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Two Prophets Of Revelation

Yes, God can do anything he wants. However, God mostly stays out of the picture, and lets us do our own thing. He doesn't will that anyone should perish, yet people still perish. There is much death and disease and suffering in the world. Wars constantly happen, resulting in the deaths of millions. There are three possibilities:

1) God wants that to happen (which means God is an evil sadist), or
2) God doesn't care one way or other (which makes him indifferent, not a loving parent), or
2) God doesn't want it to happen, but chooses not to intervene, because that would interfere with man's free will (until he finally gets sick of it all and does so, resulting in cataclysms like the Flood and Armageddon).

Two Prophets Of Revelation

You wrote: The Armstrong father and son will eventually be able to come to their senses and God will save them too.

Whom do you mean? Herbert W. Armstrong died on January 16, 1986, and Garner Ted Armstrong died on September 15, 2003. Neither one has any further opportunity to come to their senses.

Two Prophets Of Revelation

Yes, the Bible speaks about various witnesses, but this blog is specifically about the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 who preach, are killed by the Beast, lie in the street for three days without being buried, are resurrected, and ascend to heaven.


Both Armstrongs died from natural causes, were buried, and are still dead, so they obviously CAN'T be the Two Witnesses. The Bible has descriptions of requirements for a prophet, and what to do if one predicts something that isn't true. Yet, the various WCG churches all follow people the Bible says are false prophets. So which "God" are they churches of?

Keeping Of Sunday

You (and other Sabbatarians here) are constantly talking about "keeping" the Sabbath, but you interpret this as requiring worship.

Can you show scriptures commanding WORSHIP on Sabbath or FORBIDDING worship on other days? I keep asking this question, yet nobody ever answer it.

I also asked you whether you personally fulfil Biblical Sabbath requirements (no work, commerce, travel, cooking, lighting fires, etc.), Driving to church (or anywhere), grabbing a snack after church, nuking a sandwich, (or to be pedantic, even turning a light switch off or on) are all forbidden. If you can't say "NO" to each and every one of these, you have no business criticizing others for not keeping the Sabbath.

Netflix The Family

The bottom line is this:

*MY* job as a Christian is obey the commandments of God, as *I* understand them.

*YOUR* job as a Christian is to obey the commandments of God as *YOU* understand them. Your job is NOT to condemn others for obeying the commandments of God as *YOU* understand them, and then condemn them if they don't live up to your expectations.

Netflix The Family

You STILL DON'T GET IT. I don't kill people. Thus, I am keeping "Thou shalt not kill". I don't rob people. Thus, I am keeping "Thou shalt not steal". Does it really matter WHY I am not doing those things? Some don't do them because a book tells them not to. Others don't do them because they just KNOW it's wrong - because God's law is written on their heart, so they no longer need the book. This was SPECIFICALLY prophesied in the Bible.

And, AGAIN, Paul SPECIFICALLY TOLD US that WE MUST NOT allow others to judge us with respect to the Sabbath - so I WOULD BE DISOBEYING THE WORD OF GOD if I paid attention to you when you judge me on the Sabbath law.

Two Prophets Of Revelation

You wrote: The Two Witnesses of Revelation are the Old and New Testaments.

That directly contradicts the plain words of scripture.

Revelation 11:3: They are clothed in sackcloth.
5: They will breathe fire that kills anyone who hurts them.
7: The beast will overcome and kill them.
8: Their dead bodies will lie in the great city where our Lord was crucified.
9: People would mock their bodies 3 and a half days, and not allow them to be buried.
11: After 3 and a half days, the spirit of life will enter them, and they will stand on their feet.
12: A voice from heaven will call them and they will ascend to heaven in a cloud.

These are all things that happen to men, not books.

Netflix The Family

We don't NEED 10C, because if we love God and neighbor, WE ALREADY FOLLOW THEM. If you love your neighbor, you won't lie, kill, still, envy, or commit adultery. You automatically obey them WITHOUT NEEDING TO BE TOLD.

I don't kill people. I don't rob people. Etc.

Trump may not disavow 10C, but I showed how he blatantly violates most of them, and BOASTS about doing so. His comments about going after women (even married ones) are legendary. He boasts in his book that cheating contractors is good business practice.

Jesus said the man who DOES something is better than the one who SAYS he does them, but does not.

Netflix The Family

Yes, exactly! That's one common characteristic of cults. Many that call themselves "Christian" use rhetoric like "the Bible says this, but what God REALLY wants (and I know because He talks to me directly, and I am His Choesn One), is the exact opposite!".

Jim Jones, when he was still in California, before he took his followers to Guyana and convinced them to commit suicide, was known to throw the Bible down on the floor and stomp on it, saying that people should not read it, because it conflicted with what he was teaching. That is a major red flag right there.

Netflix The Family

(Continued from Tell Them To Leave):

One has a choice: Either one does not kill, steal, covet, commit adultery, lie, worship other gods, etc. because it violates the Ten Commandments, or because they violate Love God and Love Your Neighbor.

Either way, one should NOT do these, and one should NOT praise and follow one who does these things and boasts about them.

I say *YOU* should not follow Trump because *YOU* believe the Ten Commandments and he violates them. *I* should not follow because *I* believe Love Your Neighbor, and he violates THAT. Either way, Trump is bad news from both a Jewish and a Christian perspective.

Tell Them To Leave

Trump breaks MOST of the Ten, yet Evangelicals still worship him.

No other gods: Narcissist worships himself.
No graven images: Commissioned a self-portrait and had his charity buy it.
No name in vain: Frequently swears to things he knows aren't true.
Keep Sabbath holy: Weekly Mar a Lago golfing.
Honor your parents: OK. maybe he gets a pass on this one.

Don't kill: "I could shoot someone on 5th Ave.". 5th Ave. Trump Tower fire kills someone.
Don't steal: Thousands of lawsuits from stiffed contractors.
Don't commit adultery: Cheated on each of his wives.
Don't covet: Wants married women who say no.
Don't bear false witness: Lies about everything. Accused Hillary of Epstein murder.

Can Cousins Marry Each Other

Inbreeding weakens DNA over time, not in one generation. European Hapsburg royal families have hemophelia. WIDESPREAD inbreeding between Darwin and Wedgewood families caused family illnesses. Smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer etc., but not from one cigarette or pack.

Scarlet fever is caused by strep throat bacteria, not by inbreeding (although that might weaken your immunity).

Interbreeding can't weaken chidren in couples who don't have any (e.g. old or infertile couples).

Most wars are fought over land and resources (Germany and Japan in WW2), ideologies (holy wars), or power. The War of Spanish Succession was a power struggle among weakened Hapsburgs, but most power struggles aren't like that.

Netflix The Family

You have the nerve to call Obama "Satanic". What's your evidence for that? Still forgetting about "Thou shalt not bear false witness"?

Yet Trump demonstrably breaks 9 of the Ten Commandments on a regular basis, yet you don't care about that, and constantly "Praise God for Trump".

Why is your moral compass so unbalanced? Why don't you execute equal judgment, and measure both of them with the same yardstick?

Two Prophets Of Revelation

This blog is specifically about The Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 - two very specific prophets who condemn the Beast, and are later killed by him. It's not about Christian witness in general.

Tell Them To Leave

You often condemn people based on false assumptions that exist only in your own mind. Think how you would feel if someone accused you of things you didn't do.

You obsess so much over the Sabbath commandment, you forget "Thou shalt not bear false witness", and "Do unto others as you would have them to unto you". If you don't want others to accuse you of things you don't do, please don't do it to them.

Making snide untrue comments at other people just to feel good about an argument is neither good debating practice, nor does it show Christian love.

(And this also applies to everyone else on these blogs who does this).

Two Prophets Of Revelation

There is one theory that Enoch and Elijah are the Two Witnesses of Revelation, who are killed after bearing witness. This fits neatly with the assertion that all men die once. It also fits in with the idea that Elijah was to return in the last days.

However, Jesus also said John the Baptist was the Elijah who was to come, which is troublingly inconsistent, because how could Elijah come back and die, while he is simultaneously still waiting in heaven for 2000+ more years to come back in the future and die again? That Elijah (i.e. John) did already die almost 2000 years ago. If he were to come back and die again, that would mean that he would die twice, not the once that all men are appointed to die.

Tell Them To Leave

You can never love someone if you constantly demonize them.

The El Paso shooter complained about a "Hispanic invasion", echoing Trump adminstration talking points (e.g. wall, yesterday's mass deportation in Missouri), and Fox used exactly the same words. Are you going to call Fox leftist?

May Christians claim we are under some parts of Old Testament Law but not others. Nothing in OT or NT separates the Law into multiple categories, some which must be obeyed and others not.

I don't tell ANYONE to steal, kill, etc. so Jesus' warning about "the least in heaven" does not apply. I also don't tell anyone to violate the Sabbath. If you want to keep it, more power to you. Just don't force me to.

Do We Have Free Will

The Urban Dictionary is a totally unregulated and crowdsourced information source, without any supervision, vetting, or quality requirements (unlike Wikipedia), so the quality of its information is often quite dubious. Basically, anyone can post any definition they want, and anyone can up-vote or down-vote any definition. It's a horrible place to go for most things, but it can sometimes be useful to get an idea of popular consensus of the meanings of modern slang words, like "woke" and "incel".

Tell Them To Leave

I keep explaining it, but you refuse to listen. The New Testament makes it CLEAR that WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW.

1) There were 2193 mass shootings since Sandy Hook
2) Mass shootings are defined as shootings in which four or more people are killed
3) Therefore, AT LEAST 2193 x 4 (i.e. 8772) people must have been killed in mass shootings since Sandy Hook.

Given that many of these mass shootings killed many more than 4 people, the actual number killds is much higher. However, even if the number was the LOWEST POSSIBLE, 8772 is still almost 3x as many as killed on 9/11, refuting your claim that Muslims are #1.

And I have yet to hear your proof that Democrats are #2.

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