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Praying For A Soul Mate
No you are not being too choosy. Continue to pray, wait and don't settle for less, don't fall into temptation your soulmate is out there just keep trusting God. Keep praising Him despite the way it looks or feels. He is faithful and just....He will give you the desires of your heart.

My Husband Does Drugs
I have the same problem there is no children. We each have adult children from previous marriage. He just told me today I have to put up with his drug or leave. That did something in me more than ever. I am from another state and he always act single for years and hate myself for letting him treat me like this. I have no real people to even go to. I am so lost beyond words. I cannot drive and have vision problems and I am 63 years old. I feel lost for many reasons.

Miracles Don't Happen To Me
this is not true i know how you feel i am in great pain and also i have been praying for a miracle miracles come in different way and sometimes you must keep faith for a long time before you see the miracle dont give up hope it will happen in jesus times not in yours put the problem in his hands and trust

Is It OK To Marry A Catholic
na, I'd take your question into prayer, take it into the Word, take it to people who have mentored/discipled you (and also are jesus followers). I would take with a grain of salt what these folks are saying (including myself) because we don't know your situation, your belief system, and i doubt have been lifting up your situation in prayer. I'll be praying for you and this guy, it's a tough road you are walking but I honestly feel like He will be faithful in guiding you - just keep walking towards Him.

Glorifying God Today
It is very hard to prophesy to anyone else when you don't attend church and isolate yourself. This is not good for you.

Did Jesus Die Spiritually
Amen Donna! Jesus did not die spiritually.

What's Up Guys
Hey Barb! Good to hear from you up in "cold" Oregon. We are enjoying being back in the desert for winter. Thankful that the Lord helped us sell that place in Oklahoma before this year's ice storm hit. He is opening doors in jails, prisons, homeless shelters and nursing homes. God is so Good!!! Found an awesome church in Tucson where they are on fire for the Lord and people are getting saved, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit on a regular basis. Praise the Lord!

Should I Pursue This Man
Susie ... In my experience, the posters are not verified by the email address.
It is possible to send a blog using your own email address, but the name shown as the sender is what yuo type in as your first name/
N0ow this will prove it
This is alanUKquent64534 & quoting my norml email address.
But it will be published as if it came from YOU

Word Of Faith Doctrines Heresy
We also have a tape on which Copeland says that we are "little gods."

Word Of Faith Doctrines Heresy
Alan...That is the point. Those false teachers who are teaching the so-called word of faith doctrine give false hope to millions of people. I know a man who put $10,000 security deposit on a house he wanted to buy that he could not afford. But, the false teacher had said all he had to do was speak a "word of faith" and it would be his. Guess who lost $10,000?

Who is Joyce Meyer?
It always amazes me when people will not listen when they are told about a false teacher. As Leon quoted, Joyce Meyers said that Jesus paid the price IN HELL. That is not Biblical. He paid for our sins on the cross. Stop listening to these false teachers, stop reading their books. Pick up the Bible--read it. Talk to the Lord and listen to HIM.

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