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Alabama Abortion Law

God tells Samaria will happen BECAUSE of their attitude. This is a cause-and-effect thing. Pregnant women would be disemboweled - either because of a specific judgment of God made at that time, or as a consequence of natural law God instituted in the beginning. So which is it?

In both cases, their "holy innocent" children would be killed by no fault of their own, and those deaths will be based on decisions God made, either then, or at the beginning of time.

God didn't "allow" children to die in the flood. HE SPECIFICALLY SENT the flood. He COULD have sent a plague that killed only sinners (like he sent to Egypt to target only firstborn), but he didn't.

Christian Symbolism Matrix

How have I become a "church lady" against you?

I didn't give you a choice between hypocritical Pharisees on one side, and hypocritical "Church Ladies" on the other (which would have implied that you're a hypocrite no matter which one you choose - a bit like the "have you stopped beating your wife?" question).

I gave you a choice between Jesus on one side, and hypocritical Pharisees and "Church Ladies" on the other.

Baptism In The Epistles

You wrote: To be more precise, StrongAxe, they believe that sometimes, He is Father, sometimes He is Son, sometimes He is Holy Spirit.

No. Actually they believe he is ALWAYS simultaneously the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Just as Trinitarians have their "mystery" of how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can all be God and yet not the same as each other, Oneness have their "mystery" of how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can all be one and the same, even when they're obviously not.

Alabama Abortion Law

I don't know. I leave biology and medicine to those who are actually trained in those fields. I don't ask a doctor how to pray, nor a priest how to perform an appendectomy.


Don't you get it? 50%+ percent of fertilized eggs don't implant TOTALLY INDEPENDENT of womens' actions, without any sharp spears. It's how nature works. This also happens in undeveloped nations without access to birth control.

Regardless of being "holy innocents", God allows AT LEAST HALF of them to die by the laws of nature.

PICK YOUR PARADIGM. If you pick the Bible as your reference, understand God cares less about babies than you do, since he kills half of them. Are you holier than God?

Christian Symbolism Matrix

I never said ignore sins or crimes. I said look past them and see good. When Pharisees brought Jesus to the woman caught in adultery, they were about to stone her, yet he saw past her sin, and did not condemn her. THAT'S what I'm talking about. Judgmental Pharisees cannot see past the sin.

When he met the woman at the well, he said she had several husbands, and was living with a man not her husband. He didn't condemn her for being a serial adulteress.

He had thieves and prostitutes among his followers. That didn't bother Jesus, but it DID bother the Pharisees who constantly condemned him for allowing such disreputable rabble around him.

Love like Jesus. Don't hate like the Pharisees.

Correct Bible Interpretation

Yes. "REMEMBER the sabbath, and KEEP it holy" does not mention WORSHIP.

"Six days shall thou labor" is not a REQUIREMENT to work - it's PERMISSION to work. Otherwise, everyone who is sick, or takes a vacation, or retires, or is unemployed, or otherwise can't work six days a week, is breaking the sabbath. Do you work 304 days a year?

Let's not go by what you or I believe. Look at Paul who ACTUALLY WROTE SCRIPTURE. He said some hold some days more holy than others, while others hold all days equally holy, and LET EACH BE PERSUADED IN HIS OWN MIND. He also said LET NO ONE JUDGE YOU with respect to sabbaths.

So why do you judge others on the Sabbath, or which days they keep holy?

Alabama Abortion Law

You wrote: Abortion is a deliberate action. Intentionally seeking to kill a baby.

God DESIGNED laws of nature, and by those very laws 50%+ of fertilized eggs don't implant, so 50%+ of conceived human beings are killed shortly after conception.

I said nothing about Herod. Why did you bring him up?

If a pregnant wife lied and said she didn't commit adultery, she miscarries, and her baby dies. BY LAW, the baby pays the price for the mother's adultery and lying.

Hosea 13:16 curses Samaria for rebelling against God - infants dashed to pieces, pregnant women ripped up.

Also, don't forget the Flood, which, except for 8 adults, killed all men, women (including pregnant ones), and children.

Christian Symbolism Matrix

Most of them won't repent. However, a small number will, but they will only be given a chance if someone is willing to give them one, by seeing the good in them. Someone who sees only the bad will immediately give up on them and abandon them to prison.

By "Church Lady" I reference the stereotype of sanctimonious pharisaical hypocrites who boast how holy they are, while gossiping and condeming others. The archetypical example is Dana Carvey's "Church Lady" on SNL. Betty Bowers "America's Best Christian" is more modern example.

By no means am I saying that most ladies in church are like that, but the few who are give the rest a bad name.

Baptism In The Epistles

Oneness Pentecostals make the mistake of believing Son and Father are one and the same. There are many places where the Son is shown as distinct from the Father, both in person and in attributes:
"The Lord said to My Lord, 'I will make your enemies a footstool'"
The Father sent the Spirit down to Jesus
"Behold my son, in whom I am well pleased"
"Why do you call me good? Only God is good."
"I know not the day and hour. Only the Father knows."
"Take this cup away from me".

Alabama Abortion Law

10th grade biology doesn't say anything about when a soul enters a body.

Google: fertilized eggs fail to implant

UCSF Medical Center: Conception: How It Works
In nature, 50 percent of all fertilized eggs are lost before a woman's missed menses.

NCBI: Early embryo mortality in natural human reproduction: What the data say:
A recent re-analysis of hCG study data concluded that approximately 40-60% of embryos may be lost between fertilisation and birth

PBS: NOVA: Life's Greatest Miracle
It's estimated that more than 50 percent of all fertilized eggs fail to develop.

Christian Symbolism Matrix

You wrote: like your SUN god?

Who are you talking to? NOBODY here worships a "sun god". And what does this have to do with the blog topic, or anything being discussed here?

Correct Bible Interpretation

God didn't COMMAND people to worthip on the 7th day either. The sabbath is not a day of WORSHIP. it is a day of REST. The Bible has very clear rules for the sabbath - it prohibits work, commerce, travel, lighting fires. It does NOT COMMAND anything.

People who go to church on Sunday are not worshipping the Sun, any more than people who go to church on Saturday are worshipping Saturn.

Why is this SUCH an important deal for you? Do you not get that some people consider some days more important than others, but others consider all days equally holy - and LET EACH BE PERSUADED IN HIS OWN MIND?

Do you not get that we are NOT TO ALLOW anyone to judge us with respect to food, SABBATHS, or holy days?

Alabama Abortion Law

You wrote: For every other species that reproduces sexually, it's when the ovum is fertilized.

On what basis do you make that assertion? The Bible itself uses the term "draws breath".

The correct one is "spontaneous abortion."

Regardless of what words you use, 50%+ of fertilized (thus "ensouled" per Orthodox theology) ova, spontaneously abort, so God causes more abortions than all other abortions and live births combined.

God didn't care about innocent unborn whose mothers were suspected of adultery. Mom had to drink bitter water that would make her abort. In several places, God commanded Israelite troops to "rip up" pregnant women.

Alabama Abortion Law

If I say "apples are cheap", saying "oranges are expensive" is not useful.

Who cares about unfertilized eggs? I'm talking about FERTILIZED eggs.

50% is NOT due to birth control. BCP (estrogen) makes women's bodies think they're pregnant, so they don't ovulate - no eggs released, no eggs fertilized.

I'm talking about eggs released normally, and fertilized normally - 50% STILL fail to implant.

RU486 ("morning after" pill) stops fertilized eggs from implanting, but that is a VERY SMALL percentage of birth control.

As for "not feeding your baby outside the womb", Republicans push for babies to be born, yet take away their food stamps outside the womb...

Christian Symbolism Matrix

We aren't talking about judging Evil or Satan. We're talking about judging fiction, which is not so obviously black and white.

Good and evil may be objective, but whether you look at something and see mostly good or mostly evil IS subjective.

The Bible contains tales or redemption, but also murder, genocide, adultery, rape, and incest.

Some people look only at the good in things and other people. They can see the good even in convicted killers, and bring them to redemption.

Others look only at the evil in things and other people. They find fault even in saints. These were the Pharisees of Jesus' day, and the "Church Ladies" of today.

Which are you?

Correct Bible Interpretation

Where, exactly, does the bible tell us when and where to WORSHIP? Where does it tell us that we must WORSHIP on the weekly Sabbath? Where does it tell us that we must not WORSHIP on any other day?

Without such instructions, arguing which day one should worship is choking on a gnat, and telling others they are wrong violates these:

Romans 14:5
One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

Colossians 2:16
Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days

Alabama Abortion Law

You wrote: Strongaxe when does life begin you've yet to answer this in your world view?

That is a faulty question that has no answer, because it relies on a faulty premise, i.e. "life begins at a specific point in time". Equally meaningless are "when you boil cold water, when does it become hot water", or "when you give a poor man a dollar a minute, when does he become a rich man?"

The question "Have you stopped beating your wife?" also has no valid answer, since it starts with the faulty premise "you used to beat your wife".

AT LEAST 50% (i.e. 50% or more) of FERTILIZED eggs fail to implant. This IS a majority, not an exception.

Correct Bible Interpretation

Exodus 20:8:
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

This is a commandment to "remember the Sabbath day - in order to keep it holy" - NOT "remember to keep it holy". One can't sanctify the Sabbath if one doesn't know what day it is, and one can't remember a commandment that was never given before in the first place.

There is no indication anywhere in the Bible from Genesis 1 up until Exodus 20:7 that WE were commanded to keep the Sabbath.

Correct Bible Interpretation

Unfortunately, we have no OBJECTIVE way to determine who actually has this inspiration, short of God coming down saying "THIS interpretation is right".

Two people argue opposing points, and each is convinced he is inspired by the Holy Spirit and his interpretation is correct. No amount of discussion or persuasion can persuade either that he is wrong, even though one MUST be wrong (and possibly both are). This is why we have so many different denominations and cults who believe only they are correct and everyone else is apostate. Incorrectness can be determined in retrospect (e.g. false prophets falsely predicting the date of Christ's return), but correctness is not so easily proven.

Alabama Abortion Law

You wrote: Still proving your earlier statement wrong.

Which of my earlier statements is wrong? Please be specific. I was talking about ABORTION statistics. If you suddenly change the equation and add euthanasia, the numbers may change, but that doesn't make my statement wrong.

Also, euthanasia and abortion are NOT considered the same under the law.

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