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How God Saves People
Melody, I know many sincere people who were not sure of their Salvation.

Salvation is not a one time event. It is a continual process. Born again it is a gateway of Salvation that you grow by the God's Graces.

John 3:16 overshadows John 3:5 which intrigues me.

Jesus is clear that 'water' must be involved for eternal life. But Protestants value verbal method instead.

Method of response to God's call isn't clear to many Protestants.

David: All sin is sin against God.//


I guess 'guilt' you mean for choosing sin over God?

I would choose the word 'sorrow' which I guess is the same as guilt

Also, the smallest sin grieves us as if it was the most offense done towards God.

What Is A Doctrine
Josef: the only true doctrine, is the doctrine revealed by the lord Jesus//

Correct. The Body of Christ which is the Church is revealed by Him.

//It is the Father that has determined it's meaning, faith is not only needed for our understanding of it's meaning, it is required.//

Yes, but Jesus set up the Church to be guided by the Holy Spirit in defining Doctrines. John 14:26

//And "He that abides in the doctrine of Christ, has both the Father and the Son," and he will know the truth, and that truth will set him free.//

Yes, but you can not leave out the Church instituted by Jesus.

Everyone is not allowed to considered in their own thinking in determining what is and is not doctrine.

Explain Matthew 28:20
Josef: Literally, as the indwelling presence of The Most High's living Word, providing His insight, inspiration, influence, and guidance.//

Well? ???

If you believed in the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist John 6, would that not be more LITERAL than what you just said above?

'Living Word' - as Jesus or The Bible?

What Is Purgatory
Mike, how would the Church know when to collect money from me when I said the Rosary? I offer up something unpleasant?

//- 'as soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul out of purgatory springs'. indulgences can save you.//

Meant 'can't' instead of 'can'?

How does the Church know I'd took did indulgences practices?

You don't know how praying for the dead operates, but still want to comment on it.

You assume wrongly.

I never called my Church's office to report my weekly Rosaries said for my decrease Loved Ones. Donuts I didn't eat, TV shows I didn't watch and good works completed for someone in purgatory. So that they can calculate each item and send me a bill.


How God Saves People
David, Doctrine clarifies our Faith in a correct form.

Early Christians disputed Jesus' Human vs Divinity status.

The Church clarified those false spreading of Who Jesus is and not.


You can't split Jesus. You can't say Mary is ONLY the Mother of Jesus. Thus Denying the Title the Mother of God.

Impossible. She can't be the Mother of part of Jesus.

Mary is the Mother of all of Jesus as True Man and True God.

So the Doctrine of 'Theotokos'. Greek for 'God-Bearer (Mother of God) declared in the Council of Ephesus, 431 AD

Doctrines are needed because as Jesus said the Church is a Mustard Seed that will grow.

Matt 13:31-32, Mark 4:30-32, Luke 13:18-19.

What Is A Doctrine
Steveng, I have proven there isn't any veracity in your bones.


Melody, you would have judged the children of God in Numbers 21:4-9 with the SAME words and condemnation as you do with the CC.

You won't explain the difference in ours actions.

The only thing is that they got HEALED from just looking at the bronze statues.

John, as StrongAxe told you before in his blogs. There ISN'T one single word proving the prayers are in an adoration form. The ones below are asking them to ASK God/Jesus for a favor.

St. Anne's prayer: ...Obtain from God.. (As the end result of the plea.)

BTW, Steveng: Mark 12:27 applies to you.

He is not the God of the dead, but of the living. YOU are BADLY MISTAKEN!

Authority Of The Government
Steveng, most Americans named the Press 'Fake Media'.

The Press had power in the past until the people realized the Press was trying to steer them like cattle.

Press is more evil than the 3 Branches

That's why the Press LOST their minds when the cattle broke out of the stalls in 2016!

//They have the power to create and to destroy people's lives.//

Only those they created. BUT NOT TRUMP!

They didn't create Trump, thus they CAN'T destroy him with their lies in any form.

The Church is the one that INFLUENCED people as Jesus instructed.

People misusing the Bible and the Koran brought division and confusion.

Explain Luke 12:47-48
Turn Cluny, there are many disagrees in both Heaven and Hell.

But, it seems the Master is punishing them which isn't Heaven.

Now, one can make that point about hell because everyone is being punished and in different ways.

You might be right because verse 46 seems to suggest hell.

Luke 12:46
The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and ASSIGN him a place with the UNBELIEVERS.

How God Saves People
David: Romans 2:12-15//

I wish to cover the whole chapter. It backs up the Luke 12:47-48 in my opinion.

I guess you are claiming God comes to us in our limited knowledge and understanding of Him?

He credits the correct knowledge.

CC Doctrines safeguards the Faith of Jesus.

Such as the doctrine of composing music.

You must 1st have the basic laws of music.

Once someone learns this they are capable of composing music.

One also compose bad music.

A lister of music can differ bad music from well composed music.

As long as they are in the right camp. In other words they don't have to understand the basic to understand the quality of the music.

Do you follow?

What Is Purgatory
Kathr, I must address the lies you planted into my mouth.

//There is no such thing as God BLOCKING SIN in someone's sperm.//

A sperm ISN'T a person.

Refresher course: Human fertilization is the union of a human egg and sperm..The process of fertilization involves a sperm fusing with an ovum--Wikipedia

//it can't be blocked, there are no vaccines for it.//

Wrong analogy.

Vaccines do not BLOCK viruses, but TEACHES the body how to FIGHT the viruses after it ENTERS the body.

That's the problem with your thinking. You think God can only SAVE ONE WAY. God can only Save someone AFTER they have been injured.

Preventing an injury doesn't constitute Salvation to you. OPEN YOUR MIND! 1 Cor 1:25

Explain Matthew 28:20
The Catholic and Orthodox take this verse literally and figuratively.

Literally in the Eucharist:

John 6:55-56

For My flesh is true food, and My blood is true drink. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.


Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I among them.

Authority Of The Government
In the last 12 years the Branches of Government have taken authority from each other.

Judicial into the Executive Branch (esp. in the last 2 years)

Executive applying law when only the Legislative branch is given that authority.

Such as declaring war.

Legislative branch making executive decision.

Please don't add a 4th branch. We ONLY have 3 Branches.

The Press isn't a Branch of the Government.

(I know the Press calls themselves the 4 branch but that is a figure of speech not to be taken literally)

The Press reports what is going on in the Government. Reporting isn't a form of authority of power in the Government.

They get their freedom from Government as listed in the 1st Amendment

What Is A Doctrine
If a Faith has its Doctrine's meaning in written form, can I override it's interpretation contrary to the written meaning?

Esp. if I am not part of that Faith Group?

Many people claim Catholics worship statues as idols. Even though we state in the CCC that offense if a GRAVE sin again the 1st Commandment? (2nd to them)

In other words by what authority does an outsider have to define another's doctrine?

Explain Luke 12:47-48
To me it shows the Mercy of God. But it shows the degrees of punishments according to our works.

Since Jesus only has 2 Sides with the Lambs on His Right and the Goats on his Left.

Matthew 25:33 and 25:41

Everyone in Luke 12:47-48 seem to be among His Lambs on His Right.

But everyone isn't treated the same thus (you know it) Purgatory :D

I Need A Hearing Aid
Any Veterans reading this blog should check to see if you qualify for free hearing aids.

You don't have to be War Veterans to qualify.

Some qualify merely due to their day to day assignments causing some hearing loss.

Also, ALL Veterans who were in Vietnam (during the war) please apply for your Agent Orange Benefits.

Go to your nearest VSO (Courthouse in your county)

If you have CHF (heart failure) or a MI (heart attack) you automatic get your benefits.(esp. CHF)

Even decades later.

It is a separate fund and addition monies besides your military benefits.

Best of all.



Only sale taxes.

Living Christian Lifestyle
Samuel: They begin to separate just as the Bible tells us it would happen. Father against son, mother against daughter and so on. As a Christian, going to church is easy. Listening to the Word of God is easy. Eating with our brothers and sisters is easy. Being good to our family and friends is easy. That part of Christianity is easy.//

Really? I find this interesting.

Many of those statements are not easy for me.

Many our my own Christian brothers and sisters attack me because of my belief in certain Scriptures they don't believe as me.

Being good to some of my family and friends are hard because they abuse my Christianity responses to their bad behavior.

Are you saying easy most of the time or all the time?

Brother Sister In Christ
Better question to you Karen is why do you think people posting are in cult religions.

Why do people assume another person is in a cult?

Do you think they joined a religion knowing they are in a cult?

Isn't it rather that they believe they are favored by God and everyone is doomed to hell?

In other words they believe you are the 'Heretic'.

Can Women CoPastor
StrongAxe: I replied that by that very same logic, Protestants were Catholics and taught Catholicism before they split during the Reformation, so they must have been taught incorrect information to cause them to leave.//

Or they looked at bad behaviors from Clerics and ignored Matthew 23:1-3

//How are these two situations any different? In both cases, the cause of leaving is because of Catholic teachings by Catholics themselves.//

No, some left because they wanted to conformed their own behavior by misinterpreting Scriptures.

As a Priest/Nun wishing to get married after Ondaination or final vows.

So, if someone comes with a different Jesus they are ready to conform to it instead of the real Jesus. 2 Cor 11:3-4

What Is Purgatory
John: Nicole said, "Then how do you explain "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" rm 3:23."//

You are mistaken.

I didn't ask that question, Chria did.

//But did you continue readingto verse 28??//

But I did read up to 28 (29).

That's seems to be about another matter.

Works from Faith isn't the same as Works from the Law.

Works from Faith is like the (works) children/fruit from the Faith. A natural outcome from Faith.

As a natural outcome when a marriage couple have relations.

Works from law is different in that a person only does the work to prevent from being punished. 1 John 4:18

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