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Trump Protect Religious Freedom
CLUNY. Ive submitted posts 5 times with specific examples of how the LGBTQ Left are attacking the rights of Christians, but the admin has 5 times not allowed it to be posted.

Clearly theres no point answering your request.

Alabama Abortion Law
AXE. Provide ACTUAL NUMBERS, as I did on abortion rates in various nations.

Now that Ive replied in kind to your post, I need to ask are you deliberately being dishonest, or are you having difficulties in reading comprehension?

Too often Im having to correct your misrepresentations of my posts.

Christian Symbolism Matrix
In Matrix movie there were those who were slaves in bondage to the Matrix, and others who were set free.

We see the same in Gal 4:21-25 Abraham had two sons: the one by a bondwoman, the other by a freewoman. But he who was of the bondwoman was born according to the flesh, and he of the freewoman through promise, which things are symbolic. For these are the two covenants: the one from Mount Sinai which gives birth to bondage, which is Hagar for this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, and corresponds to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her childrenbut the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all.

Alabama Abortion Law
AXE. I see yet again you're deflecting, this time from NICOLE's point that abortion is killing.

BTW, Netherlands is not the lowest abortion rate nation as you claimed. See my earlier post to you where I quoted figures of nations with far lower abortion rates.

I'm not surprised you would argue in defence of the Left's baby genocide platform, especially when you preach an heretical gospel claiming that those who are ANTI-CHRST get saved simply by doing some ambiguous minimum standard of good deeds.

Remember Gal 1:8,9.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom

Depending on what the details of the protective order are, I'd say it's good considering the attacks against Christians from LGBTQ, Leftists and Islamists under the Left's PC tyranny.

We see similar in Australia where the prime minister has spoken of religious protections due to the rights of Christians being attacked by the likes of LGBTQ and Leftists, etc.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
AXE. I was not criticizing you on your occasional paraphrasing me rather than cut & pasting my quote. I understand your reasons. Also I'm not interested in criticizing others about paraphrasing, spelling/grammar errors anyway. I was merely pointing out the double standards of KATHR in her attack against JOHN

As for "your" so called facts, I challenged them, having already exposed your false claims about Netherlands being "lowest" abortion rate worldwide, the Big Switch lie, Nazism, Xenophobia, poverty, etc.

But note how you still have not answered my question on how many good deeds are required for someone who does NOT KNOW Jesus (thus they're ANTI CHRIST) to still be saved by their deeds.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
AXE. The reason why I keep challenging your repetitive deflections from the DEMs baby genocide platform is because I see right through your tactics.

You deflect, you obfuscate, you avoid answering questions that expose your flawed views, these are just some of the more common tactics you've used on the various topics we've debated.

You obviously don't like being confronted with the embarrassing realities that reveal your shameful beliefs.

Christian To Be President
KATHR. Why your double standards criticizing John for not cutting and pasting bloggers posts?
Ive even seen your fellow Leftist AXE quote me without cutting and pasting, yet you said nothing about him.

Whether someone cuts and pastes or not, or even if its spelling or grammatical errors, theres no need to be so bitter that you resort to such petty tactics to attack others.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
SAMUEL. I have to agree with CLUNY on his reply to you about abortion versus adoption and the human rights of the baby.

You have exposed your politically motivated double standards.
I've always recognized the insincerity of your posturing about "Love", and here you are heartlessly supporting the arguments for the killing of the inconvenient unborn when they are in fact wanted and loved by others, and have the right to life just as you do.

FYI abortions rates per 1000 women in Denmark is 17.72%, compared to USA 17.13%.

Aust is 16.56%
Sweden is 25.35%
Russia 37.28%
Cuba 46.69%

Poland 0.14%
UAE 0.17%
Qatar 0.40%
Mexico 0.76%
Malta 0.87%
Chile 0.02%

Was Hitler Left Or Right
AXE. I refer to the DEMs baby genocide that results in the killing of approx 16,000 babies per week.

Your deflection from the DEMs baby genocide could be likened to a couple of Germans in 1930's Germany debating the NAZI's persecution of Jews, and when one of them is critical of the Socialist NAZIs over this the other one (a Socialist NAZI supporter) deflects by saying Muslim nations have a system that treats Jews better as there they're only discriminated against as 2nd class citizens, instead of being put in camps or killed.

BTW, the Netherlands allows abortion on demand up to the 21st week. Their abortion rates are similar to that seen in USA.

Christian To Be President
JOHN9346 said In Strongaxe's World View the bible its just a book of literature that's all nothing to be believed (no different then the Koran, Vedas, etc.).

Thanks for letting me know.
Having debated AXE sporadically for some years now I've come to the point where I very much doubt he has ever been a Christian.

He just seems to make up his own doctrine as he goes along, and all from a very worldly interpretation with no regard for the terms of reference given in the Bible.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
AXE. You can repeat your deflections like a broken record as many times as you like, but it won't change the fact that the DEMs baby genocide platform is NOT the same as what happens in other nations.

It remains that all your attempts to ignore the baby genocide in USA by hoping to shift debate elsewhere is nothing more than a heartless disregard for the unborn in USA, all just to protect your Leftist masters.

The Socialist Left's record of genocide over the past 100 years would exceed even that of murderous Islam.

Oppressive authoritarian ideologies like Socialism and Islam need to be opposed, for the good of humanity.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
CLUNY. I suggest you reflect on Prov 1:7 to see that its the Christians/sheep who are smarter as they realize that God is where true wisdom resides. The lost/goats are simply stupid fools.

Prov 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
But fools despise wisdom and instruction

Was Hitler Left Or Right
AXE. Hate is at core of oppressive ideologies like Socialism, thus it's YOU who is the hater.

When discussing DEMs baby genocide, those concerned about such crimes keep on topic. BUT Lefty's like you deflect to irrelevant nations merely to protect your political masters from scrutiny.

Your heartless disregard for the unborn merely to defend your DEMS suggests you do not love, as Jesus commanded (John 13:34).

Add to this your heretical gospel claiming an alternative path to salvation without the need for Jesus, then these 2 things suggest you're not a Christian.

It's time you repent, leave your heartless Leftist cult of hate, and instead believe on Jesus (the ONLY way to salvation, John 14:6).

Christian To Be President
AXE. Clearly you can't answer my question on how many deeds are required to be saved.

Matt 25, James 2 speaks of works showing faith, i.e PREACHING GOSPEL to spiritually needy lost souls.

To be saved we believe on Jesus. And Christians share this gospel (as many times we're able) to the lost (spiritually needy) because we love, wanting others also to receive God's gift.

The thief on cross got one chance to declare Jesus as Lord before man, and did so. Others get more opportunities.

Believing on Jesus and declaring gospel to the lost, is congruous.

But your heresy contradicts Jn 3:16, Jn 14:6. You claim that those who do NOT believe on Jesus are still saved based on some ambiguous minimum standard of deeds.

Christian To Be President
Does anyone here agree with the gospel of AXE where he claims that people who do NOT believe on Jesus (John 3:16) are still saved if they do enough (whatever that is) good physical deeds for the physically needy?

Does anyone here agree with AXE and his view that there are TWO paths to salvation?

AXE. You never did answer my question on what amount of good deeds for the needy is required to be saved.
Is it one deed, or one per week, or month, or year?

And what if the person doing good deeds follows an ANTI CHRIST religion like Islam, which denies that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God who died for our sin?

Was Hitler Left Or Right
AXE. You CERTAINLY DO deflect from the DEMs baby genocide. How can you say otherwise when you deflect to other nations instead of the DEMs baby genocide platform?
There's no point talking about OTHER nations policies, etc when it has NO RELEVANCE to what the DEMs are doing.

YOU clearly said CHRISTIANS ARE STUPID when you said "Sheep are stupid animals.... Note which Jesus favors"

I disproved your claim by quoting Prov 1:7 which indicates that Christians/sheep are smarter as we seek God's wisdom, whereas the lost/goats are "FOOLS".

BTW, NOBODY, whether lost or saved is "self-sufficient" as you claim about the lost/goats. God is the provider, and without His provision NOBODY survives.

Christian To Be President
AXE. As God's word is described as HIDDEN wisdom (1Cor 2:7), MYSTERIES (Matt 13:11), CONCEALED by God for Kings (Christians) to search out (Prov 25:2), which requires SPIRITUAL discernment which worldly persons (like you) lacks (1Cor 2:14), then the reason why you insist on a worldly interpretation of God's HIDDEN wisdom is because your spiritual ears and eyes closed (Matt 13:13-15), and you want to justify your heretical gospel which denies John 14:6.

As for MATT 25 it's a PARABLE, and NOT a detailed account of judgement day.
Jesus is neither a physically needy person, nor is he a spiritually needy lost soul. But what I described of Matt 25 speaking of the SPIRITUALLY needy lost souls, fits with John 14:6 but your claim denies it.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
AXE. Like I said, politicians in Scandinavian nations deny the claims from Leftists, etc that they're Socialists.

Many of Sweden's leaders, etc are Islamophiles. These racist Lefties denigrate Sweden's identity whilst praising and defending racist Muslim supremacists who migrate to Sweden to take advantage of the welfare lure.

We see the same in Aust where it's the Left who are the racists denigrating our identity whilst they praise Muslim supremacists and any other identity that is inconsistent with mainstream Australia.

Racism is clearly a core principle of the Socialist Left, both now and historically.

Based on your Lefty logic, nations like Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc would be leading examples of Xenophobia.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
AXE. Stop deflecting from the Socialist Left DEMs genocide of babies. When the issue is about the DEMs you always try to direct attention elsewhere.

As for Scandinavian nations, their own politicians say that they are NOT Socialist, Instead they claim to be market economies. When Sweden tried to go more Socialist some years back their economy started tanking so they so they turned away from it.

YOU'RE the one claiming that Christians are "stupid". But God indicates in Prov 1:7 that Christians are smart enough to seek knowledge from God, whilst the lost are "Fools" rejecting God's wisdom, instruction.

You need to take your disagreement with God up with Him.

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