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Explain Matthew 28:20
"I am with you always, to the end of the age. Do you believe Jesus meant this figuratively or literally?" Literally, as the indwelling presence of The Most High's living Word, providing His insight, inspiration, influence, and guidance.

How God Saves People
"Why the way God saves someone make a difference to some on CN?"
Because believers come to this forum to share to good news and to read that which shared. "It seems people don't believe God can save people unless He does it their way." The way has been documented and without that documentation His children would have no way of knowing, The Way. What a man believes, If not written, or if contrary to the word of God, is irrelevant.

Mark Of The Beast Survival
"But when Jesus comes in the Cloud there will be many Christians still alive. We will have to do what many of the original Christians did. Run and hide." Samuel, when Jesus returns, there will be no place to hide, and why would a believer desire to hide from our Lord? Where is it written that the original Christians ran and hid from Christ?

Please Pray For Me
You are quite welcome Cluny. All praises are due the Father.

Please Pray For Me
"Please pray for me in a very important and pressing matter I'm facing." Done.

Denominational Church Missing
"josef, in the OT, God chose the Israelites to bring God's word to the world. They failed in their task thinking it was only for them." BCV, please.
What does any of the verses you quoted have to do with what I've written concerning Jesus being sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel?
"I suggest not only reading the bible, but think about the things you are reading." You are presuming that I don't. I could presume the same of you. I suggest that you don't presume to assume anything about anyone.

Denominational Church Missing
Strongaxe the order of my post has been switched. The post asking the questions, was written and posted first. That should be obvious, but I wanted to straighten it up anyway, just I case it wasn't.

Denominational Church Missing
Strongaxe you wrote "He told them to preach the gospel to all nations." Where, exactly? Can you document that statement? Would it change the fact that Father sent Jesus only to "the lost sheep of the house of Israel"?

Denominational Church Missing
Strongaxe Father just brought this verse to mind, Jesus said to His disciples, "Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Therefore my first question to you has been answered. However my second question remains.

Denominational Church Missing
"What did Jesus teach that today's denominational "churches" don't teach?"
"I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
"What did Jesus teach that today's denominational "christians" don't do?"
"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world."

Apostles Write About Jesus
"Because we KNOW Jesus didn't tell them to PUBLISH His Words.'
In Mar 16:15, the strong's definitions of the word preach or 'kerysso' in the language spoken means, and I quote "of uncertain affinity, to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the gospel):preacher(-er), proclaim, publish." Nicole If you can't receive this, dismiss it. I'm Ok either way. I'm done with this exchange, It's simply going in circles.

Apostles Write About Jesus
"Yes, but the printing press wan't invented yet"
How does that change the definition of publish as it relates to preach?
"Too bad no one told Jesus." Why would Jesus need to be told anything?
He knows all things pertaining to this life and the spreading of His gospel.
"You need to read Matthew 13:31-35 again."
And what qualifies you to arrogantly presume to know what I need?
BTW, the Hebrews are EXPERTS of history verbals transmission."?????

Mark Of The Beast Survival
"How will you survive the last days without the mark of the beast. By a patient, enduring, faith and belief in the power and authority of the Most High.

Apostles Write About Jesus
Nicole said: "Preach is verbal NOT written". I say one of the definitions of preach is to publish. To publish is to issue (printed or otherwise reproduced textual or graphic material, etc.) for sale or distribution to the public. It would be improbable for twelve men to go physically into every nation on earth given their limited forms of transportation. A written word cannot be misquoted, unless of course it is intentionally altered. And like I wrote earlier, Jesus would have known the writing of the epistles would be an important part of preaching His gospel. "God ALWAYS makes our wrong into a good for our sake." Nicole what could be wrong with writing down the words and deeds of Jesus?

Apostles Write About Jesus
"Why do you think Jesus never told the Apostles to write everything He said and did?" Because He knew that they would do that which was necessary to spread His gospel. He instructed them to "go unto all the world and preach the gospel" knowing that the writing of the epistles would be an important part of this. And to say He never told an apostle to write what He said would be incorrect. Concerning His revelation He told the apostle John, specifically, to write the things he had seen, "and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter in a book," to the seven churches in Asia.

What Is Love
"God is love. 1Jn 4:8

Nice answer josef"

Thankyou Chria, All praise due the Father. Nice to see that you are still reading. Would love to read more of what you have to offer in the way sharing. God is love, Be blessed beloved

Western Eastern Religions
"Are Eastern and Western religions a threat to each other's Civilization?" No.
Why would the eastern method of worship be a "threat" to the western method? Especially as concerning civilizations?

Grace Through Faith
""What verse says specifically Christians are UNDER the Law of Christ." None. There is no verse that states that "Christians" are under any law. However, Paul acknowledged freely that he consider himself under "the law to Christ, and not "without the law to God".>1Co 9:21 We, as believers, are to bear one another's burdens, as to fulfill the "law of Christ". Gal6:2 So Kathr, that law does exist, and as believers, we are to submit ourselves to It. Therefore, we are to speak and do, as one who will be judged by the "law of liberty". And those of us who looks into that perfect law, as it is written, "shall be blessed in his deed." Jas 2:12>1:25

Explain Luke 1:26-28
"Or is it only to YOU that the word of God has come?" Thou sayest:o)

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