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What Does Shondo Mean
The definition for "Shondo" is "I'm acting as if I am a Christian, by pretending to speak in tongues, but truth be told, I need to read the Bible and quit acting" God's word is made clear. "Shondo" is garbage spoken and repeated by ignoramuses.

What Does Shondo Mean
If its not in the Bible. its is NOT of GOD. So how ignorant of people try to rationalize and say "it means this, it means that" how is it you know???? Really now if someone was speaking in "tongues" there would be no reference definition or dictionary of words because it wouldnt be "tongues", but a "language" such as Spanish, French, etc.. It is so insane people think "tongues" has a specific meaning and definition, also pronunciation. Oh you say this sh on doe.. the correct pronunciation is Jesus. Anyone have an issue pronouncing and saying this instead of vile gibberish and false doctrine that follows it in made up ga ga words?

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