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What Is Purgatory
What a whopper Nicole just told here. It's time for little girls to grow up and put the FairyTales away.

What Nicole and her CC or whatever is pushing is what we call IDENTITY THEFT. It's using Jesus and Mary's name, but is not the Mary and Jesus of scripture. And the one who stole this identity and is pushing this LIE is the Father OF LIES...SATAN.

Now Nicole thinks it's cute and thinks she's doing God a favor, but she's doing Satans bidding, by getting you to believe in someone with Jesus Name, but not the actual Jesus.

Also since the CC doesn't believe in the Finished works of Christ.....added to this horrible's just more insult to injury.

What Is Purgatory
Samuel, I believe Romans 5 give an excellent account of sin, death, etc. scripture does not say in Adam all sin, it say in Adam ALL DIE. because of Adams sin, we all inherited DEATH the moment we were born.

Jesus came to give us LIFE out of death. There are no exceptions. Mary inherited DEATH, and also because the LAW revealed sin, Mary was a sinner. Where there was no Law..that is between Adam and Moses, sin was not imputed, HOWEVER death still reigned because of Adams sin.

Our fallen nature separated us from God and the Glory of scripture says ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD. .

What Is Purgatory
So Nicole, on that last note, scripture has it explained very well, and there is no need to inject a false belief concerning our redemption IN CHRIST ALONE. So again, you are teaching another Jesus and another Mary, not found in scripture, but are using names in scripture to perpetuate your CULT doctrine, seducing people to believe in a false Christ, just as the coming anti_Christ will do. I do believe this is why so many believe the CC or RCC or whatever IS WHY many believe you all are that anit_Christ....meaning an imposter, not someone against Christ. "anti"_Christ means in place of. You doing it right now with this false Mary/Jesus doctrine. And look at all who swallowed this so easily.

REPENT while you can.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Catholics falsely teach 'Mary as full of grace, 'means sinless, but that phrase is found only twice in the Bible, and neither time is it in reference to Mary. Jesus is said to be full of grace (John 1:14), and so is Stephen (Acts 6:8).

We know Stephen was not considered sinless, therefore the phrase does not mean one is sinless.

There are several verses stating Jesus was without sin. No such verses are said about Mary.

Denominational Church Missing
today's 'denominational churches DO NOT teach is the importance of the 7th day SABBATH & God RESTED after he finished his work of CREATION - points to a CREATOR ......
---mike on 2/1/19

mike, the seventh day of creation pointed to the finished works of Christ....and this is explained in Hebrews 3-4....FOR THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND. The seventh day is totally explained in Hebrews 3-4. There is not one verse stating it must be kept. It shows TODAY we ENTER HIS REST. Jesus finished the works "from the foundation of the world". We are now COMPLETE IN HIM...those saved

SEVEN actually means PERFECT, COMPLETE. But you need to be Born Again to understand this.

Have you been Born Again?

Denominational Church Missing
Mike, Did you know every Jew today under the law still practices circumcision. This was what separated Gods people from heathens. It was extremely important. Even when those children went into to take the promise land they could not go further until they were circumcised. Also see Exodus 4:18-31. But TODAY that is not required. If nothing has changed, why has this? It's the exact same concept as the rest of the law. ( no pun intended) all these things are now IN CHRIST. We ENTER His rest, ( we don't keep it, HE KEEPS US) we are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, by the circumcision of Christ...again something HE DOES...Colossians 2.

If a Christian Jew can see these truths, why not a gentile? Strange.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Also Nicole, God cannot do anything He wants if it goes against His words. IN ADAM ALL DIE. There is no exception to that truth. Mary was in Adam. In Christ will all be made alive. Mary was made alive IN CHRIST after Jesus died and rose again.

God CANNOT go against His word or his truths. God also CANNOT LIE. And no scripture says, In Adam all die EXCEPT Mary.

Just because you cannot understand the virgin birth, doesn't mean you are free to make up stuff so that it's easier for your frail human mind to grasp. God never said you have to understand it...He said, just Believe it.

I know Melody yells at you a lot , but her not being able to explain things, but would rather curse at you, is not of God.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Melody, everyone on here believes they are speaking on behalf of God. You are no didfferent than David, Cluny, Monk, Nicole Strong Axe, John etc. However, unlike all others here, you feel you are superior to others in that you cannot be challenged or even rebuked ....where that alone is the root of everyone's issues with you. YOU ARE NOT GOD, and can be rebuked and corrected.

Much of what you say is not sound doctrine....its RELIGIOUS rethoric. Please know the difference.

Just because Putin and the Russian Orthodox hates sodomites , does not make them absolute truth holders or truth tellers. And Gods wrath is coming on Russia even if they do murder all sodomites.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Secondly Melody, I don't believe it's our place to condemn anyone. We're here to preach the GOOD NEWS. When I witness, to sodomites, I just show them they are sinners just like you and me. I show them that ALL HUMANS have fallen short of the Glory of God, and Jesus died for all our sin. And then through the Word of God, the Holy Spirit convicts of sin. Then if perchance they do accept Jesus , the LORD will work in their life AS HE SEES FIT, AND IN THE ORDER HE SEES FIT to begin to transform one to be conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ. That's Gods work.

You however condemn and cut off their ears first, where I bet you have never led anyone to the Lord..especially a sodomite.

Grace Through Faith
Melody, before judging others , please first take your own advise. You have been called our by almost everyone here, and you use the same line of defense...HOW DARE YOU, approach.

I've stayed out of your way, like others you DELETED.

I post the same gut felt honesty you claim you have toward others you falsely accuse. And you're still at it, never heeding the advise so many others have addressed your holier than thou Judgemental attitude. At least when asked, I give SPECIFICS as to what I disagree with you about. You however do not nor do you use scripture.

You and David are the same.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Nicole, also no one is sinless in this lifetime. To make such a claim is to claim you are a god. Firstly, to be sinless would mean EVERY WORD out of David's mouth would be ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I find that claim to be almost blasphemy. To say anything not absolute truth would be either a lie, a falsehood, wrong etc....showing it to be incompatible with being sinless. Sinless people don't just make mistakes....fallible humans do. You can't claim sinlessness and then excuse yourself under a WOOPS, I made a mistake. But I don't see David admitting he could be wrong. A very dangerous mindset to have. That's the sin of thinking more highly of yourself than you ought. Every way David turns, his own words have exposed his falsehoods.

Grace Through Faith
I also can't believe Melody would lower herself to bust into a thread acting like a 10 year old. You can respond on the correct thread Melody. This is also something Nicole would do. It's amazing the things you have picked up ( bad habits) from the very ones you rail against.

Actually maybe Melody is David.....creating a diversion so he can avoid answering questions. Both have that superiority attitude that they are Gods gift to those here on CN. HUMMMMMMMM!

Grace Through Faith
I also can't believe Melody would lower herself to bust into a thread acting like a 10 year old. You can respond on the correct thread Melody. This is also something Nicole would do. It's amazing the things you have picked up ( bad habits) from the very ones you rail against.

Actually maybe Melody is David.....creating a diversion so he can avoid answering questions. Both have that superiority attitude that they are Gods gift to those here on CN. HUMMMMMMMM!

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Also Melody, you are either trying to be pretentious in your choice of words, or you are having a hard time choosing the correct English word with complete sentence structure.

If you think your choice of words makes you sound holier than thou, it doesn't. If English is your second language and you are having a hard time expressing it...that is a different story.

Now Strongaxe and Nicole also use CAPS, so there ya go David...we are all the same person. TEE HEE HEE!

Penalty For Sin Is Death
David using a verse he doesn't understand Which says the opposite of what he is saying. Paul said he died....he never said sin died.

Also the reason sin was REVIVED, is because the law points to sin, exposes sin IN OUR FLESH. our old Adam, our old man will ALWAYS BE SIN , and no law can eradicate our fallen sin nature. Sin will ALWAY have POWER over those who rely on the Law to subdue the flesh, but never puts our flesh to death.

Our identification with Jesus in death and resurrection life is the ONLY WAY sin is dealt with.

David calls me a false teacher for showing you really saying Paul is a false teacher. It's all in Romans 6-8. Just read it as Paul wrote it. The Holy Spirit will TEACH YOU its truths.

Grace Through Faith
David ever since we began debating, you always start your post off with a condescending insult, exalting yourself, while attacking and comparing your arrogant attitude with anothers faith and relationship with the Lord, by measurering against "YOU" some delusion that you are Gods measuring stick you think God is using to measure others by. You can't get more arrogant and self righteousness than that.

God measures me up against how much I have grown IN CHRIST, into the fullness and stature of Christ who is my life. Ephesians 4. And NOTHING can separate me from the love of God that is IN CHRIST JESUS. Romans 8.

You comments only make you look foolish. I know who I am IN CHRIST. YOU DONT.

Grace Through Faith
David, your ignorant statement only proves your ignorance. My faith is not in my left foot ...dahhhh.
Who said my faith was not on Jesus Christ who died and rose again? Romans 10:9-10.

David, your high and lofty post is so pretentious here. And the audacity of falsely accusing someone so that you can appear so "WHATEVER" well, it's your MO that Nicole and Steveng eat up.

The only problem here is you.

Grace Through Faith
I'm sure Cornelius found some kind of grace in Gods eyes....after all God responded to the report that there was someone down here seeking Him, but God still had to send Peter to bring the Gospel to Cornelius for THAT KIND OF SAVING GRACE.

Grace Through Faith
Flinging grace IN GODS EYES were already men OF FAITH in the first place. Joseph found grace in Pharoah's eyes...but does that mean Pharoah secured eternal life for Joseph? NO?

Nowhere in the NT is "grace" associated with IN THINE EYES. And nowhere were ungodly men said to have grace in anyone's eyes in the OT. YET the NT says it is God who JUSTIFIES THE UNGODLY. You would think God would only Justify those He found Grace in His eyes for....NOP.

God justified those who put their faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ...Romans 4:23-5:9 are those who have ACCESS INTO "THIS GRACE " IN WHICH WE STAND.

Totally different GRACE here Steveng.

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