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Christian Women Dress Scantly
We were created to be brothers and sisters/neices,etc except for the one God created to marry..Who would lust after their own brother or sister or neice etc?.. and he gives us self control for those who want it.. and we are ALL to dress appropriately.. common sense.. do you dress provocatively in front of Jesus or your brothers or sisters etc??..

Living With My Boyfriend
God calls it fornication if you are not married and the bible says no fornicator goes to heaven... also, you cant just marry anybody to not fornicate... Gods will is for us to ask Him who we are to marry.. Itis His plan not ours.. if you marry someone just to get married and it is not the one God intended for you, that is sin as well... this man could be someone elses mate and you are living with him.. and maybe God has someone else for you.. you need to ask HIM. and then obey

Will Pets Be In Heaven
Yes absolutely there will be animals in heaven... the animals were created before man even was..God loves His animals...He comes riding a white horse when He comes back.. He was born in a manger with the animals.. He gives you the desires of your heart... He is an artist.. just think of all the animals He created..

Bible Says Christians Can Lust
lust is sin... thinking unpure thots about anyone is wrong... even people who marry someone whom God never told them to marry and then they lust on that person even thru marriage is wrong if it is not of GOd... God tells us who to marry.. and people who marry the wrong person on their own are sinning..God has a specific person He chose for each of us..and gives us the correct desire... not lust

I Am Dating A Married Man
would you want some womam going after YOUR man if you were married?

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