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Suffer In Hell Forever
John9346 said, "Monk Brendan have you recommend to Cluny to stop defending RC Teaching and post the actual things that Eastern Orthodox really Believe???"

John, none of the things that you have posted have a remote resemblance to Catholic Dogma.

A lot of the Pre-Reformation Dogma is exactly the same! What you are quoting is 400+ years of Reformation anti-Catholicism. You would do better to actually read "Catechism of the Catholic Church" BEFORE posting another anti-Catholic screed on this or any other forum.

Suffer In Hell Forever
mike said, " cluny - your favorite verse is what the serpent said in the garden - 'you will not die, you will be like God knowing what is good & evil'. disobedience because you are the one who thinks you are God defining what is good or what is evil'...again 'glory to the pope' not christ cluny...of course your source of information is man the pope & not the bible. that is why you 'glorify the pope not christ & his word or commandment...cluny - that is what the bible says. it's obvious who you really are obeying...for you glory to the pope not the word of God."

Mike, Cluny is NOT CATHOLIC! He doesn't follow the Pope. Read up on Orthodox Christianity before you address him again.

Where I Was Saved
Melody said, " you cannot prove your offensive words against my writings - for everything that I have shared here are Biblical inspired - and your own antagonist problem you are putting them on others that share GOD'S WORD."

Melody, Jesus told us to love one another. Love is never condemnation. Rather, Love is...(1Cor 13)

There is nothing in there that tells you to condemn or judge. If you continue, God will heap on you the condemnations that you spew out of your mouth.

Just a loving warning.

Jesus Attend Your Church
StevenG said, "ALL worldly denominational "churches" are non-profit of which the orthodox "church" is a "church," a religion. Even the santanic "church" is a non-profit organization."

Okay, Steven, let's put things in some order. There are a great many "churches" that have 501c3 status, which is a federal TAX status, and it has nothing to do with how close (or far away from) TRUE Christianity.

Most Pre-Reformation churches are set up as a corporation sole, with all of the tax status resting in the bishop of the diocese.

Western Eastern Religions
Kathr4453 said, " Cluny, I have "respectively" misspelled words that you both carry on about as if the world would come to an end. You've been asked by several to stop, and you don't, showing one of two things....arrogance, or you both have a learning disability or mental disorder...neurosis ...whatever."

And yet you and others on these blogs have repeatedly been told of our "Eastern" beliefs, and yet you and others choose to lump us into the Roman Catholic Church. Neither of us are Roman Catholic. I am MELKITE Catholic, and Cluny is ORTHODOX. When you and others learn that, then I, at least, shall not bother anyone about spelling.

Church To Be Restored
John 9346 said, "Well first as a monk how unbecoming of you... would have expected better over a typo on a word... guest your not human???"

I am human, with all the foibles that continue in humans. But, I comment upon it because this is not the first time you have spelled the word "Eucharist" in the same manner. So it's not a typo, it's deliberate.

"You cant debate what you believe about Mary because you cant none of you can thats why you want to change the topic."

Not so! But I cannot have a conversation where between you and me, with comments limited to 125 words. If you can get the Moderator to cancel the limitations on word count and comment, then I will write to you about it.

How To Love
StevenG said, "As a small group, people are accountable to one another. People grow and mature in Christ a whole lot better than going to a denominational "church" service once a week. We are not to be only hearers of the word."

But your "small group" is not connected to any other small, medium, or large scale congregation, or you would be able to claim 501c3 status.

Satanic Symbols Appearing
Cluny said, "Exactly what symbols are you talking about, Steveng?"

You know, Cluny. He's alwaqys looking to pin the tail on the Beast.

He Takes Away Sin
Melody said, "Enough of your insults and for you to twist my sayings and use that to constantly harassed me with your words - the proof is in the writing and you over and over show 'your religious spirit' against THE TRUTH! May THE LORD that is THE ONE that hears and judges the words that come from our hearts show you where you are and if not - it's your own decision and your loss!"

Melody, the Lord rebuke thee! (Jude 9--KJV)

Where I Was Saved
Knowing the DATE is inconsequential. What does that matter? What you have done since then is a lot more important.

If it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, God will provide.

How To Love
StevenG said, "What about the people throughout all of history who did/do not know God or Jesus? Will they have eternal life?"

What about the infants who died, the children who died, and the mentally challenged? Will they have eternal life?

YOUR HOUSEHOLD is all that you are responsible for, and in that, I cannot judge whether you are doing wright or wrong in God's eyes.

I know of a man in India that helps people all day long, by taking care of their feet. He is Hindu, but he is obeying what is God is drawing him to do. I think it is a better bet on him getting into heaven than some people on this list.

Jesus Attend Your Church
StevenG said, "All man-made denominational "churches," including the orthodox "church," are non-profit organizations. The orthodox "church" has practically everything the roman catholic "church" has - the man-made buildings, man-made hard assets, paper assets, special man-made clothing, man-made rituals, man-made traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible. All denominational "churches" put a heavy burden upon its members."

Steven, you're just complaining because you can't get tax deductible status, and everyone on these blogs know it.

Church To Be Restored
John9346 said, "papal primacy and infallibility, the priesthood, purgatory, indulgences, confession, penance, the Eukarist, the mass, the veneration of icons and dead saints, Sola Ekklesia, salvation after someone has already died, and theosis."

John, are you so ignorant that you can't spell Eucharist? If you want to spell it completely in Greek, well Cluny can give you the Roman spelling--or are you trying to be obnoxious?

Now, where, in Orthodox literature does it speak of saving someone after they are dead?

BTW, I refuse to get into an on-line argument about MY beliefs of Mary.

Church To Be Restored
Melody said, " "Today is the day of salvation, today is the acceptable time". - for tomorrow might be too late - do it now!"

Melody, It's been more than 40 years ago that I did what you suggest I need to do.

And I continue to ask God for His help and HIS salvation, each and every day.

And I will pray for YOU too, so that you can receive His Love, and be granted His salvation.

How To Love
Melody said, "Why it is? - because from the depth of hell itself this distortion and attack against Christianity comes from and you are right, by those 'so called Christians' but aren't and that the wicked and destroyer of the souls use them to make it appear like that!

THE LORD says: "Test the spirits' and then separate what's TRUTH and what's not: "Not all that says: LORD, LORD - but those who do MY WILL" . . . and under obedience to THE TRUE GOSPEL OF SALVATION . . . Selah!"

Melody, in all of Matt 25 and 1 Cor 13, there is not ONE command to beat people into submission, and to feel superior to those that don't agree with you. Read both passages, and you will see.

Church To Be Restored
Melody, Cluny has asked you a question: What are his beliefs that go against God's Word?

And then, which of my beliefs don't measure up?

Jesus Attend Your Church
RioLion said, " The Roman Church today had its origin at the Council of Trent. It is not the same church as was at Jerusalem as the Church of St. Peter has become the Church of St.Pedophilia. ..."

The Catholic Church, along with the Orthodox Church, and the other Pre-Reformation churches began the day that the Holy Spirit fell on the apostles.

As far as pedophilia, at one time I attended an AofG Church where the senior pastor was a pedophile and adulterer, his wife chased anything in pants, the music minister was a flaming queen, and the congregation was very sick.

The Melkite Church here in America has had one (1) case of child abuse, and the priest was removed, IMMEDIATELY.

Church To Be Restored
John9346 said, "Next, icons was a divided issue like Filioque I mention these because you stated nothing wasn't of divission until after 1054 that is false..."

Filioque was the cause of the official split in 1054. True, this heresy started before that, but it was one of the reasons.

Have you gotten rid of all of the pictures in your life? I'm not going to "dialog" with you about icons until you do.

FYI, there is no Pre-Reformation iconoclastic (i.e. without icons) Church, as we are following the traditions handed down to us from the Apostles, and they got it from Jesus.

Baptism Gone Wrong
Kathr4453 said, "Why can't people COMPREHEMD what is being said. Who today castrates young boys for the RCC?"

When did you STOP beating your husband and/or children?

That is the same type of question.

Castration is/was a barbaric custom that has, for the most part, been abandoned. Nobody does the whole castration thing for the Catholic Church. Girls are now allowed in the choir loft.

Church To Be Restored
John9346 said, "Patently False, The Filioque Controversy, Icons,etc."

Oh, we're going to start up with icons, again. Are you telling me that there is not a single picture of Jesus, or anyone else in your LIFE? When you have removed ALL photographs, pictures, artwork, etc. from your life, THEN you can talk to me about icons.

As far as Filioque, the Orthodox (and the Melkites) do NOT use Filioque in the Creed.

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