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Scriptures Of The Early Church
In the first 100 hundreds of Christianity, there were at least four means used to promoted the gospel. One, the Old Testament, two, Christ Himself, three other people who had experienced salvation through Christ and fourth the letters written by The Apostle and others to the new churches or individuals,(These letters make up the present New Testament.)

Denying Christ Is Only Way
They are looking to glorify themselves, not Christ!

the Bible states that in the last days even the elect will be deceived.

There is only one way to heaven according to the Bible! (John 14:6)

Explain Matthew 23:1-3
Jesus is pointing out that the scribes are not practicing what they preach, but they do have academic knowledge of what they say so He warning His listeners that what they say is accurate, so listen to them.

President Trump
Positive change

I Hate My Husband
There's a saying that states, "I cannot change others, I can only change myself and others will change when I change" So, my question is: what can I change in me that will cause my husband to change. Your question should not be, "Why does God want me to stay in this?" but rather what does God want me to do to to make this marriage better?

Dating A Married Woman
If she cheated on her husband with you, what makes you think she won't cheat on you?

Not Saved Comment
It's as you say, but this is not what is stated in the Bible. Always use the Bible as your point of reference for anything that causes doubt in your thinking, Just remember we Christian's are just forgiven, and not perfect. Here's a saying I heard years ago that helps me, "The church is a hospital for sinners not a hotel for saints" Everything you hear is not always from a Christian but maybe from a person who is just religious.

I Hate My Husband
Did you ask God if you should marry him? Are either of you Born again Christians? How long have you been married? Are there children?

Before I can give you a detaild answer, you need to give me some answers.

While waiting for my answers
here's an exercise you both can do: write down all the things that attracted you to this man. Have him do the same thing about what he found attractive in you. After that, the two of you discuss what you wrote down. (Take the phones off the hook and turn off all mobile phones and devices and if there are children- have someone take them out of the house.)

Are There Salvation Standards
God does NOT judge Christians. Christ judges Christian at His judgement seat, for the Christian's works but not for salvation.

Is Baptism Public
Don't confuse the method with the message. The method has changed from year to year and from culture to culture, but the message does not change. Baptism is a testimony as what Christ has done and a promise that He will come again.

Married To Unsaved Wife
There are a few things you can do:
1: Pray for her and wisdom for yourself in knowing what and when to say anything, (which may mean saying nothing at times.)

2: Live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

3. Listen to her if she ask a question if she ask one that would effect her Christian life, just beware of "rabbit holes", (trick questions that will lead your off what you want, such as, "When is Christ returning."

4: Document what you say based on The Bible!

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