in the world. According to your numbers, over 285,000 are terrorists. This number can create havoc throughout the world.

It's also a fact that 99.98 of the muslims who are NOT terrorists support the terrorists - either financially or otherwise.

Christians With Depression
Google: vaxxed
Google: vaxxed doctor
Google: vaxxed court

Anti-vaxxed debunked is only one side of the coin. Instead of reading only one side of the coin read the other side and then make up your own mind instead of listening to the media and doctors who are for vaccinations (it comes down to the love of money). The doctors who are against vaccinations are growing daily throughout the world. Research both sides of the issue before you make up your mind.

Christians With Depression
Kathr wrote: "Many blame vaccines [for autism], but it can't be proven."

This is the reason why I tell everyone to do your own research instead of listening to others.

It HAS been proven.

Vaccines used to contain aluminum which accumulates in the brain. That accumulation caused autism. The scientists changed the metal from aluminum to mercury in vaccines for children under twelve years of age in 2015.

Don't read only studies that have a connection to the medical field. Read studies from independent laboratories and whistle blowing doctors. Why do you think other countries are getting away from using vaccinations? The Unites States is the only country advocating vaccinations even into the unborn?

Christians With Depression
Please do your research about vaccines and pharmaceutical medicines and how they are detrimental to the body. I visited dozens of medical websites (including CDC) and regularly go to naturalnews. I challenge all of you to spend 20 minutes a day at naturalnews for two weeks.

As for doctors being wrong. I taught foreign doctors ESL in the 1980s and 1990s (most doctors from China whom I learned a lot about herbal medicines). Not only did I teach them ESL, but medical terminology and medical procedures so they may practice here in the US. They would introduce me to doctors whom they worked for all the way up to directors of teaching hospitals. Most doctors would confide in me when I asked a lot of tough questions.

Possessed With A Demon
You assume way too much. We gather wherever two or more are gathered in Jesus' name. We don't hide in our basements. We are out in the world doing what the apostles did. the world IS our mission field.

Homeschooling is the perfect solution to train up a child in the ways he or she should go and will never depart from that teaching when confronted with the worldly system. In today's world government schools are nothing more than indoctrination centers to train the child in the ways of the world and the dumbing down of our children. The new federal Common Core educational curriculum is exponentially worse. The creator of Common Core is none other than Bill Gates.

Christians With Depression
There is no such thing as a dead or weak virus in vaccines. Check out the CDC website. Think about this: how could the immune system attack a dead virus?

Studies have shown that people who are vaccinated can spread the virus for months afterwards.

Do your own research instead of listening to the doctors and media. Doctors are wrong 80% of the time.

Happy Thanksgiving To All
Oh, and by the way, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving To All
Strongaxe wrote: "...but the percentage of crimes by illegals is LOWER than that of the general population."

Maybe not here in the United States - yet - but in Europe it's a very real problem. One crime from an illegal is one too many. A majority of the caravans are adult males, many, if you have ever seen photos and video clips, are flashing MS-13 hand signs. The small minority are women and children used as "human shields" so the MSM makes it look like it's a real crisis. And let it be known that criminals from other countries are taking advantage of these caravans to enter the United States.

Christians With Depression
Also, people who are vaccinated are carriers of the virus they are vaccinated for. They are the ones that spread the disease.

Possessed With A Demon
Jesus and the apostles taught from the OT. There wasn't a NT at the time of Jesus. Jesus and the apostles taught the Gospel, the coming of the Kingdom of God - and how to get there. The miracles Jesus and the apostles performed was proof that God was working through them.

One should not add to or take away from the words of God. God's word never changes. The only difference between the OT and the NT is that the OT was of a physical nature and the NT is of a spiritual nature.

Kathr, I, and people like myself, do not belong to worldly denominational churches. We gather together at homes, parks, cafes or wherever two or more are gathered in Jesus' name.

Christians With Depression
Strongaxe wrote: "Vaccines have a small chance of making you sick."

You need to do your own research about how vaccines cause worse medical problems. For instance, scientist found that aluminum, one of many ingredients in flu vaccines, causes ADHD in children. The aluminum was accumulating in the brain causing ADHD. So they replaced the aluminum with mercury for vaccinces given to children under 12 years of age.

CDC lists all the ingredients in all vaccines and pharmaceutical medications. You may want to research those ingredients. At the same time research those ingredients found in the foods you eat.

Possessed With A Demon
Kathr wrote: "... no scripture supports any exorcism taking place at anyone's baptism."

That may may be true in your bible, but...

How do you absolutely, positively know for sure that exorcism never place at anyone's baptism?

You think what you read in the bible are the only journals and letters written? I'm sure tens of thousands of such letters and eyewitness accounts were written by the people who were healed and journals written by other witnesses who followed Jesus. In fact, the Romans were very meticulous in keeping records - even of Jesus' court cases. Many of these documents not in the bible can be found in three of the largest libraries in the world - two in eastern Europe and one in Egypt.

Christians With Depression
kathr wrote: "...interesting since higher CO2 means less oxygen."

Plants breath in CO2 and breath out oxygen while humans breath in oxygen and breath out CO2.

Two satellite pictures, one taken in 1978 and the last taken in 2007, shows that foliage around the world is growing - including around the Sahara Desert - decreasing the size of the desert. What causes this? Plants thrive on carbon dioxide.

Farmers having greenhouses use CO2 generators which improve plant quality and provide the carbon dioxide necessary for maximum growth thereby increasing plant yields in their greenhouses.

So, if carbon dioxide is so bad for the planet, why do greenhouse farmers use CO2 generators to promote plant growth?

Christians With Depression
People live longer because they are on drugs or machines.

It's been proven in laboratories that cancer and tumor cells cannot exist in an oxygen environment. Our bodies are depleted of oxygen mainly because of air, water, and soil pollution. The plants and animals we eat have less oxygen. This is the reason cancer has grown 1300% since the 1960s. EVERYTHING man has created. mostly since the 1960s, has been detrimental to the body. And it's going to get a whole lot worse since 5G - the 'internet-of-things' frequencies.

Do you people even read the ingredients to the foods you eat (even when it says "organic")? to the medicines you take? to the vaccines you receive?

Christians With Depression
The United States, being the most medically advanced nation, is the sickest. Over 375 million prescriptions (not individual pills) were made in 2017.

Man's medicines (including vaccines) are detrimental to the human body. The side effects are in many ways worse than the symptoms. They have medicines for the side effects. It's a never ending cycle for many who depend on men's medicines.

If you are taking any type of medications don't take it for granted what the doctors say. Do some research on your own.

There are natural cures for every ailment. Even cancer is curable with herbs.

Should We Be Baptized
David wrote: "The Gospel is all about what we must do..."

The gospel is the soon to come Kingdom of God. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Colossians 3:12
Matthew 11:12
Matthew 6:33

David wrote: "Jesus was a teacher of WORKS."

Jesus and the apostles taught about the kingdom and also taught how to get there through LOVE - as in the verb form.

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