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Church On Doctrines
StrongAxe: For starters, you can see some of the worst lies://

Soooooo, you did that to me before. The starters are also the finisher all at once.

I want the report as you put it that LISTED all 13000+.

There has to be one because you had an exact number. 13,560 I believe. Or you all just made up that number to make it look credible.

BTW, Politico facts needs the 'pants on fire' themselves.

If Trump said it is raining cats and dogs outside they marked it a lie.

No dogs or cats falling, just water. Trump lied again.

Everyone can use expressionism language but Trump

Church On Doctrines
StrongAxe, Benitez only served 4 yrs in prison.

***...for convicted of several felonies, including a domestic violence charge following an incident involving his then-girlfriend, assault with a deadly weapon, DUI and narcotics-related offenses, the Times reported. He served four years in prison and lost his legal status, meaning his Green Card was revoked, as a result of TWO AGGRAVATED FELONY convictions. By Danielle Wallace Fox News

Note she got it from the Times.

Make up your mind. Does Democrats care about women or not? And do you all want DEADLY WEAPONS out of mental and dangerous people?

He didn't commit one felony, 2, 3, but 4 felonies.

How many felonies is too many for you before we can deport him?

God Bless President Trump
StrongAxe: The whistleblower did not testify before Congress.//

Who decided that? Adam Schiff after he said several times he wanted the Whistleblower to testify.

Schiff keeps moving the goal post.

//Therefore his (or her) comments are hearsay, which is why we need all the other witnesses.//


Hearsay, so you get to choose which statement of the Whistleblower should be believed?

Believe him/her when he states Trump did something wrong, but we don't believe him/her when he said the transcript is factual?

Are you related to Adam Schiff? Is the Whistleblower credible or not?

If he/she is only credible half the time, then WHY are we having this impeachment on a 50% credible Whistleblower?

How To Calculate 666
StrongAxe, Peter decided that all posts must be replaced.

Acts 1:20b ..May another take his place of leadership.

Peter DECIDED that Judas leadership should be replaced.

You think Peter would ONLY have a policy to replace Jesus' betrayer, but not himself?

**Eusebius of Caesarea
Paul testifies that Crescens was sent to Gaul [2 Tim. 4:10], but Linus, whom he mentions in the Second Epistle to Timothy [2 Tim. 4:21] as his companion at Rome, was Peters SUCCESSOR in the episcopate of the church there, as has already been shown. Clement also, who was appointed third bishop of the church at Rome, was, as Paul testifies, his co-laborer and fellow-soldier [Phil. 4:3] (Church History 3:4:910 [A.D. 312]).

God Bless President Trump
StrongAxe, like there isn't a dozen blocked people by Adam Schiff?

Why should Trump and 60 million Americans participate on a sham to impeachment based on a Whistleblower's account?

If I accused you of stealing my car, but my lawyer is the only one setting ALL the rules.

You can't bring your lawyer, your solid alibi witness, or ask question.

And the frosting on the cake my lawyer tells you can't confront me or see me.

But you suspected you fired my 2 months earlier. You believe my fake accusation is for revenge.

You wouldn't show up to that kangaroo court either!

Adam Schiff blocked Whistleblower, Hunter Biden and his former long-time business partner, Devon Archer also on the board of Burisma.

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
Kathr: Cluny says they were not sacrificial birds, you say they were. Who is correct?//

The Bible. I gave Scripture backing up my statement.

I looked it up and he didn't.

//...their was no instruction for sacrificing the feathers of any if the birds, so they all could have been used for feather beds.//


Feathers are part of the bird.

Are you claiming they would told to remove the feathers PRIOR from sacrificing the one bird?

Where it that in the Bible?

Please follow your own rule.

Plus, the one bird released also loses his/her feathers?

Plus, where in the Bible states the Jews had feather beds?

A lot of assumptions on your part don't you think?

God Bless President Trump
StrongAxe: Everyone who claims Trump is innocent REFUSES to testify under oath. That should tell you something.//


What part of Adam Schiff is denying most of the Republican's requested witnesses who will state Trump is innocent UNDER OATH

Adam Schiff NOT ALLOWING them to testify should tell you something.

//There is no "transcript". It is just a memorandum, not a word-for-word transcription of the call.//

According to the Whistleblower it is a transcript and FACTUAL

//Does John 8:7 apply to you when you condemn Obama?//

No. You only wanted to list Trump's sins. I added Obama's sins to balance the score.

Just because Obama's lie was worst isn't my fault.

How To Calculate 666
Kathr: Strongaxe THE RCC//

I guess your finger slipped and accidentally typed an 'R' to the 'CC'.

//(CC) has no heavenly authority over the will of God.//

I see you REALLY HATE Matthew 16:19
I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in HEAVEN, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in HEAVEN.

Note Jesus is speaking.

Note Jesus came from Heaven and returned to Heaven.

Note Jesus has complete AUTHORITY!

Matthew 28:18 Jesus came to them and said, ALL AUTHORITY in HEAVEN and on EARTH has been given to Me.

In other words, He has the authority to tell Peter to bind Heaven in ANYTHING Peter wanted. Matt 16:19


Church On Doctrines
StrongAxe: Clinton was impeached for 1 adultery 1 lie.//

Clinton was impeached ONLY for lying.

Are you trying to get me to believe Clinton ONLY cheated on Hillary ONCE?

//boasted privately but hushed it up//

If it was PRIVATE how do you know he boasted?

Just CITE the record so I can look at all 13,000 lies myself. PRETTY PLEASE!

Go to the Lefties Snopes website and maybe you will believe them.

'Was Donald Trump Fined for Stealing Money Intended for Veterans?'

BTW, if I commit multiple felonies I will try the 'PTSD' defense

//he got deported to a country he didn't know, as he left there at 3.//

I rather go to China than prison.

ANYWHERE is better than prison!

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
//Maybe their feathers were used for feather beds...
---kathr4453 on 11/19/19

Leviticus 14:7b
After that, he is to release the live bird in the open fields.

The other one was killed whole. Jewish people were not allowed to sacrifice anything half way.

Church On Doctrines
Kathr: deflecting again. Stop excusing Trump by listing everyone else's sins.//

It's too much like Jesus' thinking isn't it?

John 8:7

//"God, why send me to hell, Billy did this and even more. I know Billy is in hell, but I'm better than Billy because I'm a republican, and my sins don't really count the same "//

No Democrats are the Pharisee in Luke 18:11-12.

Republicans act like the tax collector in V13.

Remember who Jesus said went home justified. V14

//This mentality is getting so lame.//

Yup, the Pharisee would agree with you.

Church On Doctrines
StrongAxe, all your examples pertained to Democrats.

Bill Clinton, Congresswoman IIhan Omar and Katie Hill. Just in the last 6 months.

BOTH were having affairs (Bill NEVER stopped) and stealing from their own Campaign funds 5th and 7th Commandment (6th/8th)

Hillary stole in 2015 while in the State Department according to the FBI!
BTW, the VERY LIBERAL Washington Post broke the WH theft story.

'Hillary Can't Stop Stealing Furniture From the American People.'-- Laurens ten Cate on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016,

Marine Jose Segovia Benitez had multiple FELONIES convictions.

You and I go to Prison, but not Segovia.

He gets to go to his birth Country.


Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
Sparrows were acceptable for sacrifice

Leviticus 14:4

...the priest shall order that two live clean birds and some cedar wood, scarlet yarn and hyssop be brought for the person to be cleansed.

God Bless President Trump
StrongAxe, saying it doesn't mean he lied 13,000+. They only cited 100 of 13,000 and they wrong on 90%.

I can say you hit your wife 13 times a day and gotten 25 people to agree. It is true because I said it?

//He attacks them in REVENGE.//


Call it Revenge, but I call it SELF DEFENSE!

//..he attacked both decorated serviceman Alexander Vindman and Ambassador Yovanovitch//

Like Obama did to General Flynn?

Which is worse?

Words or imprisonment?

//because they testified to what happened instead of substantiating his lies.//

Read the transcript!

If they say something not in the transcript they lied!

Note Yovanovitch ONLY complained about her FEELINGS

Support President Trump
Kathr:..don't use God and Trump in the same sentence. God does not join Himself to sinners//


Jesus came into the world join Himself to us to Save us.

1 John 3:5 Also He is the New Adam

Sounding like a Pharisee Matthew 9:11-12

Anywho, voting for Trump was a twofer: Supreme Court Justices appointees and anyone but Hillary.

He is true to his word.

He has kept more campaign PROMISES than any other President. Even my 2nd favorite President Ronald Reagan. Meaning Trump is my 1st favorite President.

He given more job opportunities to Blacks, Hispanics and Women ever in our American History.

Which everyone knows this makes my happy since I am a Black Hispanic woman. :D

Church On Doctrines
StrongAxe, are confusing Trump with Clinton? Bill boasted about his affairs. Trump paid Daniels to keep quiet


The Clinton's stole from the WH when they left.

//False witness://

Hello? Bill was impeached for lying.

//he could kill someone and get away with it//

Joking isn't the same.

Everyone and I mean everyone knows the Clintons has 'Body counts'.

Democrats DON'T believe in God.

He NEVER deported any immigrant.

He not Obama passed the "Accountability Act"

People with jobs don't need food stamps.

Health Insurance doesn't translate to health care.

Trump STOP punishing people for NOT having health insurance.

God Bless President Trump
StrongAxe: Give me ONE NAME Trump attacked first.

The site DOESN'T list the 13000 false statements.

BTW, John 8:7 applies to you as well.

//He constantly claims he's the best at everything, better than anyone else in the world.//

Like all other men I know. It's called puffing.

I rather have small lies than a big lie to hurming everyone

Obama's lie of the century "If you like your doctor you will keep a if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it"

And "Health insurance cost will go down by $2500"

But reality was people lost their Doctors and healthcare plan, PLUS didn't see a decrease but an increase by $15,000 to 30,000 or for the lucky one increased by 50%.

Church On Doctrines
Hi Jerry, yes, when Leftists can when on facts, common sense nor reality they have no choice but to run on nonsense.

Kathr: Not everyone needed to see a miracle to believe. Even with the Apostles...not all needed to see a miracle there either to believe.---kathr4453 11/6/19

You forgotten our dispute.

The Resurrection is the BIGGEST miracle we confess, believe and proclaim as our MAIN DOCTRINE!

BTW, you need to read the last 3 chapters of the Gospels again.

All living Apostles had to believed in that RESURRECTION MIRACLE after (not before) Jesus proved He was alive after they saw Him die on the cross.

Just as Paul wrote in 1 Cor 15.

(Personally I am unsure why he said 12 Apostles in verse 5)

God Bless President Trump
Kathr: Slandering our dedicated's not even funny. Slander is a very serious//

See Jerry?

Kathr, telling the true isn't slander.

Every Ambassador KNOWS when another Party wins their term is finished.

Nice guy Trump didn't remove Yovanovitch until 2019. Obama replaced ALL Ambassadors immediately when he won the presidency.

BTW, even if Trump DID (which he didn't) slander her it's BETTER than watching Ambassador Chris Stevens tortured and killed in real time.

//Trump trying to sabotage democracy//

No, Democrat party as before are trying to overturn an election because they lost fair and square.

Can you say 'Civil War'?

Here's an idea?

Campaign for votes instead.

Date Of Christmas Decorations
I put my Christmas decorations around the 18th, but I don't turn on the lights until after midnight Mass.

Then I wait until the Baptism of our Lord (a week after the Epiphany).

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