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My Husband Does Drugs
My husband and I have been married for 24 years and have 3 children. He smoked "pot" 3-5 days per week for 14 years of our marriage. I begged, cried, threatened him but his desire for pot was more important than his love for his family. Yes, he smoked before our marriage. I would go to church, teach my children to love the Lord, hold bible studies in my home for children, you know all the good "christian" stuff while my husband would buy his "pot" from the neighbors. Some christian testimony, huh???? I listened to christian counsel, incorrect advice, that I should be submissive, to separate would be sin, "just learn to walk in forgiveness and he will change". (part 1)

My Husband Does Drugs
I blame myself because I listened to wrong christian advice. I have since learned that I was allowing my husband to get away with bad behavior based on some stupid notion that I was being a good, submissive wife. I should have trusted the Lord and separated from my husband while there was still hope of change. Separation forces the mariage partners to DEAL with the issues and FIX them. Don't let judgemental people influence your choices. This is between you and our gracious, loving God. Separate your emotions from reality, get a back bone and protect you family. Do not reconcile unless he STOPS the drug abuse with professional help and SEEKS your forgiveness. The bible DOES address the issue of confrontation.

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