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Bill Gates Required Microchip

Nurse Bobby: "Tell us, Jerry, what did you do with your socialist check Trump sent you?"

I haven't gotten one yet. Did you get one? Are you grateful to our wonderful President for it? I'd bet not.

God bless Donald Trump!

Bill Gates Required Microchip

I hope you socialists are enjoying this taste of socialism which employs government overreach to keep you from church and results in empty shelves at the grocery store. What will it take to open your eyes?

Bill Gates Required Microchip

You commies are so easy to trigger!

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Nicole: I'm so glad you're back. It's hard to hold the line against these leftist traitors, and I appreciate your help. The axster apparently gets his info from Fake News, and Chatty Katty gets hers by channeling some strange spirit or other (Who can know?).

We know that these leftists are insane due to Trump Derangement Syndrome, but I recently read that 82% of Democrats would refuse life-saving hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID19 because Trump recommended it. Now that's INSANITY!

What Is Your Truth

David: "I Dont agree with Saturday sabbath"

Then you don't agree with the Bible, or Jesus and the Apostles. Sunday sacredness came well after the apostolic period.

Isa 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to THIS WORD, it is because there is NO LIGHT in them.

Covid-19 Life Impact

Nicole: "So the CCP can try to contain an uncontrollable outbreak, but Trump can't?"

These lefties love the CCP because they are closet commies. They hate Trump because of the constant fake news drumbeat. They don't care that we were attacked by a communist bioweapon, they only know their insane hatred for our legally elected president.

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Katty: Once again you prove yourself the CN queen of obnoxiousness. You claim to be able to know other's hearts, when only God does. You are not God! You seem to follow after your father, the accuser of the brethren.

Samuel made the same mistake of judging that I had left the Church. I responded to his FALSE assertion, and you had to stick your uninvited nose in to spew your anti-Trump hatred.

Why do you hate true American Christians so?

God bless Donald Trump!

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Sammy: "Jerry Apparently you have left the Seventh day Adventist church."

Where did you get that? If you were objective, you would realize that it is YOU who has turned against our Sola Scriptura protestant foundation to embrace the political philosophies of atheism, infanticide, sexual perversion, lying and covetousness found in your beloved leftist Democrat Party.

These leftist enemies within our country do their best to support our enemies (Iran, China, etc.), and undermine our duly elected government.

Shame on you for leaving the religion of Christ to embrace the "Beast that emerges from the bottomless pit." (Most here won't understand this, but you should if you're still a SDA.)

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Gates is a Communist just like his father. Of course he wants us to be implanted with a chip so he can track us. All leftists love more and more government control, and will use any excuse - even a pandemic disease - to get it.

Thank God for Donald Trump. We'd all be dead if the Hildebeast had been elected.

Coronavirus And Christians

Rats! I thought the insulting blog clogger was off duty. And I was so looking forward to your vacation.

"Spanish Flu actually began here in the USA"

That's one theory, but you'd have a hard time proving it.

Coronavirus And Christians

Hi Haz: Hope you are staying safe down under. We are contending with the Bat Flu here (Orlando, FL) as best we can. I'm glad to see that Chatty Katty has found something useful to do with her time rather than sit at the computer all day spewing hate-filled Demoncrap talking points.

She doesn't like my "Bat Flu" name or even calling it the Chinese Flu as our great President does. Of course she has no problem with "Swine Flu" or "Spanish Flu". Go figure!

Examine Religious Experience

Kat: "one cannot see the law is not made for the righteous, but sinners."
---kathr4453 on 3/17/20

Jesus kept the Law perfectly, else His sacrifice was in vain.

Are you then saying that Jesus was a sinner?

In heaven and the New Earth we will all keep the entire Law. There will be no sinners in Heaven.

Coronavirus And Christians

Although it is evident that this Bat Flu is overly hyped to induce panic, people are dying from it. The most probable theory of the Flu's origin is the eating of BAT by a Chinese man. The Bible proscribes the eating of unclean animals such as bat to protect us from such dangers. What a shame that alleged Christians see no harm in such abominable practices, insisting that Peter's sheet vision concerning religious bigotry is gives license to eat the unclean. Maybe that's where the Swine Flu came from. Why should we aid this disease by defending the abominable practice of eating the disgusting?

Keeping Of Sunday

Kat: "There was no law before Moses"

Gen 26:5 Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.

Did you know that Abraham came before Moses?

You just don't get it Katty. God was not kidding when he gave the Ten Commandments. They are eternal, irrevocable, permanent and binding on all intelligent creatures. It was the handwriting of ordinances that was nailed to the cross - not the tables of stone.

If the necessity of keeping God's Holy Law could so easily be set aside by legislative fiat, then Jesus Need not have died to save us. Didn't you know that the same OT Law is written on the heart in the New Covenant? Jesus kept the entire Law.

Keeping Of Sunday

Kat: "I believing ALL SCRIPTURE, but"

It's the "BUT" that kills it.

I believe the entire Bible. Period. No buts. God does not change. He does not cancel His own Law just because we "feel" that He should. We either obey Him or we don't. Why are you so opposed to simple obedience?

Examine Religious Experience

Dragon: Yes, there is someone. He is the Holy Spirit. Open your Bible, and He will guide you into all truth.

Keeping Of Sunday

Katty: What you say contradicts the Scripture I quoted from Isaiah. Do you seriously expect me to take your word above the Word of God? If you think that Paul's writing in the New Testament supplants that of Isaiah, then you are misinterpreting Paul. All the New Testament Apostles upheld the writings of the Old Testament writers.

The Bible is the only common ground for our discussions. I can't abide any contradiction to it.

Keeping Of Sunday

Katty: "Jerry question, does Jesus still keep the sabbath day? NO."

How do you know this?

Isaiah tells us that we will keep the Sabbath forever in the earth made new.

Isa 66:23 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one SABBATH to another, shall all flesh come to worship before ME, saith the LORD.

Again, why not try it God's way rather than man's way? What have you got to lose?

What Is Earthly Tabernacle

Katty" "we "put on" IMMORTALITY."

Yes, but when?

1Co 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, AT THE LAST TRUMP: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
1Co 15:53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must PUT ON IMMORTALITY.

The last trump has not yet sounded!

Keeping Of Sunday

katty: "Jerry, I live by faith in the word of God."

If you did, you would live according to its precepts. Observance of the Sabbath day is commanded throughout the Bible, but the keeping of Sunday is not. Jesus kept the Sabbath day. Don't you want to follow Jesus? Do you think he is more pleased with obedience or disobedience?

I also worship God every day of the week, and not only on the Sabbath as you assert.

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