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Christian MeToo Backlash
Jerry there are Seventh day Adventist who are Democrats. They love GOD. There are other Christians who are Democrtats who love GOD. True communists don't. But they are members of the Communist party so they ae not Democrats.

Theodore Roosevelt was a progressive. He believed the rights of the individual should not be trampled on by the rich and powerful.

I agree the rich as James said will steal from the poor. I will follow the Bible as James tells us to.

Christian MeToo Backlash
Nicole Strong ax is telling the truth.

Love GOD leads us to love others.

God The Creator
how do you and the SDA explain how ancient pre=reformation Eastern churches that never had ANYTHING to do with the Pope or Roman Catholic Church all have SUNDAY as the principal worship day?

Easy they were part of the catholic little c or universal church until the Great Schism. The Pope used to claim he did it. But it was different leaders and councils who did it. Sabbath to Sunday Samuele Bacciochi.

Christian MeToo Backlash
Nicole the people of the United States are to be represented by all of our Senators and House Members.

McCain voted his conscious since repealing Obama Care with no replacement would hurt millions of people. Real people who have hopes and dreams who love GOD and their family. It would have taken away their very lives causing death.

So I am glad he voted to not help murder people just because they are poor.

Happy Thanksgiving To All
It seems there was real voter fraud. By Republicans. Through Gerry Mandering and a Republican official making up voters.

Then how about the Republicans who are trying to deny power to the new elected officials.

It seems that many Republicans care only about power and money.

Are C-Sections Biblical
The Bible does not tell you how children are to be born.

Yes you should be offended. But have pity on the poor woman.

Christians With Depression
Dear Steven I have heard this false stament many times. That if a cure for cancer were found the Medical business would collapse.

That is a lie. Over 80% of most cancers are cured. So by your understanding the Medical business must be dying.

But people keep doing that that leads them to get cancer or just get it for no reason. As long as people still get cancer they will stay in business. The more they cure the more business they get.

My Sister died of a curable cancer because she depended on fake faith healers and herbal and other fake cures. Your false lies lead to more deaths. So no I cannot support you causing people to die.

Christian MeToo Backlash
True I became a RINO to many. I like being in the middle. A great and good man just died who I voted for.

G. H. W. Bush. He helped save the world. But many Republicans of the far right have hated him. Up until he died. Hypocrites.

Where Did Jesus Come From
I find no Bible verse that supports Jesus being created.

But I do find some support. for Michael being a title of Jesus in the Old Testament. This is very controversial. Since many try to make Jesus an angel based on this. But Wesley and Calvin both believed and taught the Trinity. But believed it.

Jesus is GOD the son. Second person of the TRinity.

Christians With Depression
Thank you nurseRobert.

Vaccines are safer than driving your car.

Christian MeToo Backlash
I don't care if they are on the left or right. If accused the accused needs to prove himself innocent. Look at the Gymnastic molester. They were neither right or left.

I forget what Democrat when accused left his office. But he did. No one defended him. George H. W. Bush was accused. But many on both sides defended him and then it was proved to be a false allegation.

Christians are to walk in love. Not supporting evil.

Do Democrats Steal Elections
Thank you Strong Ax and nurse Robert. Amen and amen.

Christian MeToo Backlash
Christians will be supporting women who were attacked. They will oppose those who wish to oppress and put down our mothers and sisters.

Should Churches Be Taxed
No. But some of the crazy groups who call themselves churches. should be checked to see if they are a tax dodge.

Resurrection To Ascension
True Monk. We reject anything that contradicts what is written.

Do Democrats Steal Elections
Steven what website told you 99.98 support the terrorists who are murdering them?

I mean you walk up to a man and say I know you intend to murder me and my family because I am a different type of Muslim. So here is money so you can kill everyone I love.

.01% of Muslims are terrorist. That is from the U. S. Government. The majority of it's victims are other Muslims.

The vast majority of American fled to the U.S. to escape terrorism. So they oppose it. We should oppose lies and terrorizing Muslims. Like that false report you gave.

As Christians we are to love Muslims. So please stop spreading hate. Follow Jesus and preach love.

Do Democrats Steal Elections
Obama went to church. One of his early preachers he listened to was off the wall. But he had stopped going there. Now he attends a Methodist church.

Trump when asked for his favorite verse didn't know how to pronounce the book of the Bible it was in. According to the news he plays golf on Sunday and has not attended church. As a child he attended the Presbyterian church. All this is available.

Happy Thanksgiving To All
We should work to see which are criminals and then arrest them and deport them. Wait that is what Obama did. But then it must be wrong to do because Obama set up ICE to track down Illegal aliens who were major criminals.

Trump on the other hand has them them after people with speeding and parking tickets.

I would prefer they went back to tracking down gang members.

Where Did Jesus Come From
In Protestant history there have and continue to be two views on Michael.

Many view him as the preincarnate Jesus who is GOD the son Second person of the Trinity.

Then there are the JW who don't believe in the Trinity and so consider him to be created.

But the Bible states Jesus created all things. So how could he create himself?

John 1:1-18 Says the word is GOD the word is Jesus. Read Psalm 2.
Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

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