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Anyone Here Play With The Occult
Nice play on words there. The reality is a bit more clear cut. One simply can't play or dabble in the occult. Look where dabbling in science got the United States- to the borders of cloning and science which is out of control.

My Brother Got A Girl Pregnant
First they should tactfully ask for forgiveness. Second (and most important) would be to make avery attempt and effort to do what is best for the baby. Does this couple have long term possibilities??

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
Nothing in life (or after life on this planet) is guaranteed. Does anyone here have a guarantee that he/she will be guaranteed through the gates to heaven? What about the people who commit suicide due to reasons such as a slow and painfull death? The one single thing that all of our souls have to look forward to is a forgiving God.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
Each and every single Americans income isn't that difficult to find out; although not quite a matter of public record in all cases. Another area of consideration besides his annual salary might be the perks. Does he have a corporate (possible time share) plane, does the church pay for the house, retirement options, etc...

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