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Might Have Autism

As on prior postings when I asked if you will read your wording if provided and you refuse to respond... Just like the objections you keep repeating regarding Scripture they have been "Directly repudiated..." yet you keep using them...

Strongaxe, you keep doing this because the World View your committed to will not allow you to hear the truth...

Sir, your World View doesn't believe the Scriptures and no matter what anyone provide you you will never listen this is why you don't "Believe in Scripture."

I urge you to repent of your sins sir call on the True God of the Scritpures to save you right now today the Wrath of God abides on you and must repent or perish in Hell forever sir...

Might Have Autism


1. If you genuinely read Timoth in context then what Paul commanded in 1 Tim 2:1-3 contradicts your position...

2. Phil 3 in context is addressing using the flesh to earn favor with God nothing forbidding Christians from politics...

3. Jn 18:36 in context is a rebuke to those who would seek to stop Jesus from going to the cross nothing prohibiting Christains from politics...

Suffer In Hell Forever

Monk Brendan said, "John, none of the things that you have posted have a remote resemblance to Catholic Dogma."

Now as a monk the standards are high proove this??

Before responding remember we've dialog on many postings much you yourself had to admit that the information was correct because the catechism, and many multiple Rc Authorities I showed to you were exact...

You even had to apologize because you were corrected...

Suffer In Hell Forever
One I remember specifically: Mary as Co-redemptrix."

You see, first, why are you commenting on a RC Matter and you claim to be EO you proove my point...

Next, you have been corrected on this multiple times that RC do believe, teach, and practice this even Nicole corrected you on this when she cited a pope in defense do you listen sir??

Suffer In Hell Forever

cluny said, "john, a lot of things that you post are in fact NOT Roman Catholic teaching to start with, or Orthodox teaching, for that matter."

Name one??

Might Have Autism

The 2 postings recently done sir clarifies your
World View you might not like the results but they're yours... Just accept it and move on ok?

Once again, listent to your statement prooving your World View, "4. There is no question about believing what God ACTUALLY SAID. However, how do you KNOW with 100% certainty that the Bible manuscripts we have now are
100% accurate transcriptions of what God said?"

Sir, you already know Scripture is Theopneustos yourstatement unequivocally reject this...

"YOU do not believe in Scripture." how about using another standard to argue morality and truth from your World View ok??

Might Have Autism

you cited 2 Tim 2:4
did you read in context of 1 tim 2:1-4??

What is the context of Phil 3:17-19 start in vs 1??

Have you read not read the Lord Jesus's Words inMark 12:17??

My questions to you again still stands?

So Kathr Christians in America should they never vote, run for political office never call abortion murder for what it is never call marriage what it is (between man and woman) they should never do any of these things yes or no???

Kathr, if you were living during the holocuast and seemly that you don't believe Christians should be involve with politics how would you have stopped the holocaust or stopped Stalin??

Might Have Autism

Good questions:

1. You haven't just made 1 comment (a history).

2. It your World View that you espouse repeatedly with me and others on just about every Biblical Related subject

3. Sir, if you don't want us to believe what you write then why write those words???

4. You keep resisting even when all of us here have refuted your objections (THIS is because you have a World View)...

strongaxe said, ""Not being 100% sure of something" is NOT the same as "not believing in it."

Is that true? so does this apply to God and what he has said???

Might Have Autism

strongaxe said, "Be reasonable. Use the same common sense that EVERYONE uses for EVERYTHING else in their life."

Exactly, Thats what I have been asking you to do for the last 2 posting (Prayer for Healing Posting, How to Speak in tongeus Posting)

Its apparent sir you really do not understand the World View you hold and you don't like it that I (unlike others here) insist that you own it...

I own my World View 100% because it is the only Logical Consistent Position that exist...

Failed System Of Socialism
strongaxe said, "You forget that the early church kept ALL THINGS IN COMMON with no private ownership - not only socialism, but outright communism. They did this by mutual agreement."

Proof please???

Suffer In Hell Forever
Monk Brendan said, "Mike, Cluny is NOT CATHOLIC! He doesn't follow the Pope. Read up on Orthodox Christianity before you address him again."

Monk Brendan have you recommend to Cluny to stop defending RC Teaching and post the actual things that Eastern Orthodox really Believe???

Might Have Autism

All World Views are narrow that why everyone has one...

Might Have Autism
strongaxe said, "I said I don't believe in Sola Scriptura. I did NOT say I don't believe in Scripture or right or wrong. You pull those things out of thin air based on your own narrow world view."

Sir, here's what you said:

"Do John and Isaiah have Prophetic origins? WE don't know for sure 100%, as God didn't tell US personally - we have only the TESTIMONY of those fallible humans who handed down copies to us for the past 2000+ years. Our faith in their authenticity is based on THOSE PEOPLE'S beliefs OUTSIDE of the text itself."
---StrongAxe on 4/11/19

Strongaxe, this is the world view you espouse i know you don't like it but you stated it not me (on 2 postings)

Might Have Autism

strongaxe said, "Also, whether anyone else believes in a book has no bearing on whether a statement is in that book or not. Whether anyone believes the Bible or not, they can say for a fact that Jesus never mentioned LGBT. Prove me wrong."

With what??

in your world view its all based on feelings/emotions there is no God no truth so actually if I play in your World View I can make Jesus say whatever I want him to say because after all he never wrote the bible and he didn't exist...

Strongaxe don't get mad at me for embracing your world view after all you have taught me well and I appreciate it...

Why not just be true to what you believe and stop trying to play on both sides of the fence.

Might Have Autism

kathr said, "Actually the Christians in Germany joined a Nationalistic Chrurch, where those who did not were persecuted by so called Christians and Hitler. This is what is happening in the USA with all this Nationalism going on as well, backed by the apostate church."

So Kathr did these Christians as you say speak against the Holocaust yes or no??

So Kathr Christians in America should they never vote, run for political office never call abortion murder for what it is never call marriage what it is (between man and woman) they should never do any of these things yes or no???

Might Have Autism

Kathr, if you were living during the holocuast and seemly that you don't believe Christians should be involve with politics how would you have stopped the holocaust or stopped Stalin??

BTW, you sure are obsess with John Calvin Kathr he's dead smiling face with tears of joy

Might Have Autism
strongaxe said, "
I REALLY wish you would STOP trying to guess what I believe (incorrectly). I NEVER said "there is no right and wrong", and it is SLANDEROUS for you to suggest that I believe that."

Sir, you have clearly explained to me already your World View that guides your view.

If you don't believe its answer this question for me where does truth start and ends?

Might Have Autism

strongaxe said, "There is not a SINGLE scripture in the Gospels where Jesus said ANY such thing, and I challenge you to show otherwise (i.e. chapter and verse)."

But Mr. Strongaxe now your trying to steal my World View to try to use it against me :-)

Be consistent to your own World View that the bible isn't real cant be trusted it is no different then any other book of literature.

In your World View lgbt is normal like any other behavior (truth is subjective not objective)

Might Have Autism

kathr said, "I do find it curious that you believed God decides everything, and there is no free will, yet you believe your free will to enter politics and pushing your politics will change things. Care to explain?"

Ms. Kathr after you read the London Baptist confession of 1689 pertaining to your question to me i'll be more than happy discuss.

Sincerely Yours,

John9346 lol

Might Have Autism

If the Christians in Europe had spoken up Auschwitz and Birkeneau would have never existed??

Ms. Kathr the Christains in Europe actually took your position and how did that conclude?

So, if Christians speak out against the murder of Unborn Humans thats wrong???

Think about it??

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